Piper Of Hamelin>>NATRON - ITALY

Hung, Drawn & Quartered – 1997 – Headfucker
Negative Prevails – 1999 – Holy
Bedtime For Mercy – 2000 - Holy
Livid Corruption – 2004 – Holy
Rot Among Us – 2009 – Metal Age

S= Lorenzo Signorile – Penis Leech>>Mike Tarantino>>Penis Leech – Schizo, Cruentus, Glacial Fear>>Nicola Bavaro>>Cruentus - Vinterblot>>NICO>>Vinterblot
G= Cruentus>>DOMENICO MELE>>Cruentus
B= Lorenzo Sigborile - Michael Maggi - DARIO DE FALCO
D= Cruentus, Tyrannizer Örder>>MAX MARZOCCA>>Cruentus, Tyrannizer Örder

This death metal band out of Bari was founded in May, 1992 as Piper Of Hamelin – referring to the German story – by Max Marzocca before changing its monicker in 1993. Domenico Mele joined in 1993. The Force demo was out in 1994 and followed by 1997’s A Taste Of Blood. A deal with a label called CSP fell apart. The group lost several members in 1995 and 1996. These were singer Michele Andriani, guitarist Vito Ranieri and bassist Philip Farah. Early bassist Lorenzo Signorile also handed vocals for a year. He would leave in 2002, return in 2005 and again depart in 2006. The band toured with label-mates Misanthrope and Septic Flesh in 1999. A 2006 tour with Deranged was announced but the Swedes dropped out. Nicola Bavaro joined in 2008 and left in 2015. The band issued its debut album through the imprint of Headfucker fanzine. The 2012 full-length Grindermeister featured rearranged older tracks. Dario De Falco joined in 2013. A 2014 7” EP was called Virus Cult and was issued by Blasphemous Art Productions of Italy. Time To Kill Records re-released the first album on vinyl format in 2021.

The band has toured Europe many times. Natron was a chemical, which was used to mummify the dead in ancient Egypt.


Headfucker zine's foray into the world of CDs comes in the form of Italy's Natron whose album will be available both separately and as an insert with a limited number of the zine's next issue. Italy has always managed to produce many weak bands; maintaining a forte instead in videos of voluptuous girls running on the beach surrounded by men with motor-oiled hair. Yet Natron is a direct blow to that image. Very well produced and professionally played, the Italian trio, with a mystery singer, plays a technical brand of death metal rarely out of touch with its brutal creation. A cross between the adrenalin of Cannibal Corpse, the power of Dying Fetus and the technicality of Wicked Innocence is a good way to describe this band. Knowing that all these bands are the zine editors' favourites it is not a surprise that Natron is the label's kick off release. Natron is 666 times more evil than Cradle Of Filth, 777 heavier than Therion, Sentenced et al and 13 times more talented than Pantera and the ilk. This is Italy's number one death metal unit. - Ali "The Metallian"