Acero Y Sangre – 1987 – Alicia
Telón De Acero – 1988 – Avispa
Mutant Hunter – 1989 – Avispa
Pacto De Sangre – 1992 - Avispa
Peligro Inminente – 1999 – PIES
Corazón De Metal – 2001 – PIES
Este Muro No Se Cae – 2003 – PIES
El Cuarto Jinete – 2013 - Leyenda

Muro image
S= Silver Fist>>Silver Solorzano>>Silver Fist
G= Largo [José Manuel Navarro] – Härem>>Javier Morales>>Enuma Elish - Francisco Gómez>>Alborde - Manolo Arias>>Dr. Snake, Atlas – Patillas [Miguel Hernanz Sebares]>>Intemperator, Omission, Crienium - LARGO [JOSÉ MANUEL NAVARRO]
B= Omission, Crienium, Silver Fist>>JULIO RICO>>Omission, Crienium, Silver Fist
D= Lapi [Juan Ramón Ruiz]>>Black Shark - Iván "Belial" Manzano - Black Shark>>LAPI [JUAN RAMÓN RUIZ]>>Black Shark

To kick off the ‘80s Madrid, Spain gave the world a speed metal band, which set out to record and release Demo 1983, Demo 1984 and Demo 1986. Domingo González was the early singer. The band’s first official record was a 1987 live one called Acero Y Sangre. It was captured in Madrid in December of 1986. It featured singer Silver Solorzano, guitarist José Manuel Navarro, bassist Julio Rico and drummer Lapi. Madrid’s Avispa Records signed the band and issued the group’s first studio album. For Mutant Hunter the band changed to English titles and lyrics. The album was, in fact, an anglicized version of previous material. The band reverted to Spanish for its next album. The band went its separate ways, but Foque issued a compilation appropriately entitled Grandes Exitos.

Like all other bands the Spaniards returned in 1996 and after Demo 98 – no longer using full year numbers - issued Peligro inminente. Javier Morales and Francisco Gómez were now on guitar. By 2001’s Corazón De Metal there were two new guitarists and a new drummer in the band. A live album was issued but the group again disbanded. The band played one-off shows, but eventually fully returned in 2009. A full-length was out in 2013. Largo was back in the line-up. Lapi was also back. The band played at Headbangers Open Air in 2013. Silver Solorzano left in 2014; however, and was replaced by Rocksa who also sings in Black Shark featuring Lapi.

Muro was one of the first Spanish speed metal bands and was compared to Exciter.