Necrocult – 2003 - Snakebite
For Thine Is The Kingdom And The Power And The Glory – 2015 - Satanath

S= Oldskull>>MANU>>Oldskull
G= Trashnasty>>LORAN
B= Oldskull>>MANU>>Oldskull

Originally founded as Crucifix in 1994, the Frenchmen changed names and became a Necrocult in 1997. However, it was only six years later that a debut was put together. The self-titled debut could only be called so owing to the track Subliminal Distant Light lasting as a long as a Deicide album. Indeed, the band had envisioned it being a MCD. The band went into hiatus of sorts and the second full-length For Thine Is The Kingdom And The Power And The Glory. The band had played the latest edition of Une Nuit En Enfer show in 2013. An illness was cause for a pause as early as 2005.


Necrocult will be a new name to many of the readers, yet the band was formed as early as 1994 using the name Crucifix. The band's debut only features five songs, but with a total duration of 35 minutes this can be considered a full-length debut album.
A classy intro quickly leads into a harsh and blindingly fast death metal. The speed rarely lets up, except for a short while on Portal Of Oblivion. This is mostly raw like Darkthrone or early Immortal with added primitive parts and deep growls reminiscent of Blasphereion. Elsewhere the vocals are screaming a la Immortal. They are well done and wild. The problem area is the drums which have an odd hammering sound. It might get a little while to get used to them. Hang in there though for Necrocult is an ideal band for fans of fast black/death. - Ali "The Metallian"