Morgenrote – Der Schrei Nach Fisternis – 1996 – Last Episode
Drachenblut – 1998 - Last Episode
Infernal Satanic Verses – 1999 – Last Episode
The Great Beast – 2001 – Massacre
Damien – 2002 - Massacre
Open The Gates Of Hell – 2003 – Massacre
The Bloody Path Of God – 2006 – Dockyard1
Mystic Circle – 2022 – Atomic Fire

Mystic Circle image
Crematory>>Graf Von Beelzebub [Marc Zimmer] – Crematory>>GRAF VON BEELZEBUB [MARC ZIMMER]

Isternos [Thomas Pfänder]>>Subconscious, Isegrim – Rough>>Ezpharess [Stefan Heintzelmann] – Excess, Ripping Entrails, Malignity>>Agamidion [Thorsten Aschenbrenner]>>Excess, NG

Crematory>>Graf Von Beelzebub [Marc Zimmer] - Crematory>>GRAF VON BEELZEBUB [MARC ZIMMER]

Aaarrrgon [Sven Meesters]>>Isegrim, Zorn, Nervengas, Mord, NG, Excess – Gunjah, Uptide, Orth>>Abyss [Marc Reign]>> Volcano, Destruction, Morgoth – Ab:Norm>>Astaroth [Gianni Cutrona]>>Ab:Norm, Moronic, Blood - Isegrim, Zorn, Nervengas, Mord, NG, Excess>>AAARRRGON [Sven Meesters]>>Mord, NG

Mephisto [Mark Foltz] - Baalsulgorr

History & Biography
Mystic Circle was formed in 1992 by Beelzebub and Aaarrrgon in Ludwigshafen as a death metal band and recorded a rehearsal demo. The band split up in 1993; however, before reforming in 1994 as a ‘Nordic black metal’ band. The Dark Passion demo leaned towards Deicide and Morbid Angel. The band switched over to ‘symphonic black metal’ and the debut CD Morgenröte came out in 1997 through Last Episode, which was followed by the albums Drachenblut (1998) and Infernal Satanic Verses (1999). The band had toured with Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Infernal Majesty in 1998. The German label had earlier licenses the band’s music to US outfit Pavement Music. Aaarrrgon would depart. The group signed with Massacre in 2000. Abortus toured Europe in December of 2001 as openers for Ancient Rites and Mystic Circle. Mystic Circle Unholy Chronicles 1992 – 2004 was a compilation of the band’s music. A tour of Central America was conducted in 2007 taking the band through Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. The band split up in 2008, but returned in 2014 with Isternos, who had left in 1999, now again on guitar and new members M.W. on drums and Schynderhannes on vocals. The new dissolution occurred in 2015.

The reformed Germany-based black metal band signed to Atomic Fire Records in 2021. Aaarrrgon was on drums again. Graf Von Beelzebub was back on vocals and bass. The duo had a video for Letters From The Devil, a single from its self-titled February 2022 album.



Mystic Circle