Metallian Heavy

DISAVOWED has recruited drummer Morten Løwe Sørenson (SUBMISSION, SCARVE, THE CLEANSING, etc.) as of last month.

German band DEFEATED SANITY has signed with Willowtip Records. The band will enter Soundforge Studio in Berlin in the summer to record its album, Chapters Of Repugnance, which is due in 2010.

DEADLOCK, featuring FALL OF SERENITY bassist John Gahlert, is hitting Japan for two shows in September.

After disbanding ANGELCORPSE guitarist Gene Palubicki has formed PERDITION TEMPLE. The group is looking for a singer and a deal.

Dani “Garghuf” Robnik of GORGOROTH, GOD SEED and NEFARIUM has joined UNLOCKED which features former PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT guitarist Benny.

COMPOS MENTIS has signed a deal with Strange Ears for the release of its third album, Our Kingdom Of Decay. The album deals with various aspects of Denmark’s history.

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON, featuring ABORTED guitarist BST (a.k.a. Sébastien Tuvi) and drummer Daniel Wilding, has recruited bassist Peter Benjamin from AKERCOCKE.

BRUTAL TRUTH, which just issued an album on Relapse Records, will release a DVD, called For The Ugly And Unwanted – This Is Grindcore, this month through Season Of Mist. The disc features the show at Obscene Extreme Festival 2007 in Czech Republic and concerts from the Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom tour.

German thrash metal band DYING HUMANITY will release an album, Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle, on June 5th through Maintain Records.

Dutch thrash metal band DEVIOUS will release its full-length album, Vision, on August 31st through Deity Down Records.

Reformed Dutch band PESTILENCE was forced to cancel its appearance at the Maryland Deathfest after being detained at the U.S. border upon arrival. Patrick Mameli and guitarist Patrick Uterwijk were told that their paperwork was not complete. They were initially told that all was in order and to travel to the USA. The band was supporting its Resurrection Macabre album.

Former CRISIS singer Karyn Crisis is seeking musicians for a new solo band. She is in the San Francisco Bay Area and can be contacted through

DISMEMBER will release a DVD, entitled Under Bloodred Skies, this month through Regain Records. The DVD will feature two discs and include the show from last year’s Party.San Open Air in Germany.

Inspired by KEEL? Australia’s NAZXUL has signed with Moribund Records. An album called Iconoclast is due this summer. Eisenwald will release the reformed band’s album in Europe.

ARGHOSLENT performed live at the C.H.S. Memorial Day show in Virginia on May 23rd. Ironically, The Maryland Death Fest was being held on the same date and oddly enough at the same venue that cancelled the ARGHOSLENT show last year in Baltimore. The venue had thought the band offensive, but had ended up booking the festival with 50+ acts.

In support of its sophomore album, Vorex Deconstrucción, which was issued through Ibex Moon Records, THORNAFIRE will embark on its first ever U.S. tour in July with MONSTROSITY and Missouri’s TORN THE FUCK APART. For more information contact

BETHLEHEM’s A Sacrificial Offering To The Kingdom Of Heaven In A Cracked Dog’s Ear is out this month through Red Stream Inc.

THE SARCOPHAGUS has signed with Osmose Productions and will issue a 7″ called Hate Cult, which will include two songs with Niklas Kvarforth (BETHLEHEM, SHINING, etc.) on vocals.

CHILDREN OF BODOM has dropped off the No Fear Energy Tour with LAMB OF GOD and AS I LAY DYING. Singer and guitarist, Alexi Laiho, broke his shoulder following a fall from his bunk bed in May and, despite vowing to proceed, has decided to take heed doctor’s orders and go home.

AZAGHAL will release its new album, Teraphim, this summer through Moribund Records.

French death metal band THE SEVEN GATES has released its album, Angel Of Suffering, through Heavy Artillery Records.

WHIPLASH, AGENT STEEL and NEKROMANTHEON are playing a one-off show on August 13 at Smuget in Oslo, Norway.

Swedish veterans VOMITORY will release a new album, called Carnage Euphoria, through Metal Blade Records this month. To commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary, a limited first edition of the album will be issued with a 90-minute DVD. It is entitled Dead & Drunk For 20 Years.

Oh my! What a shock! GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (inspired by KEEL?), which split up in 2008, is performing two shows in The Netherlands in September.

Bassist Daniel Ekeroth has left INSISION in order to concentrate on his writing and publishing activities and to make money. His replacement is Joel Andersson, who has previously played with IMMERSED IN BLOOD.

KOLDBRANN has asked drummer Fordervelse to leave the band. Guitarist G. Antonsen followed the drummer citing a lack of a desire to tour as the reason for his departure.

AVULSED will release its Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self-Mutilation) album this month through Metal Age Productions. Ibex Moon Records will release the album in the U.S.A. in September. The band has planned shows in England, Italy and Russia.

Gord Kirchin of the reformed THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER (a.k.a. PILEDRIVER) has put the band on hold indefinitely citing health reasons. The shutdown was apparently triggered by the band’s musicians who jointly resigned via e-mail. The band’s UnSuck The Continent Tour Of Europe and appearance at Headbanger’s Open Air have been cancelled.

Dutch band FLESH MADE SIN has signed a deal with Neurotic Records. The band’s album, The Aftermath Of Amen, will be released this month.

HEATHEN will release a new album, The Evolution Of Chaos, on July 20th through Mascot Records.

NIGHTRAGE will release its full-length album, Wearing A Martyr’s Crown, on June 22nd through Lifeforce Records. The album was produced at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer Fredrik Nordström.

MASTER has signed to Pulverised Records. Paul Speckmann and co. are set to commence work on the new material for a full-length album in August with the new album being completed at the end of 2009.

Poland’s BEHEMOTH will release its newest full-length album, Evangelion, on August 7th through Nuclear Blast in Europe and on August 11th through Metal Blade in North America. The album was mixed at Miloco Studio in London, England by Colin Richardson.

CARPATHIAN FOREST has lost guitarist Tchort after more than ten years of service. The band is still looking for a new deal and Tchort expects to found his own band shortly.

Ewiges Eis Records has issued PAGAN BLOOD’s The last Empire CD. The French black metal band features Julien of HEATHEN DAWN and DRACHENFELS. The release is limited to 999 copies. Also out is UGULISHI’s Dark Illuminations CD. The Finnish band’s album comes with a six Page-folder and is also limited to 999 copies.

DARK TRANQUILLITY albums Projector, Haven and Damage Done are being re-released by Century Media with bonus tracks.

Varg Vikernes (a.k.a. Count Grishnackh) of BURZUM, who was convicted of murdering MAYHEM guitarist Euronymous in August of 1993 and also of setting fire to three churches in Norway, has been set free.

MARDUK was delayed last month in joining The Blackenedfest in North America following a hold-up in singer Mortuus’ US visa. MAYHEM, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, CATTLE DECAPITATION and WITHERED marched on.

Italy’s DISARMONIA MUNDI, which still features SOILWORK singer Björn “Speed” Strid, has signed a deal with a Coroner Records. The band will release a new album, The Isolation Game, in November. A re-release of the debut Nebularium featuring an EP called The Restless Memoirs is out this summer.

DEATH ANGEL‘s drummer Andrew Galeon joins bassist Dennis Pepa by leaving the band. Unsurprisingly, the band wishes him and nonetheless has already replaced him. Will Carroll of VICIOUS RUMORS note will join the band for its summer tour obligations.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN has signed a deal with Season Of Mist Records, through its own Phonogetic Records, following its departure from Relapse. The band’s next album will be released in early 2010.

MALFEITOR, featuring singer and bassist M. Fabban (ABORYM), will release its full-length album Incubus on August 31st through Agonia Records.

Second singer Thomas Strater has left GRIND INC. due to the usual musical differences. A replacement is not sought.

The reformed IMMORTAL has completed work on its new album, All Shall Fall, which is due in this autumn through Nuclear Blast Records. The album was recorded at Grieghallen and Abyss studios in Norway and Sweden respectively.

Long-time Swedish underground band GRIEF OF EMERALD has posted three of its albums, Nightspawn, Malformed Seed and the most recent Christian Termination, for free download on its website, A re-release of these albums was not happening fast enough. The band is working on a new album.

KREATOR drummer Jürgen “Ventor” Reil has opened his own tattoo shop in Essen, Germany under the name Carnap Ink Corporation. Visit for more.

France’s GLORIOR BELLI has been forced to cancel its participation in the CIII tour of the USA with ABSU, AVERSE SEFIRA and the US version of SOTHIS. The band could not obtain a US visa.

California’s RATTLEHEAD (from L.A.) and DEVASTATOR (from Sacramento) have teamed up to tour the US this summer. The tour, called Slaughtering The Masses, starts in July.

Sixteen years following its original release, Xtreem Music is re-issuing ROTTREVORE’s Iniquitous. This album was originally released in late 1993 by Drowned Productions (predecessor to Xtreem Music) with the label claiming that only 1,000 copies were pressed before the label’s metamorphosis to Repulse Records (again pre-Xtreem Music). The CD and vinyl versions are due in July.

As one of the three featured acts at the May Metal Massacre in Allentown, PA (TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION and ANAL BLAST round out the top of the bill), the reformed GOREAPHOBIA recorded a DVD, which is due this autumn. The band’s Mortal Repulsion album is still due this year through Ibex Moon Records.

HOD was hit last month when the band’s rehearsal room was burglarized. The band lost its instruments. The instruments are likely to show up in the San Antonio, Texas area. Anyone with information can contact the band through

Metallian Hard

On 30th of June Rhino Records is releasing the 25th Anniversary edition of Stay Hungry by TWISTED SISTER. The new version will contain a brand new song called 30. Cut in 2009 by the original line-up, this Twisted songs will soon have a Twisted video. A limited edition Pink Vinyl Package with a poster is also in the works.

LOUDNESS has just released its new album, The Everlasting, which was originally dubbed Return To Forever – Aun through Tokuma Japan. No word on a Canadian release for LOUDNESS yet.

UFO’s Vinnie Moore has resurrected his solo career and will issue an album called To The Core this month through Mascot Records.

Former Geffen band WARRIOR SOUL is back with a new album, called Destroy The War Machine, through Acetate Records. The album features eight new tracks including a cover of IGGY POP's Knocking 'Em Down (In The City)! A tour of the United States and Europe will follow.

White metal band NARNIA has completed recording its Course Of A Generation album, which will be issued on July 24th through Massacre Records. It was mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman.

Following legal action from another band with the same name AVALANCHE, featuring Jake E (ex-DREAM EVIL and DREAMLAND), Olof Mörck (NIGHTRAGE and DRAGONLAND), Andy Solveström (EVILDOER and CIPHER SYSTEM) and Morten Lowe Sorensen (THE ARCANE ORDER and SUBMISSION) has changed its monicker to AMARANTHE.

THERION and its mainman have recruited one-time CANDLEMASS and current COVERED CALL man Thomas Vikström as a permanent singer in the band. Vikström had been performing live with the group thus far. The band also features Johan Kolberg on drums and Nalle “Grizzly” Påhlsson on bass guitar.

MYSTIC PROPHECY has released its newest album, Fireangel, through Massacre Records. The album was recorded at Prophecy Studio and was mixed by Fredrik Nordström.

Metal Mind Productions will re-release 3 more ACID DRINKERS albums in July. These are The State Of Mind Report from 1996, High Proof Cosmic Milk from 1998 and Varran Strikes Back – Alive!!!

Inspired by IRON MAIDEN? JUDAS PRIEST will release another new live album this July featuring eleven tracks Entitled A Touch Of Evil – Live, the songs were recorded at shows between 2005 and 2008.

Following a short-term collaboration with Sweden’s Regain Records, France’s NIGHTMARE has signed a worldwide deal with Germany's AFM Records. The band is recording its latest album, Insurrection, at Peek studio in France with Patrick Liotard and at U3multimedia and Indiscreet Studios in Germany with Achim Köhler.

OVER THE RAINBOW, the RAINBOW self-cover band featuring former band members and Jürgen Blackmore, the son of the band’s guitarist, is joined by keyboardist Paul Morris for a June 4th, 2009 performance at the Sweden Rock Festival. Tony Carey, the permanent keyboardist for the band, is unavailable.

AXXIS has picked Utopia as the title for its new album, which is due on August 28th through AFM Records. The CD was mixed by Dennis Ward of PINK CREAM 69 fame.

Perris Records has reissued DIRTY LOOKS’ Slave To The Machine album. This release features two unreleased live tracks Everythings Gonna Be Alright and Let There Be Rock, which were recently recorded at Warner Theatre in Erie, PA.

Jon Blank's died on the second of May. He was a known musician in Maryland and beyond for his time ploughing riffs with his band REZIN, and was the bassist on SCOTT "WINO" WEINRICH'S solo album Punctuated Equilibrium.

DE PROFUNDIS has parted ways with bassist Aleksej Obradovic due to the usual "musical differences.” The departed musician’s replacement is Arran McSporran formerly of SEVEN7. The band is recording a new album.

Frank Knight (X-WILD, MAJESTY and CRYSTAL VIPER) and guitarist Majk Moti (RUNNING WILD) have united in a new band called WILD KNIGHT. A live debut is set for Poland’s Hard Rocker Festival II in Katowice on September 26th.

NEVERMORE has picked The Obsidian Conspiracy as the title for its next album, which is due in early 2010 through Century Media Records. The band is appearing at Wacken Open Air this summer.

GOTTHARD has picked Need To Believe as the title for its next album, which is due on September 4th through Nuclear Blast Records. The band will appear on the soundtrack to the upcoming film about German boxer Max Schmeling. The film is due in the winter of 2010.

SOULS OF WE is a new band featuring several known Los Angeles hard rock personalities. The band’s Let The Truth Be Known album is available now. The line-up is singer London LeGrand (BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION), guitarist George Lynch (DOKKEN), bassist Johny Chow (CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and FIREBALL MINISTRY) as well as drummer Jordan Mancino of AS I LAY DYING.

Former BRAND NEW SIN singer Joe Altier has completed a short-form documentary on his life, which is now freely available on the internet. He is still working on a solo record.

Bassist John Macko of FIFTH ANGEL is seeking a singer and guitarist for his new melodic metal band, REDHEAD DEVIL. Would-be or current Seattle residents may email him at FIFTH ANGEL, in the meantime, recently reformed and will play at next year's Keep It True XIII festival in Germany.

Most of CROWBAR’s back catalogue is being reissued by Phil Anselmo’s Housecore label. A new studio CD and a live album are also being worked on.

MANIMAL will release an album, called The Darkest Room, this month through AFM Records.

NEBULA and Tee Pee Records will release the band’s new album, Heavy Psych, on July 7th. Some song titles are Aphrodite, Lead Sky and Crown Of Thorns.

Wicked Wonderland, LITA FORD’s first album in 14 years, is being issued this autumn through her own JLRG Entertainment label. The album was co-produced by her husband, former NITRO singer, Jim Gillette.

Ohio White metal band JACOB’S DREAM has signed with Retroactive Records.

INNTRANCE, featuring former DARK MOOR bassist Daniel Fernández, has signed with Germany's STF Records. The group's full-length, The Basis Of Trancetherapy, is out now.

BALTIMOORE will release a new album, called Quick Fix, on May 15th through BLP Music. The band’s ever-changing line-up is Emanuel Hedberg on guitar, main man Björn Lundqvist on vocals and bass, Örjan Fernkvist on keyboards and drummer Robban Bäck.

IRON MONKEY’s Our Problem and Iron Monkey albums will be reissued by Earache Records as one package this month. There are several bonus tracks.

DEF LEPPARD is issuing “deluxe editions” of Pyromania and Adrenalize this month on June 23rd. Both double-discs will feature rare b-sides, demo versions and live recordings.

HEIR APPARENT is selling CD copies of its 1984 demo, Inception Day, through its website

Inspired by KEEL? The original line-up of ELECTRIC BOYS, Conny Bloom (vocals and guitar), Franco Santunione (guitar), Andy Christell (bass) and Niklas Sigevall, has reformed and performed a show in Stockholm, Sweden on May 27th.

Following Ira Black’s departure LIZZY BORDEN has made live guitarist Dario Lorina permanent following three shows.

Sweden’s PREY has released its album, Knights Of The Revolution, on May 27th through GMR Music.

AC/DC is touring the United Kingdom and Ireland this month with THIN LIZZY in tow as support. AC/DC is next touring Australia for the first time in 8 years!

On Saturday, May 9th musicians from TIAMAT, IN FLAMES, SABATON, BULLET and THE HAUNTED participated in a football tournament, called Metallsvenskan, in Örebro, two hours west of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Örebro United, featuring members of MILLENCOLLIN, PATH OF NO RETURN, and 2 TON PREDATOR won the day. The tournament is due to be an annual event.

BULLETBOYS has completed its new album, 10c Billionaire, which is due in August through Chavis Records. The band is singer Marq Torien, Ryche Green, Stephen Allan, and Tory S. Several song titles are Asteroid, Blessed By Your Touch and Born To Breed.

Heavy metal band RAM, featuring Morgan Pettersson (ex-B-THONG), has signed with AFM Records. The group's second album, Lightbringer, is out this month.

Vancouver’s 3 INCHES OF BLOOD has signed a deal with Century Media after being dropped by Roadrunner Records. The band is near the end of the process of a recording a new album in Seattle.

Almost inspired by KEEL? New Jersey's NON-FICTION is back for one show. The band has scheduled a one-off reunion show for Saturday, November 7th at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey.

Following rumours that ACCEPT is reuniting without singer and founder Udo Dirkschneider the band has picked up Mark Tornillo, former singer for New Jersey metal band TT QUICK as a frontman. With guitarist Wolf Hoffman and bassist Peter Baltes jamming, the latter had earlier uttered words hinting at a reunion. A new ACCEPT album is due later this year. Guitarist Herman Frank and drummer and Stefan Schwarzmann are also part of the band. The group insists that Udo was asked, and declined, to join the group. Udo, in the meantime, will release his Dominator album in August through AFM. As previously reported here, Baltes is working on a white metal project with former ANTHRAX guitarist Dan Spitz.

W.A.S.P., QUEENSRŸCHE, GIRLSCHOOL, LAUREN HARRIS (daughter of Steve Harris of IRON MAIDEN), ROCK GODDESS and NEW YORK DOLLS have been booked for this year's Hard Rock Hell festival, announced for December 4-5th at Pontins in Prestatyn Sands in Wales.

Denmark’s FATE has recruited Faroe Islands-based singer Dagfinn Joensen. The band is working on songs for a new album, which is due for release in 2010. The group is appearing on the RUNNING WILD tribute disc, ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild this autumn.

FULL FORCE is a new band featuring singer Mike Andersson (SILENT MEMORIAL, CLOUDSCAPE and PLANET ALLIANCE), guitarist Stefan Elmgren (HAMMERFALL) and bassist Magnus Rosén (HAMMERFALL and X-WORLD/5). Current HAMMERFALL drummer Anders Johansson has also joined! The band has a demo.

Ozzy Osbourne is suing guitarist Tony Iommi for the rights to the name and trademark of BLACK SABBATH. Apparently, Iommi had trademarked the group’s name in the United States several years ago. Ozzy opines that he should have a 50% ownership and ultimately there should be a four-way divide between he, Iommi and bassist Butler and drummer Ward.

August 2009 marks the return of Kansas City Power Metal Fest, a two-day metal festival in Kansas City, MO, USA to be held August 14th and 15th this year. Visit for information. Bands participating this year include MANILLA ROAD, ZEPHANIAH, SEVENTH CALLING, THE COVENTRY SACRIFICE and more.

Metallian Demos

Meridies is a five-track 50-minute “promo” release, which the band has decided to cut to three songs when sending out for reviews and therefore promotion. There is something lost in translation there obviously. The two missing songs are the 14-minute Ek Petras and 11-minute Ciclo D’Acciaio. The songs that are available to be heard from the Italian trio are Sentenced To Eternity, Songs Of War and Ithaca and as a teaser eight whole seconds of the aforementioned missing duo. Musically, this is at least not dated NWOBHM typical of their fellow countrymen. Sentenced To Eternity starts off sounding promising, if not typical black metal like, with decent pace and vocals. Clean vocals do appear soon after however and provide an epic feel to the song. Soon further on acoustic guitars make their way in as well but Legion Of Darkness do not give up and inject more speed back in. The metal lasts longer than might be expected and therefore the verdict is considerably more positive than might have been expected. Songs Of War does start promisingly as well and shows the power and effect of sticking to metal exclusively. Of course underneath the main rhythm hints of pagan and folk lurk and show themselves every few minutes in piano, flute and other miscellaneous forms, thankfully though none dominate or overwhelm. Ithaca, on the other hand, is acoustic and incorporates all the additional instruments with each seemingly taking their turn. The song also includes a chant or choir like segment and closes Meridies off rather quietly. Contact the band at and - Anna Tergel

Five years after their last full-length, Life, Inhumate is back for another brutal dose of no vocal effects grind. The 5th Season continues the band’s concept based series of albums and signifies a time of wisdom, serenity and knowledge. In 34 minutes and 19 songs the French quartet provide the wisdom and do what they have always done best with a relatively thick sound and no-nonsense approach to short in your face songs. Growls, screams and most every other conceivable vocal type accompany titles like 21 Grams, Hellmaze, Flames, Mic Crusher and Whisper just to name a few. Not surprisingly, only two songs, It’s Back and the It’s Back (Bonus) - yes it’s featured twice and the ‘bonus’ version is five seconds longer - break the three-minute mark. It’s Back features cello and weeping sounds as well courtesy of Weepers Circus, which last over half the song. Inhumate are at times very much a French Napalm Death. With the band remaining fully independent it means that it is time to support them now by visiting or by writing to - Anna Tergel

Spectrum Of The Green Morning is the sextet’s first full-length after an initial two song demo. Enemy World Vision starts with sounds of a beating heart and takes the form of an ordinary and laid back Pink Floyd-ish rock song. Soon after it moves into a pop-rock sound that one would expect to find on science fiction soundtracks. The final result is a seven-minute plus moody song mostly on the downtrodden sides of the rails. Some Kind Of Hope does take the band into even more of the laid back, presenting an almost ‘70’s sound with guitars, piano and vocals combining to provide an easy listening sort of experience. Pink Elephant Missed is a title that almost certainly came to the band while in a different state of mind. The title aside this is where the listener comes to the realization that Jakub Roszak’s vocals are somewhere between Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Tool’s James Keenan and Jim Morrison. Musically the band does tend to continue to belong to the experimental pop and rock genre. Waking Up In the Zoo is an eight-minute instrumental and is an interchange between guitars, piano and somewhat jazzy drums. Much like the rest on Spectrum Of The Green Morning it rarely gets heavy at all. Regret And Frightened Child is a sadder song in the sense that the vocals are somewhat more mournful and sometimes shouting in despair. Have In Mind is a ballad, if such a comparison can be made when all the other songs are mournful and reflective, but the difference here is that the song is composed entirely of vocals and piano and closes with sounds of a flatline. Reach the Poles at - Anna Tergel

Orbital Attempt is the guitarist’s second full-length album and once again pushes 74 minutes of total playing time. The Promised Land comes across as a mix between Victor Smolski-like riffs, melodic leads and even a touch of Fifth Angel. Astrochicken’s Victorious Attack (Edguy, anyone?) is a straight rocker with some heavy double bass drums. Weird Thing features Angra’s Kiko Loureiro as a guest soloist. The song has a touch of Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson. A Mi Madre (Soleares) is the album’s first Flamenco tune played solely on the acoustic guitar. What sets Anastassakis apart from other guitar virtuosos is his ability to play Flamenco. The title track has a spacy intro and begins with a series of sweeps that is reminiscent of Malmsteen. The song is in the same vein as Far Beyond The Sun or Trilogy Suite. Progressive Minds, as the name suggests, sounds a lot like Dream Theater and is the longest song at 11:24 minutes. The track features Brett Garsed as a guest guitarist. Veridiana (Rumba) is the second Flamenco song. Abort Horizon is a fast, futuristic instrumental of which the artist says it reminds him of Symphony X. This is certainly true, the guitar work could well be from Michael Romeo himself. The Greek Guitar Power Jam features solos by seven different students of the artist and the album’s producer Bob Katsionis on guitar. The two bonus tracks are a guest solo compilation which is really just various solos put after another (causing abrupt breaks) and the backing track for Greek Guitar Power Jam. Once again, Anastassakis has put together a flawless instrumental album with an excellent production that is at least as good as the last couple of Satriani releases. The artist’s website is – Andreas Herzog

At first listen, Thoughts Betrayed sounds confusing. The musical styles of the band are like a mishmash of several. Multiple listens later, the disc does not crystallize any more than the initial listen even if the band in itself is pretty good and sufficiently skilful on its instruments. Even if the songs on this full-length demo disc sustain different styles, each song itself is also stuffed with diverse speeds and moods. Thoughts Betrayed is from the US Midwest and, granted, has more than a few Iced Earth influences but there is also Evergrey, Gamma Ray and Freedom Call in there too. Recollection collects shred, solos, progressive touches, gallops and sentimental slow songs into one potpourri making the listener either confused or on his toes. Recollection can in turn be either aggressive or carefree, but it is never monotonous. The two guys responsible for this professionally recorded and presented demo know what they are doing, but a more cohesive direction should be expected on subsequent outings. And, oh, it goes without saying, please drop the piano. Your commercial potential is secure without it. Write to Zack Uidl, 1129 Heavens Gate, L.I.T.H. IL 60156 USA or email - Anna Tergel

Wishdoom hails from Greece and plays the kind of doom metal that seems to have the largest popularity per capita in the south European country. The trio plays a traditional brand of heavy and doom metal with relevance to the sounds and supporters of Doomsword, slower Manowar moments, Hammers Of Misfortune and the likes of Isole. The riffs are epic and herald battles and times gone by, the vocals are flat and impersonate vestiges of bravery. Unfortunately, the band is singing about its own land’s history, which is a nod to patriotism and jingoistic pride, concepts that should be logically anathema to heavy metal. Then again, all that is negated by the closing track, which is true to its name Bathory Medley. Nonetheless, given the honesty of the music and the organic production there is a good deal of attraction built into this demo CD. Either visit or visit - Ali “The Metallian”