Testator>>Thor’s Hammer>>MORNINGSTAR - FINLAND

Heretic Metal - 1996 - Moonlight
Rivendell - 1996 - Wild Rags
Hell - 1999 - R.I.P.
Weight Of The Hammer - 2000 - R.I.P.
Kalevala Mysticism - 2002 - R.I.P.
Finnish Metal - 2004 - Northern Sound

Morningstar image
G= Anal Jesus, Iron Bird, Perkele, Minotauri, Axe Invasion>>ARI HONKONEN>>Anal Jesus, Iron Bird, Perkele, Minotauri, Heathen Hoof, Axe Invasion
B= Mikko Paavilainen – Murder In Art>>Tomi Kankainen>>Murder In Art, Heathen Hoof, Järin Möyremä - JANI LAMBERG>>Heathen Hoof
D= Pasi Pasanen>>Murder In Art, Swallow The Sun, Plutonium Orange - Wakboth, Sammohan, Utgard, Exit Wounds And Burialmound>>Benjam Niininen>>Beautiful Betrayal
K= Murder In Art>>Tomi Kankainen>>Murder In Art, Heathen Hoof, Järin Möyremä

Aanekoski is a pulp mill town in the centre of Finland, which is also home to Morningstar. The band was formed by Ari Honkonen as Testator and switched to Thor’s Hammer after a year only to settle on Morningstar in 1991. The name is one of the many titles for Lucifer.

The 1992 demo was called Obscure Aurora Above Us. 1993 brought Inside The Circle Of Pentagram. These were re-released in 2005 by Pakana distribution. Moonlight issued a 7” by the band in 1995 called Before The Dawn. Wild Rags distributed As the Wolves Howl... EP in the same year.

The band’s debut arrived in 1996. It was called Heretic Metal. Tomi Kankainen arrived for Weight Of The Hammer. Kalevala Mysticism was issued in 2002 and was named after Kalevala, which is the national book of Finnish folklore and poetry. Ari Honkonen had his own underground fanzine called Pagan Kalevala in the early 1990s. The bout of Amorphis-style nationalism continued with the release of Finnish Metal. It featured Benjam Niininen on drums, but he was replaced before the very end by Clarity’s Miika Minen (Miika Möttönen).

The band threw in the towel in 2007.