Deathrider – 2006 – Locomotive
Wheels Of Purgatory – 2010 - Drakkar
Electric Revelation – 2014 - Drakkar

Motorjesus image
S= The Shitheadz, Azrael's Tears, Divine:Zero, President Evil, Battlesword>>CHRIS BIRX>>President Evil, Battlesword
G= The Shitheadz>>GUIDO REUSS - The Shitheadz>>ANDREAS PETERS
B= The Shitheadz>>Mark Neschen - ROMAN JASICZAK
D= The Shitheadz>>OLIVER BECK

Mönchengladbach-based Motorjesus was formed in 2006, but more accurately goes back to 1992 as The Shitheadz. The latter name occasionally had to be altered to The XHeadz to allow the band to release music. The band issued a full-length with the fledgling Locomotive, and the more established Drakkar, before the label gave in and disappeared. The band toured Germany on the Deathriders & Deadmen tour. Neschen left. The year 2009 brought the band back to demo land and 100,000 Volt Survivor. Drakkar stepped up and continued with the band. The group opened for MSG in 2014. There were also shows with President Evil, which until 2012 counted Birx as singer. The band spent 2015 playing German shows and working on a new album.


It is only a guess that Motorjesus has wimped out since The Shitheadz days. Having not heard the latter band’s output, one could imagine that upon changing names to Motorjesus the sound must have taken a turn for the commercial given the difference in tones between monickers. What sort of a band changes names for commercial reasons anyway?
Motorjesus is a mix of Metallica, Nickelback, Corrosion Of Conformity and Paul Stanley. A couple of songs like Legion Of Rock and Black Fuel Domination come across as harder, but the band’s music is only one step removed from drivel such as Canada’s Nickelback. Locomotive Records must have sniffed commercial success signing the band, but sales figures have a lot more to do with hype and advertising and less to do with sound and style. Hard rockers, heavy rock fans and rock radio enthusiasts should rev to these Germans. Heavy metal fans (and likely The Shitheadz’s fans) might as well stay away. - Ali “The Metallian”