Through The Make Believe – 1997 – Sentinel Steel
Obscure Master Plan – 1999 – Nuclear Blast
Stagnant Progression – 2003 – Nuclear Blast
Solving For X - 2012 – Pure Steel

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S= Victor Vaca – Pantera, Steel Prophet, Redemption, Taraxacum>>Rick Mythiasin>>Solo, Redemption, Taraxacum, Masters Of Metal, Mystic-Force – Recon, Powerslave, Shades Of Crimson>>Rod Arias>>Dragonrider
G= Steel Prophet, Axehammer>>HORACIO COLMENARES>>Steel Prophet, Axehammer – DAN DELUCIE>>Destiny’s End, Crescent Shield - Ripcord>>Tim Thomas>>Steel Prophet, Hirax, Abattoir, Warrion - ANDREW BETTIS
B= Nardo Andi>>Destiny’s End - Mike Duran>>Scarred - LUIS SANDOVAL
D= Brian Craig>>Destiny’s End, Seven Witches – Psychosis, Cerebellion>>Jimmy Schultz>>Cerebellion, Steel Prophet

Horacio Colmenares founded the Los Angeles-based speed metal band in 1993. An immediate release was the demo Savage Garden in 1994. Victor Vaca was on vocals, Oscar Gomez on second guitar, Nardo Andi on bass and Brian Craig drummed. Sentinel Steel Records (of the fanzine fame) signed the band and issued the debut. With that label being fledgling the group issued two demos in 1998 and 1999. These lead to a deal with Nuclear Blast. The group had ruptured due to personality conflicts and members joined Destiny’s End by now. Later members of Destiny’s End would decamp to Crescent Shield. This band featured James Rivera who also sang on the ’98 demo. Two records were entrusted to Nukie Blast, but there was no progression but hiatus for the revamped line-up. Rick Mythiasin had joined on vocals after personality clashes in Steel Prophet, but he would return where he came from in 2007. Metal Mind Productions reissued Obscure Master Plan in 2008, which angered the band. The band played in Germany with new singer Rod Arias in 2008. The 2012 album was recorded with only Horacio on guitars. Joe Aghassi joined on drums in 2013. Rock It Up reissued Stagnant Progression with three bonus tracks.

Colmenares is a photographer, as well as being a musician. The band has played around Los Angeles and appeared at festivals like The Classic Metal Festival and The Power Mad Festival.



New Eden