Messiah’s Blessing – 1982 - Teichiku
13th – 1983 – Teichiku
The Cruiser – 1983 – Teichiku
Trigger – 1984 – Continental
Trampling Down – Reika - 1984 – Continental
Dreamer – 1984 – Continental
Foresight – 1985 – Continental
Visualize – 1989 – Crystal Bird/King
Visualize II – 1990 – Crystal Bird/King
Shall We Dance? - 1990 – Moon/Warner

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S= M.T. Fuji>>MISAKO HONJO>>M.T. Fuji

Osaka native hard rock and pop singer Misako Honjo burst unto the scene with her exuberance, brashness and looks and had no other than Loudness’ Akira Takasaki in tow writing and producing for two albums! Honjo and Takasaki were also in M.T. Fuji (as contributors). No, not inside the mountain; inside the hard rock project. The band was active between 1982 and 1990 and like most of the Japanese hard rock scene quit at that time. Honjo and her pretty dress played the Grand Metal Live 5th Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy festival in 1984. Also on the bill was Marino, X-Ray, Action, Arouge, Rajas and others. The frontwoman returned for a show in 2002 and in 2005, but no albums have been forthcoming. Metal fans should approach Ms. Honjo with caution. She can deliver hard rock and heavy rock, but also often delves into cover version and pop territory especially after the first two records.

Messiah’s Blessing was comprised of originals and covers of bands like Loudness, Riot and Rainbow. Yamashita-san of Loudness played bass. Higuchi-san of Loudness drummed. Toshio Egawa of Earthshaker played piano. George Azuma who oversaw Anthem’s early career contributed to 13th and The Cruiser. 13th was actually the 2nd. Paul DiAnno and his band Lonewolf contributed to Trigger. Misako was heard on the soundtrack to the Japanese serial Starship Troopers in 1988. The Shall We Dance? Album arrived six years before the successful Japanese film with the same name.

The act has been the subject of multiple compilations.



Misako Honjo