Demon Tales - 1995 - Coyote/Huasipungo
The Devil Speaks In Tongues - 1998 - Merciless
Decomposed By Possession - 2000 - Merciless
De Natura Daemonum - 2005 - Iron Pegasus
Demonios Atacan Los Ángeles - 2007 - Heavier

Mortem image
G= FERNAN NEBIROS - Necropsya>>Sandro Garcia>>Dominium - Necropsya>>WILBER ROSAN - Chris Jhon
B= Ritual, Belzec>>Juan C. Muro>>Belzec – Insaner>>José "Chino Morza" Okamura>>Insaner
D= Jaime Garcia>>Dominium - ALVARO 'AMDUSCIAS' CERRON

Lima, Peru’s Mortem has been around since 1986 – with the exception of a break-up of a year in 1988 after multiple line-up changes and the firings/departures of guitarists Hector and Pablo ‘Genocidio’ Rey and drummers Mortuorio and his replacement Hugo Satanarchus – and been bashing heads. The founders were brothers Fernán Nebiros and Alvaro Cerron. The latter men initially sang, as well as drummed. The former played guitar and bass. The group called its music ‘demoniac black metal.’ A 1987 rehearsal is called Historias De La Cripta. The group’s first show was in March 1988 at the first Ataque Metal in Hoteleros. The 1989 demo was called Evil Dead. The band returned with the 1991 demo Superstition and 1992’s Vomit Of The Earth. The band graduated to full-lengths following the 1993 demo, Unearth The Buried Evil. Demon Tales was issued in 1995. Germany’s Merciless Records licenced the debut and kept working with the band and issued The Devil Speaks In Tongues in 1998. Drum duties on Decomposed By Possession was shared between Alvaro Amduscias and Jaime Garcia. The Peruvian band toured USA and Europe in 2003 and 2004 and claims to be the first band to do so. Iron Pegasus was the band’s next stop. Demonios Atacan Los Ángeles was recorded in 2005 in Los Angeles and New York City. In 2013, Iron Pegasus issued a split with Pentacle for the band.

Alvaro Amduscias was guitarist and singer for the band before sitting behind the kit. Muro was the editor of Testament Zine.


Cool cover plus backward message equals eighties-style death metal, right? Right. Peru's death metallers Mortem have been attacking the stage with their studs and bullet belts since 1986 and here they are with another true death metal album sure to please fans of old Sepultura and early Incubus. Gruff vocals, hectic drums and busy guitars and songs like Noctivagants and Morgue Rapist are not exactly standard fare in 2000 AD, but Mortem, despite not being the planet's best musicians by a long shot, will surely please the older fans. One has to wonder how fans whose ears have become accustomed to the savageries of a Disgorge or Cryptopsy will react to Decomposed by Possession. Write in and let me know! - Ali "The Metallian"