World Domination – 2005 - Spinefarm
Dreamcrusher – 2007 - Spinefarm

Naildown image
S= Daniel Freyberg
G= Children Of Bodom, Norther>>DANIEL FREYBERG>>Norther, Children Of Bodom – Imperanon, Codeon>>Asko Sartanen>>Codeon
B= Greyscale>>Matti Hämäläinen
D= Hatered>>Harri Heikkinen>>Hatered – Grayscale, Gaurithoth, Hanging Garden>>Janne Jukarainen>>Gaurithoth, Hanging Garden, Crimfall
K= Caledonian>>Jarmo Puikkonen - DANIEL FREYBERG

The band was first formed in 2003 in Mikkeli in southern Finland as Acid Universe before picking the new monicker in 2005. The group called itself “death metal,” but featured a keyboardist. An EP, called Eyes Wide Open, was issued ahead of the debut, which itself was issued in Japan in 2006 through Avalon. The second album was recorded in 2006 and issued in 2007. With the second album gone the entire membership, except for Freyberg, changed. Heikki Saari became the drummer in Februaru of 2009. Daniel Freyberg joined Norther first as a tour guitarist and then permanently. The band was working on new material in 2015 when due to Freyberg’s diminishing vocals he had top hand the duties to someone else. Freyberg also joined Children Of Bodom in 2016, although the leader of that band explained it is not clear of Freyberg is a permanent member.


This album, generally speaking, pretty much bites. The music contained herein is spineless and lacklustre, formulaic and derivative, disposable and poser, interchangeable and forgettable.
There is little doubt that Naildown and World Domination will find much adoration were people to hear it, but this material is reserved for fans of acts like Soilwork, obviously Children Of Bodom, Imperanon and Amorphis - band adored not by heavy metal enthusiasts, but by teenage trendoids. The vocals play the scary scream/normal routine, there is a keyboardist in place and the riffs are very similar to all the aforementioned bands’ platitudes towards metal. Commercialism has gone awry when 'metal' comes across as lullaby put to distortion. This is derivative and very easy for Finns to put together. What a formula and how many times have we heard this? The band has one singer/guitarist, while some feeble mind called Jarmo dedicates himself full-time to the keyboards. Let us get serious now, shall we?
The only thing this band has nailed down is the Children Of Bodom wimpdom sound. This is formulaic goth rock from Finland destined straight for the delete bin. - Ali “The Metallian”