Salvation Never Comes - 2014 – Metal Scrap

Mortis Dei image
S= Puki 'Mahlu>>Lukasz Kobusiński>>Puki 'Mahlu, Sarmat
B= Christ’s Cage>>GRZEGORZ ZAREMBA>>Christ’s Cage
D= Maciej Urbaniak

Mortis Dei was founded in northern Poland in 1992 and had an underground Rehersal (sic) Tape ’93. The line-up was singer Piotr Seyda (later in Indulgence), guitarist Pawel Duralek, bassist Grzegorz Zaremba and Sebastian Sobecki on drums. Only the bassist would last long. A more proper demo with a coloured cover was 1995’s The Elements. The landscapes demo arrived in 1997. A demo, called Our Time Is Coming... , was also recorded, but never saw the light of day. The group recorded another demo, entitled Wrath Eruption, in 2000 and issued it in 2001. The band was singer Lukasz Kobusiński, guitarists Marcin "Valeo" Walenczykowski and Piotr Niemczewski, bassist Grzegorz Zaremba and drummer Maciej Urbaniak. Possibly referring to impregnating a prostitute the band issued a demo called The Loveful Act Of Creation in 2003. The cover depicted a prostitute with a tramp stamp. My Lovely Enemy arrived in 2006. A demo called Last Failure arrived in 2009. A compilation of the band’s music came courtesy of something called Sepulcross Prod in 2014.

Twenty years following its formation the band began a relationship with a label, namely Ukraine’s Metal Scrap, and issued Salvation Never Comes in 2014. It featured singer Lukasz Kobusiński, guitarists Mirosław Harenda and Bartosz Gawroński, bassist Grzegorz Zaremba and drummer Maciej Urbaniak. The band experienced a setback and became dormant, but the Hail Aliens demo arrived in 2019. This was dedicated to drummer Maciej Urbaniak who had died in 2017. Former guitarist Marcin "Valeo" Walenczykowski had also died (in 2018). The band did not have a vocalist in 2021.



Mortis Dei