M.O.D. - USA

U.S.A. For M.O.D. - 1987 - Megaforce
Gross Misconduct - 1989 - Megaforce
Rhythm Of Fear - 1992 - Megaforce
Devolution - 1994 - Energy/MFN
Dictated Aggression - 1996 - MFN
The Rebel You Love To Hate - 2003 - Nuclear Blast
Red, White & Screwed - 2007 - Index
Busted, Broke & American – 2017 - Megaforce

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S= S.O.D., Murder League All-Stars, Propain, Channel Zero, Morbid Disgust, Psychos, Gross Misconduct, Bully Dance, United Forces>>BILLY MILANO>>S.O.D., Murder League All-Stars, Propain, Channel Zero, Morbid Disgust, Psychos, Gross Misconduct, Bully Dance, United Forces

M.O.D. or Method Of Destruction was formed to keep founder Billy Milano busy and working and to capitalize on the underground success of the S.O.D. album, a band featuring himself and members of Anthrax. Milano was an Anthrax roadie and based in New York. The band’s debut U.S.A. for M.O.D. was co-produced by Anthrax’s Scott Ian.

The band existed from 1986 to 1997. The band’s first show was at The Ritz in New York in 1987. This show was later released independently by the band. The band reunited in 2001 and split up once again on September 13, 2008. Milano reappeared in 2012. All the while, the act has really been a solo endeavour. Death metal band Immolation, white supremacist rock act MOD, grinders Agathocles, Soothsayer and others were part of the line-up for Obscene Extreme America 2015 that August in Montreal, Canada. Busted, Broke & American was inspired by Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and the rest of them as Milano promised it would be the band’s last. Indeed, Milano had announced his retirement in 2015. Obscene Extreme America had begun in the Czech Republic in 1999.

A new version of M.O.D., called M.O.D. Classic, announced a string of concerts for August 2019. The band was formed by original M.O.D. bassist Ken Ballone and guitarist Tim McMurtrie and also featured M.O.D./D.R.I. drummer Felix Griffin and singer Donny “The DRP” Polinske of Primer 55. Shows were called The Beast Master Tour and a single was called The Thrash King.

Alleyway, Exodus, Misery Index, M.O.D, Lividity, Devourment and many more were playing at Full Terror Assault festival in Illinois, USA in August 2021.

Milano was initially associated with the NYC crossover sound before gravitating towards Tea Party white supremacy and racist themes. Congruently, he moved from New York to Texas.


With The Rebel You Love To Hate, singer/producer/manager/promoter/wrestler Billy Milano gives himself too much credit. After all, most of the views espoused on the CD appear to be mainstream American. Here is the dilemma: this is mostly a rap album! Songs like Wigga and The Rebel You Love To Hate are funny (as is the endless MSG, Kiss, Rammstein, etc. parodies on the album), but fundementally that is a bad thing. For the album is essentially a rap-cum-covers album, Milano! It is not a laughing matter - especially if one has to pay for the album.
Lyrically, it is good that Milano tackles issues that are important to him. Yet, singing, sorry rapping, about issues, countries and bands, that he knows nothing about is both silly and ultimately a waste of time. For example, the song Ass-ghanistan begins with an Indian melody! What sort of a market is there for an almanac of ignorance and lies? If CNN is anything to go by, this could be a chart-topper. - Ali "The Metallian"

The disfigured image of The Statue Of Liberty on Red, White & Screwed really says it all. The lyrics to the title track of Billy Milano’s latest hardcore punk foray into racist horse manure (with my profuse apologies to horse manure everywhere) is just the icing on the kaka.
Where hardcore bands had a strong socially conscious streak Billy and his skinhead mentality actually best represent perverted modern American values. This is why the lyrics to the title track actually ring so true.
On a song which begins with the line “I've always lived the American way”...Milano isolates what it is to be that with rare eloquence when he explains, “Got me (sic) my dogs, RV and my bar b q (sic),” goes on to defend sodomy and murder “Got me some John Wayne flicks where he kills the bad guy and fucks his chick,” then elaborates how his America is racist and bigoted by noting “White for purity” and compounds his case by proclaiming ignorance as a virtue by writing that “I'm a proud Republican a big white loud American.”
By this point the obligatory “American” misspellings are almost a moot point when the lyrics, for instance, remind one that “if your (sic) gonna (sic) fuck with me (just did!) your (sic) through.” Speaking of which, not only Metallian is not “through” it is Milano’s defection from New York to the Texas that clearly demonstrates who is over and done with.
While on the topic of an ignoramus spreading falsehoods about the heritage of America by penning words like, “It just goes to show you-America needs more men like John Wayne/To drive them south of the boarder (sic) again” (obligatory spelling mistake courtesy of the American Nazi party and ignore how John Retard Wayne was an actor not a real person) on the song Jose Can You See? the tablet at the base of The Statue Of Liberty says the following: “Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses”... Seems like our chicken escapee not only fled a city, but also any sense of history or knowledge.
Ten points accorded because Billy almost takes the sport out of it. This was too easy. - Ali “The Metallian”