Pay Back Time – 1998 – Muvuca
Legion Of Spirits Infernal – 2002 – Tumba/Destroyer
Quarrel In Hell – 2006 – Tumba/Ibex Moon
Battalions Of Hate – 2010 - Tumba
Live Rituals – 2011 - Tumba
To The Death – 2013 - Cogumelo
The Art Of Vengeance – 2014 - Cogumelo
Nyctophilia – 2017 – Greyhaze
Ablaze – 2019 – Hammerheart
Dug Up…Diabolical Reincarnations – 2021 - XenoKorp
All Colors Of Darkness – 2022 - Emanzipation
Chthonic Wrath – 2023 - Emanzipation

Nervochaos image
Skullkrusher>>Sidney Becky>>Skullkrusher – Endrah>>César Covero>>Endrah, VoodooPriest - Daniel Blasphemoon>>Shaytan - Lauro Nightrealm [Lauro Bonometti] – Guiller [Guilheme Cruz] – ColdBlood>>Diego Mercadante>>ColdBlood – Tyranis, Contortion>>BRIAN STONE>>Contortion

Siegrid Ingrid, Skullkrusher, Reviolence>>Sidney Becky>>Reviolence, Skullkrusher – Endrah>>César Covero>>Endrah, Voodoopriest – Vinícius>>Reffugo - Bestial Atrocity, Queiron, Incinerad>>Lauro Nightrealm [Lauro Bonometti]>>Incinerad – Guiller [Guilheme Cruz] – Unearthly, ColdBlood, Gutted Souls, Syren, Mysteriis>>Diego Mercadante>>ColdBlood, Illumination – Luiz "Quinho" Parisi – Krow, Alekto, Goat Necropsy>>WOESLEY JOHANN>>Krow, Goat Necropsy - LUIZ "QUINHO" PARISI

Siegrid Ingrid>>Thomas>>Acid Storm - Spiral Zone, Zero Vision>>Hareton - Amazarak>>Thiago Anduscias>>Amazarak, Esgaroth - Felipe "BF" – Creptum, Amazarak, Esgaroth>>Thiago Anduscias>>The Black Spade – PEDRO LEMES

Siegrid Ingrid>>EDUARDO LANE

History & Biography
The band was founded in São Paulo in 1996. Drummer Eduardo Lane owned Muvuca/Tumba Productions and released the band’s work from 1997 until 2013. The NervoChaos demo appeared in 1996. Thiago Anduscias left in 2008, but returned eight years later. Brazilian black/death metal band Nervochaos released a new album, To The Death, on January 22nd 2013 through Greyhaze Records. The band toured Japan with Krisiun in 2017. Quinho switched to guitar in 2019. Nervochaos’ Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations) album was out through Xenokorp in November 2021. The album also commemorated the band’s 25th anniversary as it featured re-recorded material from the band’s first four and The Art Of Vengeance records. The band was planning to tour Europe with Mercyless in 2022. Brian Stone was on vocals. Nervochaos commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations) album with Xenokorp and, along with a re-release, announced it would embark on a South America tour with Belphegor, Krisiun and Crypta in May 2022.

Emanzipation was issuing Nervochaos’ Chthonic Wrath record in January 2023.

The band changes line-ups all the time. It has opened for dozens of bands including Venom, Krisiun, Napalm Death, Kreator, Dismember, Agnostic Front, Pentagram, ENT and others.


The band’s cover artwork looks like a Krisiun album’s and lo and behold the group indeed hails from the South American country. Alex Camargo, and several other notables, of Krisiun also guests on the album. Quarrel In Hell is not as tight and precise an album as any of Krisiun’s works, but the group delivers an unbridled and pure a death metal work as any and has been around for at least ten years. The emphasis is on heavy riffs and the deep grunts signing the praises of death and the underworld. There is a good amount of Cannibal Corpse worship on display. Putrid Pleasures is an obvious example. Everlasting Death has a nice guitar solo on it that only serves to highlight the puzzling lack of leads on the album. Quarrel In Hell sneaks in a Motörhead cover of the song Iron Fist right past its outro. Originally issued by Tumba Records, which is owned by the band’s drummer, this edition is made available in the United States. - Ali “The Metallian”