Dances From Left - 1994 - Thrash

G= ISTO JÄNÖNEN>>Demolisher - JANI RYTKÖNEN>>Scalping Screen
B= Mortuary>>Woryon [Robert Arpo]
D= Mortuary>>HEIKKI LAPPALAI>>Scalping Screen

This Joensuu, Finland-based band was formed in 1989 and professed to Satan and death metal. Two of the members were in Mortuary. The band’s first of many demos appeared in 1991. It was called Abominations Of the Earth. It featured Robert Aarpo (vocals and bass), Jani Rytkönen (vocals and guitar), Isto Jänönen (guitar) and drummer Heikki Lappalainen. Grown Under The Shade of Sorrow followed. Robert was soon gone. The rip-off Skin Drill/Seraphic Decay Records issued a demo called Three Way Dissection (sic) in 1992 that despite its name was not a split record. It also featured a reworking of the demo tunes. The said label had apparently started a new imprint due to its bad reputation. Mordicus claims to not have received its proper payment. The 1992 demo Wrathorn lead to a deal. Wild Rags distributed this demo. Woryon was now on bass.

The band’s debut was recorded at Tico Tico Studio. Temple Of Darkness and Svart records would repress this disc in 2008 and 2014 respectively. Demos and as well as a 1997 video called Particular Truth followed, but the band succumbed to reality and quit after a couple of promotional releases. Aapi Hämäläinen was on bass by this time.

A 2000 album, called Disintegration Groove, for UK’s Yperano Records remains unreleased. The group quit in 2001.

The book Extremity Retained by Misery Index’s Jason Netherton came with a cassette with the first 500 copies featuring, among others, one track from Mordicus.