Dark Clouds>>NADIR - HUNGARY

The Sixth Extinction – 2017 – NGC


S= Our Existence Is Punishment>>VIKTOR TAUSZIK>>Our Existence Is Punishment
G= Our Existence Is Punishment>>NORBERT CZETVITZ>>Our Existence Is Punishment - HUGÓ KÖVES
D= Atropos, Our Existence Is Punishment, In Season>>SZABOLCS FEKETE>>Our Existence Is Punishment, In Season


The band operated as Dark Clouds for some ten years before becoming Nadir in 2004 and issuing a demo called Tenacity a year later. The socially conscious Norbert Czetvitz was the founder. The We, The Scum Of The Earth demo of 2006 followed. Those Who Bought The Rain was a 2008 demo. Eco-Ethic, The Underground Heroes and Exitus were next. The band and compatriots Drow had a split release in 2014. Yet another demo, Ventum Iam Ad Finem Est, followed. The group issued its first album The Sixth Extinction in 2017. The Sixth Extinction was also the title for the closing track of Ventum Iam Ad Finem Est. NGC and Grimm cooperated on this record. Nonetheless the band reverted to demo land with 2018’s Honour The Cavalry. This release came on the band’s 25th anniversary.

Three of the members spend time in the industrial-tinged Our Existence Is Punishment.


Nadir is a new name to Metallian Towers, which is a shame. This brutal and devastating act has been around for years and yet has as much a profile as any middling underground band. The band’s name recognition has as much to do with the quality of its music as McDonalds status has with its nutrition value or Manowar does with heavy metal music. That is, there is zero connection.
Let us take things from the top, shall we? The band’s music is mind-blowingly brutal and crushing. Couple this with a top-notch production from Dr. Black Studios and The Sixth Extinction becomes a compelling record that belongs in every collection this side of Megadull and Dio hologram circles. The music could earnestly be called a stubbornly mid-paced mixture of Bolt Thrower and Obituary with the pacing and grinding sensibility of Asphyx. It is amazing given how the band has been kicking around for 25 years. Shouldn’t they have wimped out by now? My favourite track Mountains Mourn has it all. The gut-punching riffs, dangerous guitar strings and vocals that track an irreligious chant vowing vengeance against superstitious and cultist god-mongers. Ice Age In The Immediate Future is a three-part composition that begins with an instrumental that speaks to the band’s musicianship and sense of purpose. This thing has the best snare sound since forever. It is sick and heavy.
Finally, the band not only has its head screwed right musically, but also thematically, given its focus on environmental issues and concerns. It is not fashionable, but very much needed and even more of a surprise that the band is based in Hungary, one of Europe’s bastions for right-wing anti-human racism, bigotry and ignorance. This band is anything but a nadir of the metal scene. – Ali “The Metallian”