Vengeance – 2001 – B-Mind/Crash
Regressus – 2003 – Nuclear Blast
Never-Ending – 2004 – Nuclear Blast
Savage Souls – 2006 – Massacre
Satanic Curses – 2007 – Massacre
Fireangel – 2009 – Massacre
Ravenlord – 2011 - Massacre
Killhammer – 2013 - Massacre
War Brigade – 2016 – Massacre
Metal Division - 2020 - ROAR

Mystic Prophecy image
S= Valley’s Eve, Steel Prophet>>ROBERTO DIMITRI LIAPAKIS>>Valley’s Eve, Steel Prophet
G= Dream Evil, Nightrage, Firewind>>Gus G. [Konstantinos "Kostas" Karamitroudis]>>Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage, Solo, Arch Enemy, Ozzy Osbourne – Martin Grimm>>Headstone Epitaph, Mission In Black – Descending, Nightfall, Solo>>Constantine>>Descending, Nightfall, Solo - Souldrinker, Watch Me Bleed, Symphorce, Warkings>>MARKUS POHL>>Souldrinker, Watch Me Bleed, Symphorce, Warkings – Deceptor, Long Live, Killer Sixgun, Phenomenon, Blank Inverse, Oliver Weers>>Lakis Ragazas>>Blank Inverse, Oliver Weers – Decembria, 4Arm, Okeania, Cypecore, Solo>>EVAN K [VANGELIS KOUKOULARIS]>>Decembria, 4Arm, Solo
B= Rough, Stormwitch, Valley’s Eve>>Martin Albrecht>>Valley’s Eve – Shezoo, Dezert Eaglez, Paganini, Souldrinker, Psycho Millionaire>>JOEY ROXX>>Souldrinker, Psycho Millionnaire
D= Sins Of Omission, Athela, In Cold Blood, Dark Eden, Raise Hell, Rutthna>>Dennis Ekdahl>>Athela, Dark Eden, Raise Hell, Siebenbürgen, Rutthna, Machinery, Thyrfing - Process Paths, Final Depravity>>Tristan Maiwurm – Scanner, Abnormal End>>HANNO KERSTAN>>Scanner

The German speed metal band was formed by Valley's Eve band-mates R.D. Liapakis and Martin Albrecht in 2000. Gus G. came recommended by David Chastain. The debut was licensed to Crash Music, which promptly ripped off the band. Regressus’ US versions added cover versions of Iron Maiden's Sanctuary and Manowar's Fighting The World. The group toured as openers for Death Angel. The group added new members and signed with Massacre in 2005. With Gus G in Arch Enemy (and eventually Ozzy Osbourne), the band recruited Martin Grimm. Aside from Grimm, bassist Martin Albrecht also left in 2008. The band reported the duo had left in order to focus on their day jobs. Liapakis would produce an album for Crystal Tears. The band released its next album, Fireangel, in mid-2009 through Massacre Records. The album was recorded at Prophecy Studio and was mixed by Fredrik Nordström. Mystic Prophecy released its seventh album, Ravenlord, on November 25th 2011 through Massacre Records. The band released its 2013 album, Killhammer, on September 27th through Massacre Records. Mystic Prophecy release a covers’ album, called Monuments Uncovered, on January 12 2018 through Massacre Records. The band covered Donna Summer, Elton John and others. Evan K was on guitar now. The Nuclear Blast Recordings was a 2018 box set. Metal Division of early 2020 was issued on Rock Of Angels Records. The band uploaded a couple of tracks and called it Hail To The King in 2021. Drummer Claudio Sisto who was with the band in 2010 died in 2021.


The new Mystic Prophecy album has both positive and negative aspects. The band plays a melodic; yet hard brand of metal. The gang has avoided the mistake of many of its contemporaries and avoided trendier ingredients like the synthesizer in its music. Having said that, much of what is transpiring here has been heard elsewhere. Mystic Prophecy's Iced Earth-meets-Nevermore music is further hampered by the vocals of R.D. Liapakis. While a strong singer in his own right, his delivery is too monotonous and uninspired to make a meaningful impact. The band is tight though and the sound, especially the heavy snare and bass drums, quite appropriate. The highlight of it all though is the soloing of Dream Evil's Gus G. So, this is why he doesn't indulge in more leads with Dream Evil!
For Mystic Prophecy to stand out next time around, the band needs to introduce more of an edge to its music. The beginning riff of Night Of The Storm can serve as a model. Impatient fans of Iced Earth may want to look into this band right away though.- Ali "The Metallian"

Never-Ending is a solid heavy metal album with a good sound. There are eleven songs with titles like Under A Darkened Sun and Wings Of Eternity on the disc which showcase the guitar wizardry of Gus G., occasional double bass drums and the strong, but plain, vocals of Liapakis. The band's output is reliable enough, but there is little here to distinguish Mystic Prophecy from the rest of the pack. Even the power ballad Never Surrender, the sped-up metal of Wings Of Eternity and Warriors Of Lies or the smooth guitar outro called Never-Ending are not enough to separate MP from the competition and propel the quartet to the upper echelon of heavy metal. There is little than can be called wrong or abysmal here and the band is good at what it does. Having said that, Mystic Prophecy needs to adjust its approach in order to differentiate itself from or drown in the monthly pool of many releases. - Ali "The Metallian"


Mystic Prophecy