Revive – Space Shower - 2021

Nemophila image
S= Lipstick>>SINDY ‘MAYU’
G= Mixx, Destrose, Re:Maker, Mary’s Blood, Takayoshi Ohmura, Xteen, Amahiru>>SAKI>>Mary’s Blood, Amahiru – Disqualia, Rami, Li-Sa-X Band>>HAZUKI>>Rami, Li-Sa-X Band
B= Holderlins>>HARAGUCHI-SAN

Nemophila is an all-girl metal band from Tokyo founded in August 2019. The band started as a fun jam project simply called The Mayu Sessions after the singer’s name. Mayu, a grunge listener and fan, and Haraguchi were school-mates. The quintet’s first show was at Metal Weekend 2019 in Tokyo. Loudness and Hammerfall headlined. Saki would be sponsored by Killer guitars of Loudness’ Akira Takasaki a year later. The band took off thanks to its members’ looks, the multiple cover versions it played and the magic of YouTube’s algorithm. The band mixes metal with mallcore, grunge and rock.

Oiran (‘courtesan’) was the band’s debut demo in 2020. The Raitei demo followed in the same year. The title track was included in the Dissension demo of 2021. The band played at a Show-Ya festival in Japan. Not coincidentally, the band shared a management company with Show-Ya, Mary’s Blood and others. JPU Records re-issued the Oiran demo and tagged other songs. A new project called Amahiru featured Frédéric Leclercq (Kreator and ex-Dragonforce) and Saki in 2020. Mayu got married in July 2021 and Tamu gave birth to her second child in August. A Kensuke Akiyama assists the band in songwriting, among others, as well as producing. The band’s debut album was issued in December 2022. Nemophila announced a Japan tour of the Zepp venues for the summer of 2022.

Nemophila is a type of flower. One member was in Disqualia.