I - 2003 - Appease Me
II - 2005 - Candlelight
III - 2012 - Debemur Morti
IV - 2013 - Debemur Morti

Monolithe image
S= Despond, Bran Barr, Nunkthul, Nydvind>>Richard Loudin>>Bran Barr, Nunkthul, Nydvind - Laurent Desvignes - Despond, Bran Barr, Nunkthul, Nydvind>>RICHARD LOUDIN>>Bran Barr, Nunkthul, Nydvind
G= Inheritance>>BENOÎT BLIN - Evolvent, Anthemon>>SYLVAIN BÉGOT>>Evolvent, Anthemon – The Old Dead Tree>>Nicolas Chevrollier>>The Old Dead Tree, Ommatidia
B= niromancy, Anthemon>>Marc Canlers>>Anthemon, Evolvent - Burgul Torkhaïn>>Kristofer Lorent>>Fatal, Yyrkoon, Infected Society
K= Moonstone, Evolvent, Anthemon>>SÉBASTIEN LATOUR>>Evolvent, Anthemon

Paris-based Monolithe was a side-project of Sylvain Bégot of Anthemon until the latter band’s demise. The man is obviously influenced by the work of Stanley Kubrick. II is based on the director’s 2001: A Space Odyssey film, while the ‘monolith’ itself is an object that is central to the said film. The band’s albums maintain the tale. The band was formed in 2001 and issued its debut in 2003. The entire album is comprised of one track, which became a band hallmark. Debemur Morti Productions reissued this debut in August of 2013. The band lost its rhythm section en route to album number two. Emmanuel Mechling played accordion on II. Laurent Desvignes entered for the 2007’s Interlude Premier EP. This EP was recorded in 2004 and 2005. The second ‘interlude’ was initially meant to be the band’s third album or III. Richard Loudin was back for full-length III. Piano man Sébastien Latour was onboard now. Both Monolithe II and Monolithe Zero were set for re-release in 2014. Monolithe Zero was a compilation featuring the two Interlude EPs as well as two cover songs one of which was never released before. The CD came with artwork by Robert Høyem.


When a band decides to issue a fifty-minute long album featuring a single song you know the band is either pretentious or extremely adept at its art. This can either be a radio DJ's dream or commercial suicide, 'anathema' to the the commercialism of modern radio and the average listener's attention deficit.
Monolithe II is an ambitious album/song based on Stanley Kubrick's brilliant film, 2001: A Space Odyssey which itself was based on Arthur C Clarke's book of the same name. The soundscapes covered by this album include those already trodden by early Anathema, My Dying Bride, Skepticism which (almost goes without saying) include accordion, deep growls, waling and slow motion doomy riffs culminating in a mystical and ambient phantom melody. As mood-inducing music this is quite effective, as metal this is suspect and at risk taking, given its format, completely successful at accomplishing what it came for. - Ali "The Metallian"