Apogee Of Nihility – 2019 - Satanath

Mourner image
S= Ragor>>GOR>>Ragor
G= Ragor>>A.D. – Анахоретъ>>SAW [NIKOLAY PILYUGIN]
B= Ragor>>GOR>>Ragor
D= A.D.

This band was founded in 2018 and a year later issued its debut.


There are so many things one could write about when discussing Mourner’s Apogee Of Nihility. There is the good, the bad, the strange and the coincidental. Where to start?
First impression: this album has almost the same cover artwork as Ragnell’s Rebirth In Darkness. Lo and behold, the works are by the same artist and the albums were even issued in the same month! Past that, this debut is surprisingly mature for a band that was founded a mere year before its release. Mourner came together in 2018 and this album was issued in 2019. One would suspect that these songs are from an earlier band/incarnation.
So, let’s deal with the meat of the matter. The Russian doom/death act has a good album on its hands and a compelling listen for fans of the extreme sub-genres, but a few things hold them back. Having listened to the album multiple times it is still unclear whether the trio delivers a pop music opus with distortion and growled vocals or rather the tracks’ style is a brutal death/doom album with copious romantic and melancholic melodies. Either way, the band’s downfall is the cold and cynical drum machine, the hallmark of a lazy band.
The album begins with an acoustic strum reminiscent of Slayer’s Seasons In The Abyss before quickly tipping its hands that this is a doom/death album with convincing deep growls and has no resemblance to Slayer or thrash metal. Throughout the band sounds bigger than it is. The sound is big and the band punches above its weight for a trio. There are several instrumental medlies amidst the Russian lyrics. Slaves Of Fate reminded me of a track from Incantation’s Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse. The title track has a delicious bass and deep growls. The Broken Life has a catchy rhythm, a brutal riff and a poppy undertone. Cobwebs Of Captivity is death/doom’s answer to Sisters Of Mercy’s First And Last And Always, Marian. Nodding to Paradise Lost this track is melodious, heavy and harsh all at the same time.
Apogee Of Nihility has a few things to say, but is it something fans wants to hear? - Ali "The Metallian"