Dying Remains - 1993 - Deaf/Peaceville
As Humanity Fades - 1994 - Deaf/Peaceville
For All Eternity - 1995 - Deaf/Peaceville
Surface - 1997 - Pavement
Wounds Deeper Than Time – 2017 – Peaceville
Suffer For Nothing – 2020 - Peaceville

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G= 9MM Solution>>DAVE GREGOR>>9MM Solution - Jason O’Connell - Realm, White Fear Chain>>Takis Kinis>>White Fear Chain, K.O.R., Decapitado – Profane>>SCOTT WILLECKE – Profane, Dusk, Decivilize>>TIM BEYER>>Dusk, Decivilize
B= Master Fury, 9MM Solution, Carnal Befoulment>>Jason Hellman>>9MM Solution, Master Fury, Carnal Befoulment – Enfold Darkness, Emblazoned, Decrescent>>A.J. Lewandowski>>Emblazoned, Decrescent – Forever Sleep, Onus, Eternal Silence, Murmur, The Parish, Ov Sombre Flesh, SpeedStab>>JOHN HILL>>The Parish, Ov Sombre Flesh
D= Aftershock>>Kent Truckenbrod>>Sinister – Jungle Rot>>ERIC HOUSE

Milwaukee’s Morta Skuld was formed in 1990 by singer and guitarist Dave Gregor and bassist Jason Hellman. Both would later end up in 9MM. Morta Skuld released two demos in 1990. These were Gory Departure (produced by Death/Viogression manager Eric Greif) and Prolong The Agony. Jason Zeitler was on guitars and Jesse Rofritz was on drums for the first demo. The second demo featured Jef Jaeger on drums (earlier with Viogression) and O’Connell on guitars. The line-up was augmented, stabilized with Truckenbrod on drums and the group signed with Deaf/Peaceville in 1992. The debut was out in February of 1993. The group opened for the likes of Obituary, Napalm Death and Deicide. The label issued a split single for the band with Vital Remains. The follow-up arrived a year later. The band played shows with Cannibal Corpse and Obituary among others. The band’s label contracted with Music For Nations and in 1995 the albums were released in one package. For All Eternity was issued in late 1995. Shows this time were with Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Testament and others. The band entered Junkyard Studio and recorded Surface. This album was issued through System Shock/Pavement. The band’s biography emphasized the brutality of it all, but Fear Factory and Sepultura influences had crept into the death metal territory. A song called Believer was included on an Ozzy Osbourne cover CD called Legend Of A Madman courtesy of MIA Records. The band split up in 1998 only to reappear in 2012. In-between the members formed MS2 and 9mm Solution which smacked of mallcore. Relapse had made some cash by issuing Through The Eyes Of Death: The Early Demos in 2011.

Dread Records distributed the band’s 2014 demo, Serving Two Masters. Eric House (Jungle Rot) was on drums, while Craig Nienas (Midian) played second guitar. Jaeger had actually rejoined on drums for a year! John Hill and Tim Beyer joined in 2019.


Wisconsin death metal troopers Morta Skuld have certainly gotten the timing of this release right. Very much like its label, Morta Skuld was on the brink of oblivion. The band with the fascinating name, you see, hasn't released anything since its Peaceville album of 1995. Tales of misfortune aside, the new eight songs embedded on Surface are exactly what one would expect from Morta Skuld. From The Killing Machines and Save Yourself to the closing number In Nothing We Trust (a track possible inspired by the band's dealings with the music business), the band unleashes rounds of death metal as heavy as a ton of bricks. Deep vocals lead the charge, as the music intersects Monstrosity, Gorguts, Sinister and early Gorefest. The band does have moments which break the barriers of monotony, but the by-the-numbers compositions could have benefited from injections of deviation from the standard. Oh well, take the good with the bad. - Ali "The Metallian"

MS2 - same
Many might remember American death metal act Morta Skuld who released four albums, methinks, in the mid-90's. MS2 is the continuation of that band. The moniker, quite appropriately, stands for Morta Skuld 2 and the band features Dave Gregor and Jason Hellman from the old band. With the addition of Andrew Broas on vocals and Ed Wallner on drums, MS2 has released this new three-song demo to get word of its new sound to the masses. Speaking of a new sound, MS2 while still harbouring some metal riffing, has picked up a hint or two from Disturbed and Coal Chamber and gone mallcore. The odd notes drop here and there, the samples and synthesizers fill the backdrop and the dual-vocal system titillates between the gruff of Crowbar and ambient screams of Fear Factory. This is not exactly what metal fans appreciate, but mainstream fans or Morta Skuld diehards can find out more by visiting or emailing - Ali "The Metallian"


Morta Skuld