Rape In Rapture - 2000 - No Fashion
Divine. Desecrate. Complete - 2001 - No Fashion

Misteltein image
S= Seron
G= Dark Aggression, Karneywar>>Baalzephon>>Dark Aggression, Karneywar - Massgrav>>NAGRINN>>Massgrav - Soilwork, Evergrey, Embraced>>Mishrack [Sven Karlsson]>>Soilwork, Embraced
B= Karagat - Feared Creation>>MAGNUM GILBER>>Feared Creation
D= Ominous, Andromeda, Mortum, Embraced>>Nirag [Thomas Lejon]>>Andromeda, Mortum, Embraced, Fall Ov Seraphim
K= HEL - Nirag [Thomas Lejon]

Malmö’s own was founded in 1996 with goth imagery, sound and ambitions. The 1998 demo Spawn Of The Phantom Moon contained three songs. Hel was on keyboards here. Rape In Rapture was recorded at Studio Underground in late June and early July of 1999. Divine. Desecrate. Complete featured Mishrack replacing Baalzephon. It was recorded at Studio Berno. Johan Axelsson of Deranged contributed guitar and engineering expertise. The latter man would die in 2009 as a result of cancer. After leaving the band in 2004, Hel and Nagrinn trademarked the name Misteltein. The remaining members consequently founded Fall Ov Serafim. Skorrgh was the band’s short-lived 2004 singer. An album for Regain Records, called Nex Iehovae, was issued by Fall Ov Seraphim.

Misteltein was named after the mythological arrow, which kills the Norse god of life Balder.