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DISMEMBER, GRAVE, VITAL REMAINS and openers will hit Canada next autumn for a tour…BLUDGEON’s World Controlled album will be released on June 27th through Magic Circle Music…TIWANAKU, featuring Emo Mowery (NOCTURNUS) on guitar and vocals and Mike Estes (BURNING INSIDE/ACHERON) on guitar has solidified its line-up. New members include Chris Pangman on vocals, Derek Hubbard on bass and Josh Woodhouse on drums…Black Lotus Records will issued Fair And Balanced by its new signee OUTBURST this June…DEMONICAL is a new death metal band featuring former CENTINEX men Johan Jansson, Ronnie Bergerståhl and Martin Schulman. The band is looking for a singer. In the meanwhile, CENTINEX has cancelled its farewell gig on May 13th…ANATA will issue The Conductor's Departure on June 12th through Earache…MARDUK has completed work on its next DVD called Blood Puke Salvation, which is expected this summer. The video was taped in the autumn of 2004 in the Benelux…I, featuring former IMMORTAL singer Abbath, ENSLAVED guitarist Arve Isdal, GORGOROTH bassist King Ov Hell and original IMMORTAL drummer Armagedda, has signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records and is working on a new album…GORGOROTH will issue a new album, called Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam, in July through Regain Records…1349 has recruited drummer Tony Laureano for all future American concerts. As previously reported here regular drummer Frost cannot enter the USA due to a criminal record…CATTLE DECAPITATION has announced Karma.Bloody.Karma. as the title for its next album, which is due in July through Metal Blade. CATTLE DECAPITATION has recruited drummer J.R. Daniels formerly of UNHOLY GHOST and ROYAL ANGUISH…Canada’s NEURAXIS has recruited guitarist Will Seghers (formerly of QUO VADIS) for live dates…ILLDISPOSED’s Burn Me Wicked will be out next month through Roadrunner Records…GRIND INC., which recently replaced Jochen Pelser with RESURRECTED’s Thomas Granzow, will release its second album Inhale The Violence, on May 25th through Morbid Records…French thrash metal band HEMORAGY has recruited a second guitarist, simply known as Ludo…In an interview with Metallian former EXUMER and current SUN DESCENDS singer Mem Von Stein noted that the Marquee label is looking to give an official release to his music in the bands TARTAROS and MAYHEM…ARKHON INFAUSTUS has finished the recording of its fourth album, recorded and mixed by Mathrien at Andromeda Studio, featuring nine songs. The album will be released on Osmose Productions before the end of the year. A limited number of gatefold double EPs will precede the album…Finland’s SOLITAIRE will issue its third album, entitled Invasion Metropolis, on May 29th through Battle Cry Records…Ztephan Dark, of Sweden’s SATANIC SLAUGHTER, passed away recently due to a heart condition…Bassist Darin 'Eddie' Smith has left AGATHODAIMON. The band is looking for a replacement and candidates can e-mail…CARNIVORE, with sole remaining original member Petrus Steele of TYPE O NEGATIVE, has reformed. The band has also been booked for this year’s Wacken festival…DESTRUCTION refused to play a show recently in Ecuador’s Quito's Miami Rock concert hall ostensibly due to work visa and equipment problems. According to reports, up to 100 fans began rioting and ended up damaging the place. The band soon cancelled its remaining South American shows…Black Mark Records has announced June 3rd as the release date for a BATHORY box set called In Memory Of Quorthon. The package will contain three CDs, one DVD, a book and more…Relapse Records has signed Ottawa’s grindcore band FUCK THE FACTS. The group is currently recording an album entitled Stigmata High-Five…Metal War Productions will soon release PESTILENCE’s Chronicles Of The Scourge CD…SHINING has entered radio Halland Studio in order to record its fifth album. The release is expected in the autumn through Osmose Productions…Sublife Productions will issue NEETZACH’s True Servants Of Satan album in June…BELPHEGOR has parted ways with bassist Barth. The man was reportedly involved in an accident and has not seen the necessary improvements in his hand…After utilizing the services of guest musicians for several months, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER has welcomed bassist Bart Williams and drummer Pierre Langois to the group's ranks…DISBELIEF, now featuring guitarist Tommy Fritsch, has returned to Massacre Records. A new album is expected in December…D.R.I. has cancelled its U.S. tour following the diagnosis of guitarist Spike Cassidy with colon cancer…LAMB OF GOD has picked Sacrament as the title of its next album, which is due in October through Epic Records…Hreidmarr, the former singer of ANOREXIA NERVOSA, has recorded guest vocals for the album Elektronic Blakc Mess by the French techno band TAMTRUM.

Metallian Hard

Century Media Records has announced July 24the as the release date for the next FIREWIND album, Allegiance…MANOWAR’s Magic Circle Music is issuing HOLYHELL’s debut album. The band recently toured with MANOWAR and RHAPSODY…In order to celebrate its twentieth anniversary and support the release of The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock (and vice-versa), POISON will tour the US all summer long. A limited edition CD/DVD can also be procured from…Sound Riot Records has signed France’s INBORN SUFFERING. The band is compared to ANATHEMA…On the 29th of May Metal Mind Productions will release a new ANATHEMA DVD called A Moment in Time. The footage was recorded in Poland at the Metal Mania festival…NOVEMBERS DOOM is scheduled to begin recording the follow-up to 2005’s The Pale Haunt Departure for The End Records on June 16th, 2006. Once again, the production team will consist of Chris Djuricic for tracking and Dan Swanö for mixing the final recording. Mastering will again be handled by James Murphy…INACTIVE MESSIAH has announced a few details regarding its sophomore album. The album, which is set for release in September, will contain nine songs and a cover of Michael Jackson's Beat it (featuring NIGHTWISH's guitarist Empuu). The album is entitled Be My Drug and will also feature guest vocals by CHARON’s singer Juha-Pekka…MASTERPLAN vocalist JORN LANDE has a new album, titled The Duke…Swedish metal band BLINDED COLONY has inked a deal with Pivotal Rockordings. The band will enter the Sound Palace Studio this month in order to begin the recording of its sophomore effort. An album title has not been picked yet…EDEN, featuring drummer Kurt Custer, will play a show with LEATHERWOLF on Thursday June 15th at The Galaxy Theatre in the Los Angeles area…LEATHERWOLF’s World Asylum album is due in June through Japan’s King Records. The band now features Wade Black of SEVEN WITCHES fame…MAJESTY has asked guitarist Rolf Munkes to leave the band…Germany’s LANFEAR has asked singer Tobias Althammer to leave the band. The new man fronting the band is Nuno Miguel De Barros Fernandes, formerly of ANGUISH… FALCONER’s next album is called Northwind and is due in October…Following its second split, former CANCER members guitarists Barry Savage and David Leitch, bassist Ian Buchanan and drummer Carl Stokes have recruited Rob Lucas on vocals and formed a band called HAIL OF FIRE. The band has already recorded a demo…TNT has lost the services of long-time singer frontman Tony Harnell…FINNTROLL has recruited the singer of TWILIGHT MOON, one Mathias…AEROSMITH singer Steven Tyler's was recently forced to cancel several shows because of a throat problem described as an "overuse injury.”…KROKUS, which is recording a new album, has announced the addition of former HELLOWEEN and ACCEPT drummer Stefan Schwarzmann…HALLOWS EVE has signed to Xtreem Music for the release of 2004’s Evil Never Dies album…In an interview with Metallian Ian Gillan has revealed that while he will be busy touring and recording a new album with DEEP PURPLE for the rest of the year he will also record a solo album, issue a “coffee table” book and also release a GILLAN DVD…The End Records has set July 25th as the North American release date for its album Katorz…According to AGANKAST, the band will issue a new demo called Welcome To Insanitarium later this year…The Fifth ASTARTE Album has been entitled Demonized and will feature appearances by Angela Gossow of ARCH ENEMY (on the song Black At Heart) and Martin Walkyier (on the song God Among Men)…White metal band HOLY KNIGHT has signed to Metal Doll Records for the recording of an album due this year…Massacre Records has announced August 4th as the release date for the next CREMATORY album, entitled Klagebilder…THY MAJESTIE has booted singer Giulio Di Gregorio and announced the addition of singer Matt Aub of TIMELORD from the USA into the group's ranks…FIREBIRD will release a new album, called Hot Wings, on May 31st through Victor Entertainment…CRADLE OF FILTH has announced Thornography as the title of its next album. The album, which is expected on September 19th through Roadrunner Records, will feature songs like Libertina Grim, Tonight In Flames and The Byronic Man…GRAND MAGUS has a new drummer simply named Sebastian…MNEMIC has asked singer Tony Jelencovich to leave the band. The man will continue as the singer for ANGEL BLAKE…America’s WINTER SOLSTICE has thrown in the towel. A couple of the members will continue on in GHOST OF A FALLEN AGE…Former MEGADETH and solo drummer Nick Menza has joined Los Angeles’ ORPHANED TO HATRED…THE BLACK LEAGUE has issued its fourth full-length album, called A Place Called Bad, through Playground Music…The next MERCENARY album is called The Hours That Remain. Featuring songs like Lost Reality, My world Is Ending and Obscure Indiscretion the album is due in August…Powerzone Records has the following releases scheduled for this summer: DUNWICH’s Heilagmanoth, hard rockers’ MONKEY BUSINESS and its The Noble Art Of Wasting Time CD and ATEMNO’s Wasted Lands albums…LAETHORA, a new band featuring members of DARK TRANQUILLITY and THE PROVENANCE, has signed to The End Records for release of the March Of The Parasite album in North America and Australia…Joe Winiarski has joined THE GREEN EVENING REQUIEM as its keyboardist…Belgium’s DOUBLE DIAMOND recently spent two days at drummer Wouter’s home-studio in order to record a demo featuring the twelve songs destined for its new, as yet untitled, album. The said disc will be recorded this summer for a release through Mausoleum Records. Several song titles are Hell Or Paradise, Warmachine, Firestorm and Man The Guns…ARCTURUS' bassist Hugh Mingay was recently involved in a motorcycle accident. Consequently, the three Norwegian shows scheduled for April had to be cancelled…TWELFTH GATE's vocalist Scott Huffman recently announced that he has decided to quit the band. Replacing him in the group is Brent "Red" Erickson…CIRCUS OF POWER, featuring singer Alex Mitchell, guitarist Ricky Beck Mahler, bassist Marc Frappier and drummer Ryan Maher, will play a reunion show on June 3rd at The Elysium in Austin, Texas…Ronnie James Dio has written several new songs with BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi to be included on an upcoming sampler called Black Sabbath: The Dio Years…WOLVERINE has asked keyboardist Andreas "Bagge" Baglien to leave the fold for inadequate performance and has instead recruited Per Henriksson who has been helping the band recently. Candlelight Records will soon release a new album by the band called Still…Vocalist Messiah Marcolin has quit CANDLEMASS, although the band’s website predicts he will soon return…LIZZY BORDEN has recruited former VICIOUS RUMORS guitarist Ira Black and is seeking a second guitarist…Former VICIOUS RUMORS drummer Larry Howe has been recruited into W.A.S.P. as the replacement for the departed Stet Howland…Italy’s HIGHLORD will release its fifth album, entitled Instant Madness, on June 16th through Mythic Silence Records for North America…Former GUNS N’ ROSES bassist Duff McKagan will be a guest guitarist on select shows of ALICE IN CHAINS’ forthcoming live dates…NEVERMORE guitarist Steve Smyth has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease failure and is in need of a transplant. He will be mostly out of action until a transplant surgery is completed. Chris Broderick of JAG PANZER has jumped at the slot…SOULD SIRKUS has officially disbanded.

Metallian Demos

There is probably a pub somewhere in Ireland called Mog Ruith, but this is a review for the Ottawa-based metal band of the same name. The trio has all the material, talent and dexterity to succeed within the confines of the underground, although for that to happen it needs to break the Canadian mould and actually make waves for itself. In other words, should the band promote the hell out of itself it can look forward to a thriving future. A good first step is obtaining a modicum of distribution and promotion through the services of Krankenhaus Records ( of Toronto.
Mog Ruith is a band based around the type of underground death and thrash metal that has made acts like Impaled Nazarene and Dissection respected. The Ottawa trio are less frenzied than the aforementioned, but carry the same type of wild, yet capable sensibility. At 47 minutes and with seven tracks proper the songs' average cut is obviously fairly lengthy. Furthermore, the band incorporates elements like acoustic guitar, rhythm changes, the odd melodic lead and noisy thrashing into its work.
Horrific vocals are supplied on Blackened By The Spiritual Domain, while The Ravenous king is an eight-minute long speed number with the leads and the sound of Dissection. More of these leads would certainly work in the band’s favour. The Ancient Ones is a live inclusion and Gathering Of Desolates is probably the band’s thrashiest cut coming across as a mixture of Raven and Carcass. Autumn Conquest, to point out one contrast, turns the bass into overdrive and consequently ventures into Impaled Nazarene territory.
Mog Ruith has what it takes. Can it become a Canadian giant or will it remain a one-eyed king and a footnote of metal history? You can help decide. E-mail for more information. – Ali “The Metallian”

Positive: cool demo title for CD from a guitarist. Negative: short hair, no image and no drummer… Pirri is the solo band of former Absolute Zero and Psychlone guitarist Chris Pirri and contains no less than ten songs. Pirri claims influences from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Cradle Of Filth which sounds right. The man can play. He has both technique and feeling. What he has not procured yet is a drummer to make the songs sound real, organic and intense. In other words, every real band needs a real human drummer behind the kit to signal to the listener that the group is serious. Regardless, Pirri utilizes the services of two vocalists (one better than the other and sounding a tad like Ripper Owens) and does in fact offer up several meaningful songs. Voyeur begins like the theme to Miami Vice (ah, those were the glamorous days), but soon takes the form of an old Judas Priest melody. Scream In The Darkness is more Maiden-ish and is slower than average. Crimson Angel shows off a Black Sabbath riff. Then again Pirri tosses us a song like No Strings Attached which to this girl sounds like a guitar melody accompanied by a drum machine and not much more. With his talent and a real solid band, Pirri can go places. Check it out at or e-mail and ask for information boys and girls. – Sheila Wes Det

Skullshifter had me believing Here In Hell is a death metal release. The band’s name, the demo’s title, the horrific cover art, the song titles and lyrics and the presence of Simon Efemy (of Napalm Death fame) in the credits would lead one to believe that a death metal CD is at hand. Then the songs begin playing and, surprise surprise, Here In Hell is a crossover release with hints of DRI, Sacred Reich and Pro-Pain. A couple of grinding riffs and leads fill up the metal side of the equation. By the way, a drummer is listed, but one can be fairly certain that the three songs were played with the aid of a drum machine. Head over to or e-mail the band at for ordering information. The band hails from the US East Coast. – Anna Tergel

To be frank, I can’t tell you whether Storm The Castle is completely serious or putting us on. The band is critical of the contemporary scene and “withering attention spans, tough-guy posturing…” but then has a comic Viking on the cover of the disc. The demo is a tale of two abilities really. On the one hand, we have the guitarists with their blatant Iron Maiden influences and strong feeling and melody. They write some decent material with impressive harmonies. Then we get vocals and drumming that leaves something to be desired. It is not exactly destined for the history books. The band also does some impressions of The Lord Weird Slough Feg and Hammers Of Misfortune that is not yielding the required results. This is especially acute on the last song The Day Roscoe Got His Big Boy Britches (see what I mean?). Again, it is difficult to know how to take in Storm The Castle, so why don’t you email them at and figure it out? – Anna Tergel

Lucid Fear, from Larvik in Norway, is a typical sextet for that country. Past a mundane intro, the demo begins with a fast wall of sound and raspy shrieking vocals, but all hope is soon dashed as the keyboards kick in. Dissection has become Emperor and lost his touch. While there are furious and heavy parts on the disc Lucid Fear, featuring former members of Trail Of Tears and Sarcoma Inc., is really more about the type of commercial sound that includes synthesizers and opera vocals. Speaking of the female vocals, and it has to be said that the singer has an impressive range, the screams are outright shrilly and excruciating. An oddity is the 3:36-minute long outro that is placed between the songs Psychic Deterioration and Tinder I Balyst Morke. To learn more e-mail the group at or visit - Anna Tergel

With one exception of the disc’s cover everything about Mr. Green screams glam metal. I don’t know where these bands pop up from (well, in this case San Francisco), but you gotcha love a California band with a sound like Poison, Warrant and Dokken that rocks out in 2006. My favourite tunes are Another Place, Another Time (ah, take me to LA of 1986 for sure!), Save Me and She Gives Me A Feeling because I feel those have the mightiest chords and rock out the most. I Need You and Mr. Green (the song) though are on the weaker side and sometimes drag a tad. Mr. Green has what it takes if it would inject a bit more of a flurry, cut the parts where the music is just rolling comfortably and add some more flair. Otherwise, this is great metal for lovers of all the aforementioned band, plus a hint of Jackyll in the vocals. Three of the guys have long hair too! To get this full-length just in time for the summer visit or e-mail - Sheila Wes Det

Mode hails from Oklahoma City and judging by the number of anarchist symbols on its demo disc is an actual anarchist band and not just stealing the symbolism. The lyrics come across as topical and angry, but the music is hardly accomplished. The entire full-length is quite simplistic and betrays a certain weakness in instrumentation and composition. Quite possibly the message is more important to the trio than the musical delivery, although the group must be aware that music is the prerequisite either way. The best track here is Anthem with its foray into structure and riffing. The demo is already two years old so the band might have improved by now. See for yourself by either emailing or by visiting - Anna Tergel

This is an older demo that nonetheless has made its way to me, although the band is promising to release something new very soon. The disc features five tracks notwithstanding a total length of just over twelve minutes. Ironically, this is not a band that blasts and grinds non-stop. Actually, the emphasis is on short and slow crunchy death metal. Take the music of Cannibal Corpse and infuse very deep growls like Illdisposed and the picture becomes clearer on Post-mortem's sound. Certainly the band's music is more original than its name. To find out ore about the action check out or please e-mail - Anna Tergel

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