Nasty Savage – 1985 – Metal Blade
Indulgence – 1987 – Metal Blade
Penetration Point – 1989 – Rotten
Psycho Psycho – 2004 – Metal Blade

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G= BEN MEYER>>Gardy Loo, Lowbrow, Havoc Mass – David Austin
B= Fred Dregischan – Denzo Istan Bartha - Chris Moorhouse – Purgatory, Agent Steel, Hallows Eve, Nocturnus>>Richard Bateman>>Gardy-Loo, Nocturnus, Unearthed, After Death, Lowbrow
D= Razor>>Curtis Beeson>>Low Brow, Denial Fiend, Massacre, Singod, Fester – Massacre, Low Brow, Denial Fiend, Singod>>Curtis Beeson>>Denial Fiend, Massacre, Singod, Fester - Rob Proctor>>Assuck

The Brandon, Florida-based heavy metal band was formed in 1983 after existing as Nightmare. Nasty Ronnie was a professional fake wrestler. The band issued the Raw Mayhem and Wage Of Mayhem demos, but was in fact receiving more publicity for Nasty Ronnie dressing up as a wrestler and breaking TVs over his head. Nevertheless, the band signed with Metal Blade and issued two albums. Earlier the group was heard on the Metal Massacre VI compilation. Fred Dregischan injured his hand in New Orleans and had to give up the bass. Glen Benton of Deicide auditioned for Nasty Savage in 1986. Metal Blade also issued a 1988 EP called Abstract Reality, but the band was dropped from the label and was off to DRI’s Rotten Records. Moorhouse was killed in a car accident in 1988. Beeson had quit in 1989 and replaced by Rob Proctor. The band toured with Atomkraft in 1988. With progress lacking the band split up in 1990. There was a reunion show in 1998 in Germany before the group reformed in 2002. In the meanwhile Ronnie had founded Infernal. Crook'D Records would re-issue the Wage Of Mayhem demo on CD in early 2003. The band toured Europe with Sadus. An album was issued in 2004, but the act disbanded in 2012 claiming a last ever show. Curtis Beeson, former drummer for the band, underwent surgery for a brain tumor in late 2010. The man had been complaining of headaches prior to the surgery. His brother (Sanford of Lowbrow) and sister had taken him to the hospital prior to the diagnosis. Despite the earlier promise, Nasty Savage was back in January of 2016 with David Austin back on guitar and Fred Dregischan back on bass. The latter man had left the act in 1985. With Greg Gall on drums and John Mahoney also on guitar the group announced it would record and tour. Gall was previously in Six Feet Under. He was also in Cyanide, which had previously opened for Nasty Savage. Nasty Savage reformed once again and played a show on November 19th 2016 at the Crowbar in Ybor City, Florida. Aside from Nasty Savage members singer Ron "Nasty Ronnie" Galletti, guitarist David Austin and bassist Fred Dregischan, Demian Gordon of Insatanity and Dark Disciple was on second guitar and Six Feet Under’s Greg Gall drummed. Bateman had a heart attack and died in 2018.



Nasty Savage