Massive Brutality – 2001 – Vile
To Whom It May Concern – 2002 – Massacre
At War – 2004 – Massacre
Combat Area – 2006 – Massacre
Anger Temple -2016 - Massacre

S= Azmodan>>René Pfeiffer>>Azmodan – Pale, Unlike Those, Disinfect>>Chris Simper – Disinfect, Mighty D., Sacrificium, The Bleeding Skies, The Malice, Goblins Blade>>CLAUDIO A ENZLER>>Sacrificium, The Bleeding Skies, The Malice, Goblins Blade
G= Dawn Of Winter, Tragedy Divine, Sacred Steel, Goblins Blade>>JÖRG M. KNITTEL>>Dawn Of Winter, Tragedy Divine, Sacred Steel, Goblins Blade – Naevus, Sacred Steel>>Oliver Grosshans>>Naevus – Eternal Glory, Disbelief, Chapel Of Gore, Sacred Steel>>JONAS KHALIL>>Chapel Of Gore, Sacred Steel
B= Azmodan>>René Pfeiffer>>Azmodan – Cavillator, Malice In Wonderland>>Oliver Schort>>Malice In Wonderland – Comedy Club, Insanity, Chinchilla, Goblins Blade>>ROBERTO PALACIOS>>Goblins Blade
D= MP, Nitrogods, Wasteland, Sinner, Freedom Call, Primal Fear>>KLAUS SPERLING>>MP, Nitrogods, Wasteland, Sinner, Freedom Call, Primal Fear

This German band was formed in 1998 in Southwestern Germany and promptly released a demo called Blood Pounding Black. This lead to 2001’s Massive Brutality through the fledgling label, Vile Music. The band moved to another German label, yet still seemed to be applying for jobs with To Whom It May Concern, which was produced by Achim Köhler. The band appeared at the Dong Open Air festival in 2004. The initial pressing of At War came with a DVD of the band's Party.San Open Air festival appearance. Sacred Steel lost Jörg M. Knittel and Oliver Großhans in 2006 in order for the two to concentrate on My Darkest Hate. René Pfeiffer left due to a tinnitus disease. Claudio A. Enzler replaced Simper in 2006. Bassist Roberto Palacios joined in 2008 as bassist Palma was shown the door due to musical differences. Guitarist Jonas Khalil joined in 2014.

The members show little commitment to the ongoing concern and were active in multiple other projects. Nonetheless, a 2016 recording called Anger Temple was in the works. There was a video for the song You Shall Know Them. Massacre records made sure most people do not.


Combat Area is My Darkest Hate’s fourth album, but my very first encounter with the band from Ludwigsberg. Surprisingly, the band is actually good in its own unassuming way. This is death metal plain and simple with little in the way of fancy extras or outside influences. The album has both repetitious parts and moments of brilliance, with music probably describable as a mix of Bolt Thrower and Krisiun. Fast and mid-pace parts co-exist, but the gruff growls, heavy guitars and heavy drum sound are a constant. The band apparently features a former Sacrificum singer, although it’s difficult to find any Christian allusions here. Instead, My Darkest Hate sounds like just the type of album an underground death metal fanatic wants to get when the bigger names have all been taken care of. Incidentally, whoever compared the band to Six Feet Under on the biography needs a re-education in death metal fast. - Anna Tergel


My Darkest Hate