Metallian Heavy

With a twelve-year gap since the last full-length release, Montréal, Canada-based DERELICT, comprised of Eric Burnet (vocals/guitar), Max Lussier (guitar/vocals) and Sébastien Pittet (bass) and new drummer Tommy McKinnon (NEURAXIS, etc.), has returned and has a full-length demo called Versus Entropy.

Gore metal band CASTRATED will release its debut EP, Surgical Vicissitude, through Comatose Music on July 19th. It was mixed and mastered by Tony Tipton.

DESEKRYPTOR has a vinyl and CD pressing of the 2023 EP Curse Of The Execrated on Nuclear Winter Records. It shall be released on June 10th.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release the Expelled Into Suffering EP of death and thrash band ASSIMILATOR on 21.06.2024.

STABBING has signed with Century Media Records and issued self-cover versions of Vortex Of The Severed Dead and Pulled Apart with DEVOURMENT‘s Ruben Rosas and PEELINGFLESH’s Damonteal “D” Harris on guest vocals. The band was also booked for Milwaukee Metal Fest and Maryland Death Fest.

Avantgarde Music is issuing VIMUR’s The Timeless Everpresent and DEFACEMENT’s Duality albums.

Technical death metal band ADELON has a debut demo called Resurgence on June 21st. The band was formed in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2022 and has played live with STORTREGN, ANACHRONISM and THE SCALAR PROCESS. The band is termed “tech death,” but has synthesizers and keyboards.

France-based death metal band AD PATRES has an album called Unbreathable, which will be released through Non Serviam Records on June 07th.

Germany-based COMMANDER has an album called Angstridden through MDD Records on June 27th. Recorded and produced in the Sick Of Sound Studio under the direction of Michael Kraxenberger.

Death metal band VOMIT FORTH has uploaded a song and video called Blood Soaked Death Dream.

Saudi Arabia and Germany-based SIJJEEL is releasing the Affiliation Of Horrid Containment album through Comatose Music on July 5th.

Beast Of Prey: Brutal Assault is a live album from MARDUK’s performance at Brutal Assault Festival 2015. The band performed the whole Panzer Division album plus an additional set. One version comes with a DVD of the performance.

Romania-based black metal band WARHYMN has a video for the song Originea. Featured on the band’s debut album Gnosis from 2020, Originea is a self-cover version and will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP Occult Fire set for release on Loud Rage Music in late 2024.

Hungary-based instrumental duo WITCHER ended 2022’s Lélekharang album with an interpretation of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27. No. 2. I. Adagio Sostenuto and with the new EP, Boszorkányszimfóniák, covers Tchaikovsky, Händel, Grieg, Chopin, Vaughan Williams and Carl Orff.

France-based duo BLÓÐ has an album called Mara through Talheim Records. The album is inspired by “sorcery and magic.”

My Kingdom Music has signed France-based “black metal” duo BERLIAL. The sophomore release, Nourishing The Disaster To Come, will be available in early 2025. The band should be approached with caution as it contains pop and synthesiser music.

Solo act ARX ATRATA has a demo called A Reckoning. The man has a lyric video for the song I Was A Witness To His Passing.

Inspired by KEEL? Osmose Productions has released We Are God, a new full-length by Germany-based TSATTHOGGUA. The band has reunited after twenty years of absence.

Newly signed to Rottweiler Records, South Carolina, USA-based CLEANSING OF THE TEMPLE has a full-length debut album called The Devil Knows My Name. This five-piece is comprised of vocalist Gavin James, guitarists Dustin Duvall and Matthew Clark, drummer Rasheen Johnson and bassist Randy Smith.

ROTTING CHRIST is touring Europe with BORKNAGAR and SETH this September and October.

Germany-based death metal band IMPACT APPROVED has a lyric video for the song Pigslaughter, which is taken from the Way Of The Warrior album. It will be issued through Wormholedeath in June.

The Star, the latest full-length by Sweden-based WORMWOOD, has been released through Black Lodge Records.

Florida, USA-based death/doom group WHARFLURCH releases Shittier/Slimier, a collection of previously unreleased demos that showcase the more experimental and psychedelic side of the project. The album will be released through demo rerelease imprint Dawnbreed Records and Gurgling Gore on June 21st.

USA-based MOURNING VEIL has a second demo. It is called Heresy Code. The band was formed by Blake Lamoureux (vocals and bass) and Steven Sorensen (drums) in 2022.

FORGOTTEN TOMB returns with Nightfloating, which is scheduled for release through Agonia Records on July 12th. The album’s title track is also a music video.

FULCI has announced a 2-track collaboration with Italian electronic project TALPAH. It is available through Time To Kill Records. The music has been conceived as the soundtrack to Hollow Press’ new game and comic book, Cyberflesh.

Tokyo, Japan-based MIASMA DEATH has an album called 沈 Reflection In The Dark Water through Weird Truth Productions.

Amor Fati Productions has released Metempsychosis, the new full-length by Belgium-based black metal band CULT OF ERINYES.

Maanelyst is the debut EP by Norway-based black metal band YR, which will be released through Hellstain Productions in June.

BAEST shall embark on its Beast Against Beast European co-headline tour together with BENIGHTED this autumn. Opening will be COFFIN FEEDER.

MARCHE FUNÈBRE has signed with Ardua Music for the release of a full-length album, After The Storm, which will be available on September 27th. It is produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Martin Furia (NERVOSA, TOXIK, SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION, etc.). Frederic De Schepper is on second guitar now.

Contagion Zero is the name for the new full-length of Denmark-based black metal band HORNED ALMIGHTY. It is available through Soulseller Records in June.

Vancouver, Canada-based THIRTEEN GOATS has a “death metal rock opera” album called Capricorn Rising through Exitus Stratagem Records. It follows the journey of its mascot Shepherd, which is a goat skull wearing Antichrist leading an army of 12 demon goats to liberate the earth from humanity’s wars and greed. Shepherd is recruiting animals to the cause. The video for A Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothing is available now. The music is compared to SYSTEM OF A DOWN, MEGADETH and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Germany-based LUCIFUGE has an album called Hexensabbat through Dying Victims Productions.

Brazil-based THE TROOPS OF DOOM has a single and video called Dawn Of Mephisto. THE TROOPS OF DOOM’s album, A Mass To The Grotesque, was released through Alma Mater Records on 31.05.2024.

São Paulo, Brazil-based thrash metal band INSANE HELL has uploaded a song called Faith Deceivers. The quintet is comprised of singer Neskau Magnarello (RxUxA, ex-MEGAFORCE and SENSIMILLA DUB), guitarists Michel Soria (ex-NEURÔNIOS ALUCINADOS) and Césinha, bassist Luciano Meira and drummer Crisolito Reis (ex-HELLCRUSHER).

MEGADETH has announced the Day Of The Mega Dead: 4 days in Mexico City with private concerts, acoustic breakfast show, Lucha Libre, street food tours and “deluxe accommodations” at the Andaz Hotel.

Japan-based thrash metal band END ALL has a demo inviting fans to Get Into Our Rage.

Darkness Shall Rise Productions will release Darkness Falls (The Early Years), which is a compilation of Sweden-based DESULTORY’s music. The CD and three-tape box will feature the band’s three demos From Beyond (1990), Death Unfolds (1991) and Visions (1992).

SYK has a new album, entitled eartHFlesh, through Season Of Mist.

Along with its self-titled full-length debut, India-based death metal band MORAL PUTREFACTION has a music video for the song Divided. The quartet from Chennai has performed at Wacken Open Air in 2022 as the winner of Wacken Metal Battle India and recently supported SUFFOCATION in Bangalore.

Science fiction-themed death metal band BLACK HOLE DEITY has an album called Profane Geometry through Everlasting Spew Records on the 5th of July. The music features blast beats and is compared to MORBID ANGEL.

1349 is touring the USA in support of its latest single, Ash Of Ages, with SPECTRAL WOUND and SPIRIT POSSESSION. 1349 had a free meet and greet at the Duff’s Bar Brooklyn, New York in which the band was playing a new and never-before-heard song for the first time on May 23rd.

Norway-based KIRKEBRANN will release a full-length, entitled Mot Trellenes Forfall…, through Hellstain Productions in June. The material was recorded between 2015 and 2016.

USA-based self-proclaimed nerd metal band CETRAGORE has a new track called Changer Of Ways that mixes black, death and sludge metal with deathcore and themes from Warhammer.

QAALM will release a new EP, called First Light Of The Last Dawn, through Hypaethral Records on June 21st. The band and DEAD MEMORY are touring the USA.

USA-based war metal act PRIMITIVE WARFARE has a debut album called Extinction Protocol. Vinyl is issued by Stygian Black Hand and the compact disc is out through Godz Ov War Productions.

NERVOSA has a headline tour of the USA and Canada beginning in late August. The tour will feature support from LICH KING and HATRIOT.

AS I LAY DYING, CALIBAN, DECAPITATED and LEFT TO SUFFER are touring Europe in the autumn.

Chaos Records has released Bornhatred, the debut EP from Chile-based thrashers ABREAKTION. It features a cover version of the DARK ANGEL song Welcome To The Slaughterhouse.

Not to be confused with GOAT SPERM, Hells Headbangers will release Fuck Christ, the new EP of GOAT SEMEN, in July.

ZORNHEYM has a new drummer called Qual and a single named None for All. Drummer Steve Pygmalion left earlier this year. The group is booked for the Metal Theatre Festival in Kalmar, Sweden in July.

WHITE STONES, the band led by OPETH bassist Martín Mendéz, will release its Memoria Viva album through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) on June 28th. The band attempted a song in Spanish on its last outing, but the new record is dominated by the Spanish language. The band is described as “death metal,” but fans have been warned that the album features flute and keyboards.

HARM’S WAY has a video for the song Terrorizer. The track is taken from the band’s Common Suffering full-length, which was released through Metal Blade Records in the autumn. The band is touring the USA as openers for KUBLAI KHAN TX currently and trekking in Europe in June. Additional support is being provided by PAIN OF TRUTH and JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED. The band will play this year’s edition of Sound And Fury Fest in July before joining HATEBREED and CARCASS on a North American tour with additional support by CRYPTA.

Mallcore/metalcore band WITHIN DESTRUCTION has teamed up with Crunchyroll for its partly animated video, Animetal. The single is available now. The band is part of the Summer Slaughter tour 2024.

Deathcore, metalcore and hardcore bands go corporate when LORNA SHORE’s North American headlining tour featuring WHITECHAPEL, KUBLAI KHAN TX and SANGUISUGABOGG occurs this autumn. Spotify pre-sales was on May 15th, Citi being the official card, its holders have access to tickets on May 16th as do American Express card holders. General public without aforementioned corporate memberships or cards could buy into the tour on May 17th. The trek is produced by Live Nation. LORNA SHORE will be playing its latest album, Pain Remains, in its entirety. It is unclear if the album title refers to corporate fees.

Black Lodge Records has signed metalcore/extreme band THERMALITY. The Sweden-based act has uploaded a song called Stranger from its album, The Final Hours, which will be available in August.

South Africa-based deathcore act VULVODYNIA has a new album, which is called Entabani through Unique Leader Records in July. The title translates into ‘The Mountain’ in the African language of Isizulu. There is a lyric video for the album’s title track. The album explores different African cultures and folklore.

USA-based BURIAL EXTRACTION has an independent EP, called Expelled, on June 17th. The material was written after a forthcoming full-length.

NILE’s next album The Underworld Awaits Us All is available through Napalm Records on 23.08.2024. The band again produced and recorded it at Sanders’ Serpent Headed Studio in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. A video for the song Chapter For Not Being Hung Upside Down On A Stake In The Underworld And Made To Eat Feces By The Four Apes is available now. NILE has a European tour for September followed by a Japan tour in October. The band has been confirmed for Maryland Deathfest 2025.

After a ten-year hiatus, UK-based UNDER BLACKENED SKIES is back with a self-cover version of 2010 song Part Together. The group has a concert in Birmingham, England alongside HANDS OF ATTRITION and ELYREAN on July 13th.

Guitarist Jarmo Puolakanaho of ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW has announced that the band has been on hiatus for a year and will remain so due to a lack of inspiration and songs that meet the group’s standards. The man himself will announce a new project soon.

SOULFLY’s Superstition USA tour comes with support from EYEHATEGOD (October 22 – November 6), MUTILATION BARBECUE, and SKINFLINT.

Following guitarist Jeff “Mantas” Dunn’s second heart attack on April 17th, former NEVERMORE and ANNIHILATOR guitarist Curran Murphy stepped in for VENOM INC.’s May 5th concert at the Hammersonic Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. The man is now a member of VENOM INC.

OVERKILL will return to Europe for the second leg of its Scorched tour in October. ANGELUS APATRIDA is to open.

USA-based BLOOD FEAST will release a full-length called Infinite Evolution through Hells Headbangers on July 12th. There is a video for the song Outbreak. The band is singer and guitarist Adam Tranquilli, guitarist CJ Scioscia, bass player Dave Kramer and drummer Adam Kieffer.

SATYRICON has recruited ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello to play bass on its festival appearances this summer which include Hellfest, Sweden Rock, Mystic Festival and Brutal Assault. The band is planning to travel to Latin America in November.

USA Wacken Metal Battle winners MYTHRAEUM has a full-length, called Oblivion Aeternam, through M-Theory Audio. The band has a video for the song Beyond The Void.

BEWITCHER has a single called Starfire Maelstrom and an upcoming album called Spell Shock through Century Media Records in September. The band is touring with UADA and appearing at the Milwaukee Metal Festival.

MURASHITA, featuring guitarist and producer Masaki Murashita, has uploaded a song called I’m Not Done Yet. Kevin Talley is on drums and Rodney Mcglothlin is on bass on this track.

Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of California, USA-based crossover band DEAD HEAT. The band will play a one-off gig supporting BODYCOUNT before joining DRAIN, TERROR, ANGEL DUST, and END IT for a short run of shows in June. The band will travel to Europe in July.

SADIST is the headliner for the second day of the ProgPower Europe festival to be held in Baarlo, the Netherlands, from October 4 to 6. The band will perform on Saturday, October 5th and will present its new album, which will be released through Agonia Records in the autumn. The band is also playing several festivals this summer.

USA-based speed metal band WRAITH has signed to Prosthetic Records and has a new album, Fueled By Fear, on June 28th. There is a lyric video for the song Heathen’s Touch. EXCITER, MIDNIGHT, WRAITH and HELLWITCH are touring North America this summer.

Metallian Hard

France-based hard rock band THE BLAST WAVE will issue its debut album, ΩMega-Drive, on Music-Records on July 5th. The band reports influences from IRON MAIDEN, DEF LEPPARD, WARNING and SHOTGUN MESSIAH.

Sweden-based PORTRAIT returns with a new album, entitled The Host, which is a first concept album for the band. It will be released through Metal Blade Records on June 21st. It is described as "an occult tale of sword and sorcery, accompanied by some of the most passionate heavy metal ever recorded. The story takes place in seventeenth century Sweden.” The Host is the first album to feature guitarist Karl Gustafsson as part of the band's line-up and was produced by singer Per.

Denver, USA-based fantasy heavy metal band SIEGE PERILOUS has uploaded a song called Sons Of The Verdant, which comes off the Creation’s Call demo slated for an August release. There is a lyric video for the advanced song.

SABATON’s The Tour To End All Tours concert film is premiering in select cinemas on October 11th. It was filmed during the group’s European Tour at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome in 2023.

USA-based power metal band CONQUEST has a new album called Paradox through Dark Star Records.

Heavy metal band DYSTOPICA has a full-length album, entitled Infinite Reflection, through Pavement Entertainment. It was produced by Nick Bellmore. Formed in 2019, DYSTOPICA is comprised of Becky Brideau on vocals, Rob Muller on guitar and Erich Bender on drums. Lucas Dellaporta (bass) and Connor Sperry (guitar) join the line-up for concerts.

Venezuela-native LYONEN has uploaded a new song called Wild Nights. The publicity recommends it for fans of AVENGED SEVENFOLD, HELLOWEEN and PRIMAL FEAR.

India-based heavy metal group AGAINST EVIL shall release an album called Give ‘Em Hell through Doc Gator Records on the 12th of July.

Japan-based all-girl band HAGANE has a demo called Life Goes On!

Australia-based progressive rock/metal band AGE OF EMERGENCE has released a demo called The All Seeing Eye: Part 1 as of the 12th of April. The band was founded in 2013 and conducted a mini-tour in Australia in 2022.

USA-based band UNKNOWN’s 2022 demo Vanishing Point has been rereleased on LP by Golden Core. The band was founded in 2020.

Italy-based grunge and hard rock band VICOLO INFERNO has an album through Rockshots Records called Circles as of May 31st. There is a single called The Gift, which is an allegory for death. The band’s monicker is inspired by an alley and a battle in Imola, Bologna, Italy from 1504.

Heavy Psych Sounds Records has signed doom metal band PENTAGRAM. The band is working on a new album. In the meantime, the label will rerelease the Sub-Basement (2001) and Review Your Choices (1999) albums.

Singer Rev Taylor has quit GREYHAWK in order to pursue a career in opera. Any singer interested in auditioning for the band can email the act through GREYHAWK appeared at Legions Of Metal recently.

GYPSY WYTCH, featuring SLIK TOXIK drummer Neal Busby, has released a video for the song, Would You Really Wanna Lose My Love. The drummer was in TWIRL previously and in GYPSY WYTCH’s predecessor TOXYK CHYLD.

Italy-based groovy act DRABIK has a video for the song Broken.

KK's PRIEST and ACCEPT have announced a tour of Canada and the USA for September and October of 2024. It is called The Full Metal Assault Tour 2024.

DIRKSCHNEIDER, featuring former ACCEPT members singer Udo Dirkschneider and bassist Peter Baltes, will have a belated 40th anniversary tour covering the Balls To The Wall album of 1983. This takes place in Europe in 2025.

NWOBHM band TROYEN has an album called Unfinished Business through Classic Metal Records. The band has a June album release concert at the Cart & Horses venue in London. Also on the bill are ANDRO COULTON’S GIVE ‘EM HELL, led by ex-WITCHFYNDE man Andro, who played bass on the Give ‘Em Hell album of 1980 and HELL DRIVERS.

METAL CHURCH will release The Final Sermon (Live In Japan 2019) through Rat Pak Records (America) and Reaper Entertainment (Europe) on July 26th. Produced by guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, this live release features one of the final recorded performances of Mike Howe with Metal Church before the singer died.

Pirate-themed VISIONS OF ATLANTIS has an album, called Pirates II - Armada, through Napalm Records in July. The pirate queen and her outlaws are touring Europe this summer.

Folk rock band AMORPHIS, co-headliners DARK TRANQUILLITY and openers FIRES IN THE DISTANCE have announced a tour of Canada and the USA for September and October of 2024.

THE HALO EFFECT will start 2025 with a European tour with PAIN and BLOODRED HOURGLASS.

Denmark-based hard rock act D-A-D has an album entitled Speed Of Darkness through AFM Records in October. Two advance uploads are called The Ghost and 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The band is booked for Rock Hard Festival, among others, and touring in the autumn.

DREAM EVIL has a new album, which is entitled Metal Gods. The first album since Six of seven years ago will be issued through Century Media Records on 26.07.2024. There is a video for the title track.

Drummer Jonas Ekdahl of EVERGREY has left the band citing a lack of interest in touring. He will focus on his studio production work. The band has a replacement lined up.

Rockshots Records has released Brazil-based AURO CONTROL’s The Harp album on May 31st. There is a single and video for the song Not Alone featuring Jeff Scott Soto.

Described as “power pop,” Finland-based MYON released a new album, Terra Nova, on BrandLoud Entertainment on May 10th. Keyboardist Mika Pohjola, who has been producing other bands, also produced this release.

VICTORY has an album entitled Circle Of Life through AFM Records on September 13th. A video for the band's single Count On Me is available now.

UFO’s 1988 EP Ain't Misbehavin is reissued with bonus tracks through Cleopatra Records. This EP marked the final collaboration between UFO singer Phil Mogg and the Japanese-born guitarist Atomik Tommy M.

VIXEN and singer Lorraine Lewis have parted ways. Lewis attributed this to, “The band has taken a different direction.” Lewis is also reporting that she is collaborating with original FOREIGNER singer Lou Gramm. VIXEN itself has concerts planned for this summer.

Album ONE Alive! Is the title for W.A.S.P.’s upcoming North American Tour beginning August 17th. It marks the 40th anniversary of the release of W.A.S.P.’s first album. The band will, for the first time in 40 years, play the entire album on the trek.

SEBASTIAN BACH has an album called Child Within The Man through RPM. Going for an organic and 1970s’ sound, the man stayed away from Pro Tools. It features guest appearances from John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi.

Tame & Conquer is the name of a new demo by hard rock band ATTRACTIVE CHAOS. It will be available in August. The band has completed a UK tour in support of Slovenia-based HELLCATS.

TUNGSTEN, featuring ex-HAMMERFALL drummer Anders Johannson, his sons Karl (bass and keyboards) and Niklas (guitars), and singer Mike Andersson, has an album called The Grand Inferno, which will be issued through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) in October. The act has signed with booking agent Jörg "Schrörg" Düsedau at Dragon Productions and Skrikhult Production for Scandinavia for future live activities. The band will be supporting label-mates SONATA ARCTICA at seven Scandinavian Clear Cold Beyond concerts alongside FIREWIND and SERIOUS BLACK.

L.A. GUNS has returned to Cleopatra Records and is working on a new record.

STRYPER guitarist Oz Fox is sitting out the act’s acoustic tour, To Hell With The Amps, as he requires new surgery for tumours in his brain. Will Doughty, who has toured with POISON on keyboards, will join and play keyboards for the act in Fox’s absence.

MIKE TRAMP'S WHITE LION has a USA tour lined up from August to October.

Singer Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony (bass), Jason Bonham (drums) and Joe Satriani (guitar) will conduct The Best Of All Worlds 2024 tour playing as a tribute to VAN HALEN in the USA this summer. LOVERBOY opens.

THRESHOLD has embarked on a reissue campaign of its earlier releases, newly remixed and remastered in 2024 including bonus material. Kicking off with its debut Wounded Land (featuring Damian Wilson on vocals) and 1994’s Psychedelicatessen (where Glynn Morgan was recruited to front the band), the band will also embark on a career-spanning Threshold Through Time tour across Europe this October.

Metal Injection festival will take place in New York City on September 21st and 22nd. Despite its name, bands like JINJER and acoustic performances are part of the package. “Sets” are quite trendy these days so there is an acoustic set by Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath of CAVE IN and GOD FORBID playing Gone Forever for the first time. The event will also feature the debut of the project PALLID VEIL featuring Luc Lemay of GORGUTS, Dave Davidson of REVOCATION, Liam Wilson of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and IN FLAMES and Elliot Hoffman of CARBOMB.

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Metallian Demos

One riff, one crushing tempo; one pounding jackhammer of brutality powered by Swedeath distortion topped with glorious guitar licks is the best way to describe the opening cut, Void Of Primordial Darkness. The female singer Marta Chiller growls and screams horrifically, signalling that if the music gig doesn’t work out she would be a candidate for horror movie voice-over. The whole thing is as extreme as it’s primitive. The soloing is not really and the drum sound is especially muddy, but it all adds to a raging headache for anybody other than the most diehard death metal fan. The band throws in the screech of Incantation, the hectic crush of Possessed and some drone for one hell of a glorious mess. Speaking of Possessed even a bell tolls at the beginning of The Evil In This Place Must Be Rooted Out (why?). The opening chord of Cult Of The Sanguine One is in fact cult. The snare becomes audible all of a sudden and warmly heavy. The riff that follows is reminiscent of Star Wars’ Imperial Attack put to atomic distortion. It turns out to be a slow closing cut and has an unnecessary sound effect, but one would guess that the band wanted to have a slo-mo pounding closer. This whore gives me the urge to hit ‘replay.’ - Ali “The Metallian”

‘Dream Perceptions’ by Canada’s own Ressac is an unassuming two-song demo that all the same is 14 minutes long. The band’s music and growls are based on simple structures. Perception Onirique I attacks immediately. Even the vocals begin right away. The sound is quite alright, but the hissy artificial cymbals are trifling. The rest of the rapid drums fare better and sound real. The words are French, yet the bulk of the song is instrumental.
With the stronger Perception Onirique II the vocals come in later than the prequel. It is nasty and melodic at the same time. It is fast, but takes a breather for the melodic and the warm bass sound to come through. Basically, it is a straightforward assault albeit with a melodious harmony and a slower mid-section. It ends with the sound of waves consistent with the cover artwork and the group’s name, which translates into Swash and the water left on the shore following an incoming wave. - Anna Tergel