Shadow Of Sorrow – 2006 – Bombworks
The Anatomy Of Melancholy – 2007 - Bombworks
A Garland Of Tears – 2008 – Bombworks
IV Et Lux Perpetua – 2010 – Stone Groove
Silver Under Midnight – 2013 - Bombworks
Preservation Restoration Reconstruction – 2013 - Bombworks
Eye of the Needle – 2014 – Stone Groove
Damnatio Memoriae – 2015 – House Of Ashes
There Was Death – 2018 - Minotauro


S= Ashen Mortality, Bloodwork>>Jasen Whyte – Ashen Mortality, Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper>>IAN ARKLEY>>Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper
G= Penthos>>Rich Alden>>Penthos - Ashen Mortality, Paramæcium, Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper>>IAN ARKLEY>>Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper - MARC ELLISON - The Drowning>>MIKE HITCHEN>>The Drowning
B= Andi Lee - Alan Southorn – Striga, Leppe>>ADAM WESTLAKE>>Striga, Leppe
D= Ashen Mortality, Bloodwork>>Jasen Whyte - Khthon>>Steve Allan – Amputated, Awake By Design, Control The Storm, Triaxis>>GARETH ARLETT>>Amputated, Triaxis
K= IAN ARKLEY - Seventh Angel>>SIMON BIBBY>>Seventh Angel


UK-based My Silent Wake had an album called There Was Death through Minotauro Records in early 2018. The band was formed in 2005 and immediately had a self-titled demo. Marc Ellison joined in 2012. A split with Pÿlon of Switzerland came in late 2013. The band had an independent work on Opa Loka in 2017 called Invitation To Imperfection.

The group is a white metal one with doom and goth tendencies.



My Silent Wake