Red Warlock>>NEGACY - Italy

Flames Of Black Fire – 2015 – Jolly Roger

Negacy image
S= Screaming Shadows, Memento Waltz, Wow>>MARCO PIU>>Memento Waltz, Wow
G= Reel Fiction>>GIANNI CORAZZA>>Reel Fiction – Screaming Shadows, Eruption, Changes, No Mercy>>ANDREA GIRIBALDI>>Changes, No Mercy
B= Eruption>>Tony Rassu>>Avoidance
D= Enemy, No Mercy, Icy Steel>>CLAUDIO SECHI>>Enemy, No Mercy

The heavy metal band was founded in 2005, issued an album and changed its monicker seven years after formation upon completion of a USA tour. A self-titled demo was released in 2013. In April of 2015 Jolly Roger Records announced the signing of Italian – then relocated to the UK - band. Previously going under the name Red Warlock, the new band’s debut album Flames Of Black Fire was out June 15th. The band was compared to Sanctuary, Annihilator and Morgana Lefay. Bassist Tony Rassu took off in 2016. Adrian Serrano was the replacement.