Ritual Of Infinity - 1993 - JL America

S= Decomposed>>Jeff Reimer - Savage Death, Nokturnel>>Tom Stevens>>Incantation, Exile
G= Volitile Zylog>>ROB YENCH>>Incantation, Brimstone, Mausoleum, Engorge, Exile - Steve Hanson
B= Volitile Zylog>>Ken Faggio>>Deadspeak, Rooms Of Ruin, Cabal 34 - Savage Death, Nokturnel>>Tom Stevens>>Ripping Corpse, Incantation, Exile
D= SAM INZERRA>>Deadspeak, Incantation, Funerus, Mortician, Generation Kill

The band was formed as Morpheus in New York State in 1990 before changing names two years later in order to avoid drowning in the sea of namesakes out there. Ironically, the Swedish Morpheus released its full-length in 1993. The group signed with JL America and issued its debut in 1993. The album was a compilation of pre-recorded Morpheus material. The label was issuing multiple underground death metal bands, like Vicious Circle, Killing Addiction or Nokturnel, and advertising for them, but quality control or tour support were not its fortes. Nokturnel was signed to JL based on Yench’s recommendation. Stevens, who was later a roommate with Phil Fasciana of Malevolent Creation, was also a MD member. Xtreem Music of Spain would reissue this disc in 2005 with an altered cover artwork including the Adipocere EP of 1991 as bonus tracks. The 1994 demo was called Chronicles Of The Shadowed Ones. Bryan Johnston replaced Hanson and Andy Newton supplanted Faggio. The group toured with the likes of Incantation, Anal Cunt and Absu. Another demo, Forbidden Path Of Unthinkable Evil, arrived in 1997. Stevens and Yench were the sole survivors. Fans heard The Horror Of The Truth EP in the same year.

The band reformed in 2005 and 2013. Craig Campbell, who sang with the band in 1992, was on vocals. Inzerra, Yench and Faggio were in the line-up. The members had crisscrossed each other in several acts over the years. The group was booked for Maryland Deathfest's 2015 edition. Dark Descent was issuing a Morpheus Descends Anthology CD box set in 2014.

Jeff Reimer died in 2005. His death was attributed to heroin overdose.


Morpheus Descends was formed in 1990 and is still going. The band has been on hiatus on and off, but apparently never disbanded. This disc, however, is not new material. Rather Xtreem has picked up the 1992 album and a 1991 EP (for a total of fourteen tracks) and is re-releasing them here with a cover whose colour has changed. Apparently, it is cheaper and less risky to take old music and re-issue it than work with new bands. JL America originally released Ritual Of Infinity. Perhaps Xtreem is in competition with Relapse to see which can issue more oldies again?
This is obviously New York-style death metal, but there is a reason no one cares for Morpheus Descends while Suffocation is a major death metal band with a fan base. It is inarguable that Morpheus Descends is not exactly the best death metal band around, but part of the reason why this disc is a mess is the weak production, shoddy mix and noisy and incompetent leads. The whole thing makes Blasphemy sound composed in comparison. The band mixes fast part with slow ones, the vocalist growls from inside the coffin and the guitars sound like wasps on a rampage. This band would probably sound better with a decent production. Seems like we will soon find out either way as the latest news is that a new recording is underway. Fans though will most likely want this for the rare Adipocere EP, although oddly enough the song Submerged In Adipocere is on the Ritual Of Infinity album! - Anna Tergel


Morpheus Descends