Scapegoat>>MORBID - SWEDEN

Live In Stockholm - 2000 - Reaper

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S= Dead [Per Yngve Ohlin]>>Mayhem
G= Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund>>Nihilist, Entombed, Haystack, Murder Squad, Disfear, Swarm - Gehenna [John Hagström] - Carbonized>>ZORAN JOVANOVIC>>Carbonized
B= Contra>>DR. SCHITZ [JENS NÄSSTRÖM]>>Contra, Skull
D= Drutten [Lars-Göran Petrov]>>Nihilist, Allegiance, Entombed, Comecon, Entombed A.D., Fireborn

Morbid is best known for its litter of Nihilist/Entombed and Mayhem. The death/thrash metal band was formed in 1985 as Scapegoat by bassist Slator before becoming Morbid in 1986. The band recorded two rehearsals in 1987. The group featured Dead (future suicide of Mayhem) on vocals, Napoleon Pukes (a.k.a. Ulf ‘Uffe’ Cederlund of future Entombed) and Gehenna (a.k.a. John Hagström) on guitars, Dr. Schitz (Jens Näsström) on bass and Drutten (a.k.a future Entombed singer Lars-Göran Petrov) on drums. As with everything else the band did the recordings ended up on singles and compilations. The group’s first demo was called December Moon and, naturally, appeared in December of 1987. It was recorded at Heavy Load's Thunderload studio. Lyrics included, “Cum to cream on dead.”

For next year’s Last Supper... demo Gehenna was replaced by Zoran Jovanovic of Carbonized, while Johan Scarisbrick had taken over the vocals. Dead was in Mayhem.

The band would disperse into the aforementioned more successful acts, but compilations like 1995’s Death Execution or the live album Live In Stockholm of 2000, which was recorded in 1987 and 1988, would appear. Century Media issued a sampler in 2011 called Year Of The Goat. An EP, called Ancient Morbidity, was released by Nuclear War Now! Productions in 2010. It was enclosed in Slayer Magazine.

Dead shot himself in 1991. He was a then-member of Mayhem. On May 7th of 2011 several Swedish musicians performed as a tribute to Morbid using the Mörbit monicker and paid homage to Dead in Kafé 44 in Stockholm, Sweden.