Eroded Thoughts - 1993 - Olympic/Grind Core International

S= Crematorium>>BRAD BULDAK>>Tummler, Absconder, Wrist
G= RYAN JERZAK>>Tummler - Crematorium>>Darrel Moore
B= Crematorium>>BRAD BULDAK>>Tummler, Absconder, Wrist
D= Subliminal Slaughter>>Ted Van Tilberg>>Torn - Dead Fetus>>Nick Sebock>>Cianide

There were and are many Morgues around the world. This Morgue was formed in 1990 in Chicago and issued a demo called Random Decay in early 1991. Tom Theres (ex-Crematorium) was on second guitar. Cianide’s Scott Caroll taped this demo. Severe Psychopathology followed. The group appeared on underground tape compilations such as Beheaded Cadaver, Hymns Of Blasphemy and Zombie Zine Compilation. Support slots included ones for Mortuary and Malhavoc. The band signed with local label Olympic Recording and Grind Core International, which was an imprint of Red Light Records and released a death metal CD. It was produced by Martti Payne of Metal Onslaught and later of Olympic Recordings. The group signed with one of the bigger booking agencies, Digger International, and had the intention to tour. Shows with Incantation, Autopsy and Vital Remains were announced. Instead, departing members and a weak label lead to Morgue’s death. Years later Dark Descent Records would re-release the album with demo tracks added. Half the record featured the drumming of Van Tilberg, while the other half had Sebock banging away. Jamie Sminch would replace Moore towards the end.