The Messenger – 2019 – Satanath


S= Wind, Ravenlord Darkstorm, Darkstorm>>LORD DARKSTORM [JEDRZEJ MALEWSKI]>>Darkstorm
G= Dominus, For Ruin, Bodydrinkers, Demeter>>OLLIE VER [OLIVER O’SHEA]>>For Ruin, Bodydrinkers, Demeter


This blackened band existed between 2003 and 2011 and only output a demo called Molde in 2010. The band had a full line-up at this time. The band returned in 2017 and released a split with Cursed Coven courtesy of The Ritual Productions of The Netherlands. The band was now Ollie Ver and his Polish sidekick Lord Darkstorm on vocals. The Messenger disc was out in 2019.

Molde is the dust to which humans crumble after death.


This Polish/Irish team is quite an underground affair and a good one at that. The seemingly simplistic over artwork manages to paint a picture and is striking to the eyes of a metal fan. It makes one believe that the album is a concept, but without a bio or lyrics it is impossible to be sure. The sound effects referencing a battle may be another hint.
There is a lot of fast riffing, a lot of heaviness and aggressive distortion on this album. Parts like Into The Winter Moon have moments of Immortal in them, but the Norwegians are not an obvious influence. Think 1349, think Noctem, think Naer Mataron. The album ends with an instrumental called The Ancestral Isles and that is no slouch either. Satanath has a good band on its hands with Molde and it is surprising given that it is a mere duo and we know those suck usually. – Ali “The Metallian”