Heavy Metal Hunter - 1996 - Metal Proof
Heavy Metal Drill - 1996 - Metal Proof
Heavy Metal Chainsaw - 2001 - Iron Pegasus
Live Drilling 2000 (The Official Bootleg) - 2002 - Metalair
Live Zorugelion - 2002 - Infernal Thrash
Heavy Metal Genocide - Live In Japan 2002 - 2003 - Dozin Destroyer
Live Elizaveat - 2003 - H.M.S.S.
Live Audiopain - 2004 - H.M.S.S.
Heavy Metal NarokOsaka Chainsaw Massacre - 2005 - Witchammer
Heavy Metal Bulldozer - 2009 - Iron Pegasus
Heavy Metal Fruit Basket/Live Tormentharou - 2010 - H.M.S.S.
Live Ossiandozergh - 2010 - H.M.S.S.
Live Damiazelucifer - 2012 - H.M.S.S.
Bulldozing It True - 2012 - Iron Pegasus
Ultra Metal - 20th Anniversary Gig – 2016 - Psychedelic Lotus Order


S= Aburamushi, Black Beast, Sabbat>>GEZOLUCIFER/GENIEZOLUCIFER [MASAKI TACHI]>>Sabbat
G= Sabbat, Blind Witch>>ELIZAVEAT [TAKESHI ASAI]>>Blind Witch - Sabbat>>Elizabigore>>Sabbat - Metal Inquisitor>>Elizablumi>>Metal Inquisitor - Samm - Sabbat>>ELIZABIGORE>>Sabbat - Sabbat>>Samm [Shinji Tachi]>Buried Alive, Sacrifice, Magnesium - Jero [Noboru Sakuma]>>Abigail, Barbatos, Magnesium - Damiazell - Metal Inquisitor, Midnight Rider>>BLUMI>>Metal Inquisitor, Midnight Rider
B= Aburamushi, Black Beast, Sabbat>>Gezolucifer>>Sabbat - Menzorugen - Martinlucifer - Ossiandozer – Deathfist>>MAMONOHUNTER [MARTIN BASTIAN]>>Deathfist
D= Elizaveat – Tormentharou>>Asphyx, Decayed, Desaster, Infektor, Carnal Ghoul – Sabbat>>Zorugelucifer>>Sabbat – Menhir, Satanika, Asphyx, Decayed, Desaster, Infektor, Carnal Ghoul>>TORMENTOR [STEFAN HÜSKENS]>>Asphyx, Decayed, Desaster, Infektor, Carnal Ghoul


Metalucifer was a side-project of Japanese Metal band Sabbat’s Gezol. The band was named after the Sabbat song Metalucifer and formed in Kuwana in Central Japan in 1995. The band opened with a short full-length before bombarding the world with live recordings of every show it plays - virtually. The band hit Europe in 2000 with European musician Elizabagore in tow. The 7” EP, Warriors Again, featured Bill Andrews of Massacre and Death on drums in the year 2000.

Guitarist Samm is Gezol’s brother. Skol Records issued a tribute album to the band in 2011. The band and Sabbat issued a split record called Bolivian Demonslaught. It was limited to 666 copies. Metal collector Neal Tanaka appears on most albums by the band. Metalucifer is consciously influenced by NWOBHM. Bulldozing It True, a new DVD from the Japanese heavy metal act was released on November 23rd, 2012 through Iron Pegasus Records.

The band has played with Hirax, Overkill and Destruction among others. The group occasionally rides a bulldozer onto the stage. Metal Proof/Evil Records is owned by Gezol. In 2014, Tormentor also joined Asphyx. Ultra Metal - 20th Anniversary Gig Guerra Total and Metalucifer issued a split CD through Forgotten Wisdom Productions in 2017.