MIASMA>>Destination Void - AUSTRIA

Changes - 1992 - Lethal

Miasma image
G= Peter Prohazkä – ARES CANCER [GÜNTHER]
B= Johannes Attems
D= Caldera>>Capral Adorator [Gregor Schmidt]>>Caldera, Destination Void

Miasma was a brutal death metal band out of Vienna, the capital of Austria. Miasma also is an old theory of airborne germs causing common diseases. The band issued a demo, called Godly Amusement (produced by Martin of Pungent Stench), within one year of formation and followed up with a 1991 promo before obtaining a deal with the upstart Austrian Lethal label. Early singer Christian Woditsch was now out. The group quickly turned some heads owing to its brutal sound and violent imagery. Live Leipzig was a 1992 demo that arrived before the full-length. Changes also featured a Classical compose bust signifying the band’s Austrian locale. The band opened for Disharmonic Orchestra in several European countries. 1993 brought the Love Songs EP featuring beautiful titles such as Love Song (To A Lost Little Girl)!! The band soon unraveled blaming Lethal Records’ theft of their royalties. The EP and full-length were issued by Napalm Records in 2001 as the band reformed in 2005. The reformed line-up featured all original members except for Peter, but Johannes would soon leave citing time constraints. Several members renamed to Destination Void.