Reborn In Death - 2011 - Memento Mori
Rites Of The Mangled – 2017 - Unholy Prophecies

Morbid Flesh image
S= Ósserp, Cruz>>VALI>>Ósserp, Cruz
G= Marc Barque - Sheidim, Graveyard>>C.>>Sheidim, Graveyard
B= Insulters>>MAKEDA [DANI MAQUEDA]>>Insulters
D= Agonised, Graveyard, Insulters>>Gusi [Jordi Gusi Gelis]>>Agonised, Graveyard, Insulters - Diseased, Undergrind, Cuerno, La Matanza, Tort, Astigarraga Thrower>>MITCHFINDER GENERAL>>Cuerno, La Matanza, Tort, Astigarraga Thrower

Morbid Flesh is a Spanish band formed in 2007 from the ashes of Undertaker, which was active from 2002. The group issued a demo, called Dying Lapidation, in 2009. The cover was likely stolen from a Playboy magazine. Spain’s Memento Mori released the band’s full-length, Reborn In Death, at the beginning of 2011. Guitarist JoseZ had departed by now. Unholy Prophecies issued the band’s EP, Embedded In The Ossuary, in 2014. Mitchfinder General was on drums and C. was on guitar. Unholy Prophecies was issuing Morbid Flesh’s Rites Of The Mangled album in April 2017.



Morbid Flesh