Narita – 1992 - Shark
Changes – 1994 - Pony Canyon
Life – 1996 - Pony Canyon

S= Jackal>>Brian Rich Warncke>>Jackal, Shermann Soldiers – Zoser Mez>>KENNY LÜBCKE>>André Andersen
G= HENRIK POULSEN>>Prime Time - MAC GAUNAA>>Scarlet, André Andersen
B= Chris Dennis Raikai>>Pangea, Prime Time - KARSTEN LAGERMANN>>Prime Time
D= Flemming Olsen>>Prime Time - ALLAN SØRENSEN>>Prime Time, André Andersen Cornerstone, Scarlet, Royal Hunt
K= Apart, Witch Cross>>ANDRÉ ANDERSEN>>Witch Cross, Prime Time, Solo, Royal Hunt

Not to be confused with Mark Reale of Riot’s short-lived project, this Narita was founded in Denmark and named after a town in Japan, which is the site of the country’s major airport and itself is named after rice fields in the district.

The band was formed in 1988 with singer Per Onink (of Artillery fame) and issued a self-titled album in 1992 through Shark Records. Pony Canyon licensed it for Japan. Brian Rich was on vocals for the debut, but by the time 1993’s demo came around Kenny Lübcke had taken over. André Andersen also joined in 1993. Changes was recorded and mixed at Sweet Silence Studio, Copenhagen and co-produced by Flemming Rasmussen.

Brian Rich died in 2013. The members went on to André Andersen’s solo outfit, Scarlet, Prime Timke and eventually Royal Hunt. The band was also featured on Shark Records’ Fast As A Shark - Nothing Is...Than A Shark compilation.
Narita was influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen.