Sickening Erotic Fanaticism - 1997 - Pulverizer
Forensic - 2002 - Unique Leader
Cadaver Art - 2005 - Unique Leader
The Blueprint For Blood Spatter - 2013 - Comatose

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S= Deathrune>>Kelly Izquierdo>>Deathrune – Macabre>>John Paoline - Malignancy>>Danny Nelson>>Hydrocephalic, Malignancy
G= Waking The Cadaver, Flat Blast, Chopcore, Enbludgeonment>>JOHN HARTMAN>>Waking The Cadaver, Flat Blast, Chopcore, Enbludgeonment - The Gurchick Tree, Polterchrist>>JOE GORDON>>Polterchrist, The Gurchick Tree
B= Breath Of Life>>Ron Steinhauer>>Breath Of Life - Inhumanity, Insatanity, Season Of Mourning>>Ed Drozdowsky>>Season Of Mourning - Polterchrist>>Monty Mukerji>>Malignancy
D= Deteriorate, Shrouded Deity>>Anthony Ipri>>Deteriorate, Shrouded Deity - Deteriorate, Shrouded Deity>>ANTHONY IPRI

Not to be confused with the German band of the same name New Jersey's Mortal Decay was formed in late 1991 amidst the influx of the 'New York death metal' sound by guitarist John Hartman, Anthony Ipri and John Paoline. The eight-song The Dawn Of Misery of February 1992 and Grisly Aftermath demos followed. Anthony Divigenze was on second guitar while Brandon Stockl was on bass. For the latter demo, however, Brian Valenti was on second guitar. Joe Gordon soon became the stand-in guitarist. The 1995 demo Brutalizing Creations was the band's last before the very brutally sexy full-length Sickening Erotic Fanaticism courtesy of Pulverizer Records. The album featured six rerecorded and four new songs. Joe Gordon had joined following the demo’s recording, but singer Paoline was gone. The group was now playing shows with Suffocation, Immolation, Cryptopsy and others in the USA and more importantly Canada. In 1999, the band issued a sampler called A Gathering Of Human Artifacts. It was not until 2002 when a new label afforded the band a new full-length. Ron Steinhauer was on bass. Ipri left in 2005, but returned in 2010. Paoline also left in 2005. Kelly Izquierdo replaced Paoline both in 1996 and 2014! The band switched to Comatose for 2013's The Blueprint For Blood Spatter. Paoline rejoined in 2017. Comatose Music was reissuing A Gathering Of Human Artifacts compilation in March 2019 to commemorate the release’s twentieth anniversary.



Mortal Decay