Metallian Heavy

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release Canada-based CULLED’s Psycles EP on July 26th. The band is described as “Politically Charged Sludge/Doom-Encrusted Grindcore” and features members from DISCIPLES OF POWER, EXIT STRATEGY, THORAZINE and WAKE.

Blood Harvest Records will release a new EP by GUTVOID in August. It is called Breathing Obelisk.

Time To Kill Records presents BRAINSORE’s debut album, The Grip Of The Naked Mind, on August 2nd 2024. The band was founded in 2022.

HUSQWARNAH has signed to Time To Kill Records for the release of a new album, Purification Through Sacrifice, which is scheduled for September.

Raw Materials Of Decay, the debut full-length from Portland, USA-based death/grinders HEMORRHOID, is available through Extremely Rotten Productions and Headsplit Records. It was recorded and mixed by Charlie Koryn at Underworld Studio.

Indonesia-based grindcore group AFTERSUNDOWN and Argentina-based IMPUGNED have released a split EP called Capitalising On Our Own Extinction through Inhuman Homicide Records and Noise Or Die Records.

Rude Awakening Records is releasing Hyperlogical Sin Live 2001/2013, which is a double live album from the Italy-based tech death band AYDRA. It features two complete live shows. The first set was recorded to commemorate AYDRA’s reunion in 2013 capturing the current line-up’s performance. The second set takes us back to 2001 and the band’s tour promoting its Icon Of Sin album across Europe.

Brutal Records will release CULT OF ORPIST’s Attack Of The Zombie Cans in September.

Spain-based KRYPTICY has an album called The Non-Return through Violence In The Veins on 22.07.2024.

UK-based crust band GORGONCHRIST has a release called And Justice For Balls out on July 12th.

UK-based death metal band TERMINAL SUN has a debut full-length demo called All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire on July 6th. The band has played at Bloodstock Open Air festival in the past.

CARNIFEX, CRYPTOPSY, MENTAL CRUELTY, ORGANECTOMY and HEAVY HITTER have announced the Necromanteum Part II North American tour for October and November. In the meantime, after one album on Nuclear Blast, CRYPTOPSY has signed with Season Of Mist.

EXODUS will conduct The Battle Of ’24 tour this autumn. It will feature support from HAVOK and crossover acts CANDY and DEAD HEAT.

India-based KASCK has won its country’s Wacken Metal Battle and is playing at the festival this summer. The band has played in Dubai in the Persian Gulf previously.

LAMB OF GOD has announced the next Lamb Of God Presents Headbangers Boat for October 28th 2024. Aside from the band itself acts like EXODUS, NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS (replacing AT THE GATES which reportedly had a scheduling conflict), SOULFLY, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, EYEHATEGOD and AFTER BURIAL are participating. Shane Embury of NAPALM DEATH will perform a standup comedy routine.

PNEUMA HAGION has an album called From Beyond through Everlasting Spew Records on 30 August 2024.

NEBELKRÄHE is joining the self-cover version trend and releasing a rerecorded version of its Entfremdet demo of 2009 through Crawling Chaos Records this autumn.

Poland-based black metal band ODIUM HUMANI GENERIS will release its second full-length album Międzyczas through Malignant Voices on September 27th, 2024. The debut was released through Folter Records.

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE will release an album called Opera, which is inspired by the mountain climbing accident that occurred to singer Francesco Paoli in 2021. Due out through Nuclear Blast Records on 23.08.2024, the album is structured as a ten-act theatrical piece. The band will return to North America for a co-headline tour with SHADOW OF INTENT and support acts INGESTED, THE ZENITH PASSAGE and DISEMBODIED TYRANT in the autumn.

Bay Area’s LACERATION has joined the ranks of 20 Buck Spin for the release of its second album, I Erode, in late July. It was recorded at Dark Corners Studio by Matt Harvey of EXHUMED and GRUESOME and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studio.

Horror metal band MRSA has a video for the song Crystal Lake, which is taken from the forthcoming album Horrifier, which will be through CDN Records later this year. Crystal Lake refers to the same in the Friday The 13th series.

Canada-based thrash metal band TORREFY has a demo called Necronomisongs this autumn. There is a video for Of Wind And Worm in advance.

TANKARD drummer Olaf Zisse has left the band. Olaf had been in the band since the Two-Faced Tour of 1994. His replacement is Gerd Lücking, the band’s sound engineer who has filled in for Olaf a few times. Gerd is formerly of HOLY MOSES, BONDED, VERITAS MAXIMUS, COURAGEOUS and LIGHTMARE.

Following its tour with IN FLAMES, CREEPING DEATH is touring as openers for FROZEN SOUL this summer. GATES TO HELL and ENFORCED are also on the bill.

200 STAB WOUNDS is conducting The Manual Manic Procedures Tour of Canada and USA this summer. Support will be provided by BALMORA, UPON STONE and STABBING. From there, 200 STAB WOUNDS will join NAILS for ten dates leading up to a performance at this year’s edition of the New England Metal And Hardcore Fest in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA followed by four more concerts with ALLUVIAL, TORTURE and KILLING PACE.

Finland-based WOLFHEART has a new album, called Draconian Darkness, through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) in September. There is a video for the song Grave.

CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS will release an album, entitled Rise Of The Insurrection, through Comatose Music on August 9th. SLAMENTATION man Rene Barthoulot contributes vocals on one track.

DARK FUNERAL has joined the self-cover version and anniversary trends and issuing its debut self-titled EP, rerecorded with its current line-up, through Century Media Records in August. It is a 30th anniversary edition. The band and GWAR are touring the USA this autumn.

BLASFEME has an album called Black Legion through Wulfhere Productions on July 12th.

Finland-based black metal act FÖRGJORD has a video for the song Käärmeenkieli, which is taken from the band’s latest album, Perkeleen Weri. It will be released through Werewolf Records.

Norway-based GJENDØD has released a new full-length, entitled Livskramper, through Osmose Productions as of June.

NIGHTBORN will be releasing three videos from the Unhuman album of 2022 this summer. These precede the September release of the Hammer Of The Heretic EP. The EP will feature Simon McKay (AGONIST) on drums, Hubert Wiecek (Ex-DECAPITATED and DIETH) on bass and producer Pavel Daniels.

LUCIFUGUM is working on a new record called Adanom. It will contain an intro and two songs, one in Ukrainian called Смола у крові нашій and one in English called Lucispear. The band reports that a proposed five-LP compilation through GoatowaRex is AWOL and the merchandise from Dark Horizon Records (USA) is unauthorised.

Erg is the latest full-length by Germany-based AGRYPNIE. It will be released through AOP Records on September 13th.

FORGOTTEN TOMB is issuing an album called Nightfloating,through Agonia Records in July. It is the band’s 25th anniversary.

PANTERA has booked a mini-tour of the UK and Ireland for February 2025.

The St. Louis, USA-based death metal/deathcore/grunge band EXTRUSION has a demo called The Gates Are Open.

Greece-based DEATH LEAGUE, features Astrous on vocals (AENAON and KATAVASIA), Jim Gaianos on guitars (DISHARMONY and EPHEMERAL), Vassilis Liakos on bass (BLACK FATE, BRAVERIDE and INNOSENSE) and Nikos Tsintzilonis on drums (BLACK FATE and THIRTY FATES). This debut album, entitled Inferno, is available through Theogonia Records on 16.08.2024.

Hammerheart Records will release ABRAMELIN’s new full-length, Sins Of The Father, in October.

ACOD has a live video for the song Habentis Maleficia, performed at Lions Metal Festival 2024. The song is taken from the Versets Noirs album, which was released by Hammerheart Records this year.

WormHoleDeath Records’ CROSSFIRE returns to the UK for the first time since 2020 as it brings the Switch To Reset tour to England. Support across the three dates comes from WAR GRAVE, URIDIUM, ACTS OF VENGEANCE, REGICIDE and GRIFTER.

Spain-based brutal/technical death metal act WORMED will release a new album, called Omegon, through Season Of Mist on July 5th 2024.

NECRONOMICON EX MORTIS has a new demo and it is called You And Your Friends Are Dead: Game Over. It is out on June 28th.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA-based NIHILECT, which was founded in 2024, has a demo called Tapestry (as usual they call it an “EP”).

DEFILED has a new album on Season Of Mist. It is called Horror Beyond Horror and available on September 20th 2024.

Claiming to mix black metal and groove, ETERNAL DRAK has uploaded a song called Haunting Place off its upcoming demo Imprisoned Souls, which is available in July 2024.

Hungary-based SEAR BLISS will release an album called Heavenly Down through Hammerheart Records this year.

Brazil-based AMEN CORNER has a new album called Written By The Devil through Hammerheart Records this year. The band is compared to SAMAEL and ROTTING CHRIST.

Me Saco Un Ojo Records and BlackSeed Productions will release Melted And Decomposed, the sophomore full-length of Spain-based SANCTUARIUM in September.

GOD DETHRONED has an album called The Judas Paradox through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) on September 6, 2024. There is a video for the song Rat Kingdom, which is about the Vatican and the secrets it holds.

SEPTICFLESH has a concert at the Acropolis of Athens on September 28th. Joining the band on stage is the Athens State Orchestra with conductor Koen Schoots. SEPTICFLESH, EQUILIBRIUM, SCAR OF THE SUN and OCEANS are touring in the autumn.

Four years after the release of its The Reckoning Dawn album and following the 2022 tour with GAAHL’S WYRD and GAEREA, UK-based black metal band WINTERFYLLETH, and its new line-up, has an album called The Imperious Horizon through Candlelight and Spinefarm Records. Every release these days has guest appearances and so AA Nemtheanga of PRIMORDIAL can be heard on the track, In Silent Grace. There is a video for the song Dishonour Enthroned.

Crossover act EXTINCTION A.D. has an album called To The Detested through Unique Leader Records in August. The song Impervious (Unrepentant) features guest vocals by Matthew Kiichi Heafy of TRIVIUM.

Greece-based WINTER ETERNAL has a full-length called Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis through Hells Headbangers.

Canada-based black metal band SPECTRAL WOUND has a new album, entitled Songs Of Blood And Mire, through Profound Lore Records on 23.08.2024.

TRAUMATOMY has a mini-album called Triumph Of Enslavement through Gore House Productions as of July 5, 2024. “We will make slam music till we die,” the band declares not clarifying when its slam poetry and slam rap, etc. music will become available.

USA-based PRIMITIVE WARFARE is undertaking the East Coast Assault tour in support of ARES KINGDOM along with BLACK EUCHARIST.

PIG DESTROYER has a 20th anniversary remixed and remastered reissue of Painter Of Dead Girls, a collection of early recordings, cover versions, live recordings and b-sides.

PSYCHOTIC OUTSIDER has signed with Music-Records for the release of its forthcoming EP, which is called 6. It is scheduled for October 18, 2024 and will be available exclusively in digital format. The band is described as a cross between GOJIRA and SAMAEL.

TYRAELS ASCENSION releases its Rottweiler Records’ debut, Hell Walker, on August 2nd. The band features members from DEATHBREAKER, HANGFIRE, BURY YOUR BURDENS and BLOOM WITHIN.

RIVERS OF NIHIL has an instrumental edition of its 2018 album, Where Owls Know My Name, through Metal Blade Records. The band claims people have been “begging” for the instrumental version. In the line-up of the band’s albums, Where Owls Know My Name represents the autumn.

Former EQUILIBRIUM singer Robse is back with his eponymous act, ROBSE. The debut album Harlekin & Krieger will be released through Reaper Entertainment on 16.08.2024. ROBSE has a keyboard player.

Death and doom metal band VOID WITCH has an album called Horripilating Presence through Everlasting Spew Records on the 26th of July 2024.

Mexican post-black metal act THE DEPRESSICK has a new full-length album entitled Faded.exe. The album will be released through Tragedy Productions/End My Life Records on July 19, 2024. The band was founded in 2013.

Slovakia-based CEREMONY OF SILENCE has a sophomore full-length called Hálios, which will be released through Willowtip Records on July 19th, 2024.

Montreal, Canada-based deathcore act DEADWOOD has signed with Extreme Management group. The group is touring this summer.

Finland-based CURSE UPON A PRAYER will release its fourth full-length The Worship: Orthoprax Satanism through The Cursed Order and Folter Records on July 26th, 2024.

Now expanded to a trio, The Fallen Lament EP by ONCHOCERCIASIS ESOPHAGOGASTRODUODENOSCOPY will be available through Stillbirth Records/Gore House Productions on 19.07.2024.

GORY BLISTER has reissues of its Art Bleeds LP (2001) and Cognitive Synergy EP (1997) through Dusktone Records in 2025. Bonus material includes the Spoilt By Greed (1991) and Hanging Down The Sounds (1992) demos.

SICK OF IT ALL has cancelled its planned summer European tour. Singer Lou Koller has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. There is a GoFundMe.

Chittagong, Bangladesh-based death metal band FERAL MASSACRE has a debut demo called Massacre’s Resurgence. The band was founded in 2016, while the recording process began in 2021. The proceedings were delayed due to financial constraints. Ancient Sounds Of Madness Productions from Poland is pressing it on cassette.

Malaysia-based RUNTUH has a demo called Ambiguous Man through its own Ama-Gi Collective. The band was founded in 2021 and played several concerts in Taiwan this summer.

Canada-based deathcore act ART OF ATTRITION has a demo called …And It Will All End Forever on the 26th of July 2024.

Canada-based black metal band LIMINAL SHROUD will release a new album, entitled Visions Of Collapse, through Willowtip Records on July 5th.

Metallian Hard

Hammerheart Records will release CASTLE’s album entitled Evil Remains in September.

Black Lodge Records has signed Sweden-based BOMBUS and will release its full-length album, Your Blood, later this year.

PRIMAL FEAR has moved to Atomic Fire’s sister label, RPM and been booked for Wacken Open Air to commemorate its 25th anniversary. A compilation for the occasion is due soon. The band is also playing Sweden Rock Festival, Rock Castle and Full Metal Holiday.

BLIND GUARDIAN is part of the self-cover version bandwagon with a re-recorded version of the 1992 album, Somewhere Far Beyond. This version is called Somewhere Far Beyond - Revisited and available through Nuclear Blast on August 2nd. One edition contains a CD and a Blu-Ray with the 2022 anniversary sets at Rock Hard Festival and Hellfest. The album was released on Virgin originally.

Guitarist Florian Ewert has joined ATROCITY and LEAVES’ EYES. The musician had already shared the stage with ATROCITY at NADA Fest in Portugal. He replaces Micki Richter who has joined EISBRECHER.

What? No Dirk Verbeuren, Björn "Speed" Strid or “Ripper” Owens?? GLORIA PERPETUA is a trio out of Brazil with keyboards whose album is called The Darkside We Wanna Hide. It is available through Shinigami Records. The band takes the trend of having guests to an extreme and has musicians, like Timo Tolkki, Vitor Rodrigues, Luis Mariutti, on each track.

BraveWords Records has signed CRIMSON GLORY. Alongside mainstay founding members Ben, Jeff and Dana, the band features new vocalist Travis Wills and second guitarist Mark Borgmeyer. A new album is planned for 2025.CRIMSON GLORY is booked for Keep It True Rising this year and Up The Hammers and Epic Fest, among others, next year.

TURBOKILL, featuring former ALPHA TIGER singer Stephan Dietrich, has a new album and it is called Champion. It is available through Steamhammer/SPV on September 27 2024. The band has completed a tour with SINTAGE and FIREBORN called New Wave Of German Metal.

GODS OF CENTAURUS (GOC), the follow-up to DARK MATTER, is at Morrisound Recording completing an album with Jim Morris. The album, entitled Volition, is set to be released this autumn. Bassist Jeff Lords is also in the resurrected CRIMSON GLORY.

M-Theory Audio will release the new album of VERNI, entitled Dreadful Company, in July. It is the solo project of bassist D.D. Verni of OVERKILL. The music is reportedly punky. A lyric video for Lunkhead is available.

Progressive metal band KINGCROW has jumped on the “Japanese” trend that is sweeping the metal scene and has a new album called Hopium through Season Of Mist on August 23rd. A single and video called Kintsugi is available now. “Drawing inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, Kintsugi beautifully parallels life’s ability to recover from adversity; a theme that is intricately woven throughout Kingcrow‘s artistic narrative.”

Fusion act OCTOPLOID, featuring Olli-Pekka "Oppu" Laine known from AMORPHIS, has a single called The Hallowed Flame in advance of its debut album, Beyond The Aeons. The album will be released through Reigning Phoenix Records on July 5th.

The 30th anniversary of AMORPHIS’ 1994 album, Tales From The Thousand Lakes, is the subject of the Tales From The Thousand Lakes (Live At Tavastia) album, which is out through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) on CD+Blu-ray and vinyl in July. The band played the album in its entirety and the performance was shot at the Tavastia club in Helsinki, Finland.

Ukraine-based Roman Semenchuk, the vocalist and producer behind the project THINKSIDE (formerly DIMICANDUM), has a new single called Fire Within. It is “an atmospheric metal track that combines heavy guitar riffs with melodic vocal arrangements.”

Following a three-year hiatus, TRANSPORT LEAGUE has a new album called We Are Satan's People. It will be released through Black Lodge Records in October 2024. The band is booked for the Malmö Festivalen Headline and will play several gigs in Germany to coincide with the album’s release.

Finland-based FIRE ACTION has signed with SPV and will release a full-length this autumn. Singer Pete Ahonen was in BURNING POINT and STARGAZERY previously.

Sweden-based PARALYDIUM will release an album called Universe Calls through Frontiers Music in August. A music video for the song Sands Of Time is available.

Australia-based doom metal group MEKIGAH will release an album, entitled To Hold Onto A Heartless Heart, through Aesthetic Death on August 15th 2024 Guitarist Axiam Ziltch returns to contribute to the solo act.

Doom metal act TEMPLE WITCH has a music video for Ocean Thousand, which is taken from the upcoming album, Ocean Thousand, Mountain Thousand, available through WormHoleDeath in August.

Italy-based doom metal band DOOMRAISER has an album, called Cold Grave Marble, through Time To Kill Records in october. The concept revolves around death. The album was recorded and produced again by Danilo Silvestri and the band with artwork overseen by Fabio Listrani.

Tokyo, Japan-based doom metal band HEBI KATANA’s III album, which was released in 2023, is being released on vinyl through This Charming Man Records.

The instrumental fusion quartet QUADVIUM, featuring Steve Di Giorgio (SADUS, TESTAMENT, DEATH, etc) and Jeroen Paul Thesseling (OBSCURA, PESTILENCE, etc) has signed a record deal with Agonia Records. An album is expected this autumn.

THE APHELION based in Ottawa, Canada has a demo called Nascence coming out on August 9th, 2024. There are two music videos available for the songs Deserter and Flight..

Beyond The Veil is the title for the full-length album by Spain-based CELTIC FROST worship band TOTENGOTT. It is out through Hammerheart Records.

Another Side Records has released DEFILED EMBRACE’s Mausoleum single. It is taken from the forthcoming full-length album, The Nether Earth, by the Israel-based doom project.

USA-based SABER will issue an album called Lost In Flames through RPM ROAR, its new label.

As always everyone is proud, honoured and humbled. USA-based heavy metal band MIDNIGHT VICE has signed with RPM ROAR. There will be a self-titled EP in the near future.

SKID ROW has announced a live album and video recorded on October 24th, 2022 called Live In london. The recording stems from 02 Forum Kentish Town in London, England.

MIKE TRAMP returns with Songs Of White Lion - Vol. II, through Frontiers Music in August. The album's ten tracks once again see Tramp re-imagining songs from his former band, WHITE LION.

TYGERS OF PAN TANG will be celebrating a return to its roots in the North of England town Whitley Bay on the 9th of November 2024. The home of the original four members and their centre of operations when John Sykes and Jon Deverill were band members, they last played there in 1979.

Japan-based groove rockers CROSSFAITH have an album called AЯK through UNFD and Warner Music Japan this month.There is a video for the song Warriors.

M-Theory Audio will rerelease the first two albums by ZIMMERS HOLE. They were originally released on HevyDevy Records.

Japan-based LOVEBITES is joining the self-cover version trend and has announced Memorial For The Warrior Souls, a live video/CD, which features the concert at Hitomi Memorial Hall. It will be released by Victor in August. An edition will include a rerecorded edition of the band’s debut EP, which is now entitled Lovebites EP II.

Calgary, Canada-based PRISONER has a demo called House Of Cards, which will be issued on August 21, 2024.

NWOBHM band WAR MACHINE’s Unknown Soldier album of 1986 has been rereleased by Golden Core. It was originally released by Neat Records.

THE ALMIGHTY, which returned for shows last year, has announced three UK concerts dubbed Three 'N' Easy for this November. GIRLSCHOOL is opening.

MOGGS MOTEL, the new band featuring UFO singer Phil Mogg, has signed with UFO’s label SPV/Steamhammer, with a debut album scheduled for a September 2024 release. The self-titled album was composed together with Tony Newton (bass and keyboards) from the band VOODOO SIX and UFO and long-standing associate Neil Carter (guitar, keyboards and vocals). The album was recorded at IRON MAIDEN’s Steve Harris’s studio in Essex, UK. The band was joined by Joe Lazarus (drums) and Tommy Gentry (guitar).

BLOOD INCANTATION has an album called Absolute Elsewhere, which contains two tracks The Stargate and The Message. The album’s name and sound was inspired by the 1970s’ progressive rock band, ABSOLUTE ELSEWHERE.

MICHAEL SCHENKER will release a self-cover version album, called My Years With UFO, on September 23rd. Guests on the album covering the guitarist’s time with UFO in the 1970s include Dee Snider, Axl Rose, Kai Hansen, Stephen Pearcy and Carmine Appice.

Guitarist JACK STARR joins forces with WARLORD vocalist Giles Lavery to release the sequel to Jack's 1984 album, Out Of The Darkness. Out Of The Darkness II is being mixed in Germany by Thomas Mergler for an early 2025 release. Rounding out the line-up is second guitarist Eric Juris of WARLORD, Gene Cooper on bass and ex-MANOWAR drummer Rhino. These days guest appearances are trendy so drummer Mark Zonder and keyboardist Jimmy Waldo also appear.

Several so-called “cinematic” bands have appeared on the scene lately and so Greece-based “cinematic progressive metal band” SUNBURST has an album called Manifesto through Inner Wound Recordings. There is a music video for the song Samaritan.

HOMERIK, a “Philosophical metal project defined by metal music educators” has a “Cinematic metal opera” based on Dante's Inferno. It is called The Circle Of Dead Children. A novel of the same name will follow the music later this autumn.

Rockshots Records has a release called The Crucible, the debut album from HARPAZO, which is formed by guitarist Marc Centanni and producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY and AYREON). This is described as “progressive metal rock opera.”

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT has an EP, called V.G.E.P. (Video Game EP), on October 1st. Every track takes inspiration from the band's favourite video games. The EP is at first an exclusive release for the act’s Patreon supporters. There is a music video for the track To Kill A God where the act sends charges of electricity through its drums and drummer Master Hercule Schlagzeuger.

Germany-based mythological band AEON GODS has signed a multi-album deal with Scarlet Records. A record is due this autumn. The band has a keyboardist.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN has a US tour in September, October and November. Support on The 40th Anniversary Tour will be provided by KURT DEIMER who joins the tour on September 27.

WARLOCK A.D.’s sophomore album, entitled Book II: The Valley Of Vâgené, will be released through Rockshots Records on 27.09.2024. According to the press release the record contains folk elements and keyboards.

Halifax, Canada-based heavy metal band TURBO has a demo called Broke & Ugly. A song called No Savior is available early. It was written by drummer Sylvain Coderre and vocalist/guitarist Evan Frizzle while both were going through nasty breakups and is described as a heartbreak anthem.

Everything is “strategic” RPM (Reigning Phoenix Music) has merged with Greece’s ROAR! (Rock Of Angels Records). “The strategic move sees the unification of ROAR! Rock of Angels Records with the RPM family.” The division is called RPM Roar.

Hello, I have souped up my tacky car to make unnecessary noise with a tackier muffler. Girls, does that make you pay attention to me and distract from my small pee pee now?

Metallian Demos

Remember when you’d buy metal CDs, say by bands on Black Sun or No Fashion Records, and they were uniformly good albums that were fast, heavy, serious and contained zero keyboards, mandolin, harp, sitar and girlfriends with ‘female clean vocals’? This fan remembers and Dismayed is here to remind anyone who has forgotten.
Get hold of Dismayed. This thing goes from fast to faster, has a discernible melody in its furious rhythm, loads of heaviness and a punchy drum sound (although the cymbals leave a lot to be desired). The bass is present and crackling. The vocalist goes from low to high and back or possibly it is the singer and backing singer trading anger. The musicians are a tight unit. A few guitar solos would have been welcome.
Fans of Sacrilege, At The Gates and Sacrmantum will love the arrangements and heaviness of the Canadian quintet. The band, and its twenty-minute-long demo depicting a seated Amaranthe fan on its cover, are at - Ali “The Metallian”