Blood Offerings – 2017 – Tankcrimes
Mortal – 2020 - Tankcrimes

Necrot image
S= Lawless>>LUCA INDRIO>>Lawless
G= Acephalix, Lawless, Pistons, Vastum>>LUCA INDRIO>>Acephalix, Lawless, Pistons, Vastum – Word Salad, Watch Them Die, Saviours, Scolex, Kids in Satan’s Service>>SONNY REINHARDT>>Watch Them Die, Saviours, Scolex, Kids in Satan’s Service
B= Lawless, Pistons, Vastum, Acephalix>>LUCA INDRIO>>Lawless, Pistons, Vastum, Acephalix
D= Caffa, Bruxers, Mortuous, Vastum, Atrament, Rude>>CHAD GAILEY>>Caffa, Bruxers, Mortuous, Vastum, Atrament, Rude

Founded in April of 2011 this band issued a self-titled demo in 2012 and another called Into The Labyrinth. The 2014 demo The Abyss lead to a compilation through Tankcrimes Records/Sentient Ruin Laboratories called The Labyrinth. The band was playing shows in the USA. The band issued a 2017 debut album called Blood Offerings. Undergang and Necrot were touring the USA. 783punx Tape Pizza boxset series issued the Mortal album by Bay Area death metal/punk trio Necrot in 2022. Recorded and originally released by Tankcrimes Records in 2020, the follow-up to the band’s Blood Offerings received the cassette treatment on 28.01.2022.