Satanic Royalty – 2011 – Hells Headbangers
Alive On The Streets Of Cleveland – 2013 - Outlaw
No Mercy For Mayhem – 2014 – Hells Headbangers
Rip This Boot – 2017 – Reek Of Death
Sweet Death And Ecstasy – 2017 – Hells Headbangers
Rebirth By Blasphemy – 2020 – Metal Blade
Rehearsal Vomits – 2021 – Chained
Let There Be Witchery – 2022 – Metal Blade

Midnight image
S= Boulder, Hangnail, Sloth, Abdullah, Sweet Roxx, Terminal Lovers, Destructor, MACHII, Toxic Holocaust, Demona>>ATHENAR [JAMIE WALTERS]>>Boulder, Hangnail, Sloth, Abdullah, Sweet Roxx, Terminal Lovers, Destructor, MACHII, Toxic Holocaust, Demona

Midnight chimed in 2003. The man of the hour was Athenar a.k.a. Jamie Walters of Abdullah. The black/speed metal band went through an array of demos, EPs and split releases before a full-length was issued in 2011. The initial 2003 demo was soon re-issued on vinyl by Outlaw Recordings. The same label issued the White Holy Fire 7” in 2004. A split was called Outbreak Of Evil Vol. 2 in 2005. Amusingly, the man had a compilation, called Complete And Total Fucking Midnight, in 2005. A couple of Metallian Towers’ serfs adorned the cover. Violates You Live! was a live demo of 2007. The grim reaper’s son drew him a sketch for his office walls in 2007 and Midnight placed it on the cover of the Slay The Spits 7” in that year. It featured cover versions of The Spits. Tejano Tour 7” commemorated the band’s two Mexican shows with Nunslaughter in 2010. Farewell To Metal Slut licensed an image of Metallian Towers’ serf and was a split with Abigail in 2010. The band and Abigail played in Japan. Midnight covered Quiet Riot. Ironically Relapse issued a Japanese tsunami benefit split for the band and Toxic Holocaust in 2011. Drummer Count Zigar of Terminal Lovers and guitarist The Deserter were constants with Midnight during this period.

Hells Headbangers issued the band’s debut full-length in late 2011. USA Violates Australia 2013 was not just political reality. The records were sold at the Oceania tour of 2013. The group also travelled to Canada and Dubai. Midnight headlined a benefit for a Cleveland, Ohio, USA radio station to start 2014. Around this time Midnight was part of a couple of compilation DVDs. Midnight appeared at Psycho Las Vegas in 2016. Rip This Boot was a live record taped in Florida, USA. Sweet Death And Ecstasy again featured Metallian serfs as art. Midnight was part of the Decibel tour. Midnight opened for Obituary on the 30th anniversary of Slowly We Rot tour. The man also opened for Venom in Europe. The band was also part of Beyond The Gates’ festival in Norway.

The band signed to Metal Blade. Midnight, Watain and Mayhem announced they would tour North America using The Sanguine Sodomy Of North America monicker in March 2022. Coincidentally, No Mercy For Mayhem was a Midnight album in 2014. Rehearsal Vomits was a studio live recording stemming from 2015. It had been released as a bonus with Sweet Death And Ecstasy previously. Midnight, Watain and Mayhem announced a tour of North America using The Sanguine Sodomy Of North America monicker for March 2022. Watain could not obtain visas and dropped out.

Athenar is clad in a hoodie with his face covered and hidden. The band was forced by the local authorities to take the hoods off at a Dubai show because apparently no one wears baggy, large outfits with head or face coverings in Dubai. The concert was at the Holiday Inn.