Metallian Heavy

Canada-based gore metal band NECROTICGOREBEAST has an album called Human Deviance Galore on Comatose Music on October 1st.

M-Theory Audio has signed the reformed MANTIC RITUAL. The band is promising an EP for late this year and a new full-length for next year. The label has also signed LIVING WRECKAGE comprised of vocalist Jeff Gard (DEATH RAY VISION), guitarists Jon Donais (ANTHRAX and SHADOWS FALL) and Matt LeBreton (DOWNPOUR), bassist Matt Bachand (SHADOWS FALL and ACT OF DEFIANCE) and drummer Jon Morency (LET US PREY). A three-song EP is exclusive to current concerts.

Finland-based death doom metal act SWALLOW THE SUN will release a new album called Moonflowers through Century Media on November 19th. At the same time keyboardist Jaani has decided to leave the act.

UK-based doom metal band MOON REAPER has a video for the track Godeater taken from the Descent demo.

TERRORIZER has signed a worldwide deal with Earache Records. The band issued an album called World Downfall on the label in late 1989 and features drummer Pete Sandoval formerly of MORBID ANGEL, which also was on Earache. The band is Sam Molina – vocals and bass, Lee Harrison – guitar and Pete Sandoval – drums.

Blackened death-doom metal project based in Italy KNOWLEDGE THROUGH SUFFERING has announced an upcoming album called Concealment due out through Brucia Records on September 17th. The lyrics deal with God’s disappointment with his own creation.

PROJECT KASHA is a new act comprised of members or former members of several bands. Filippo Zavattari (ex-FROZEN CROWN), Andrea K Cappellari (SKELETOON, KANTICA), Edward J. Freak (SUPERHORROR) and Emanuele Giannoni (ex-PSYCHOTRIA and ex-SYNODIK) are members. The band is working on its debut album currently, which will be released on the Kult Of Cthulhu label.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is issuing SEEDS OF PERDITION’s Suffering Of The Dead album this month. Hailing From Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the group was founded by Daniel Loughry, George Cathers (INSATANITY and POLTERCHRIST), Steve Raimer (BLASPHEMOUS and INFERNAL OPERA) and Dan Mcgrouty in 2010.

DRAGHKAR has re-issued At The Crossroad Of Infinity through its own imprint Nameless Grave Records and Nuclear Winter Records. It was originally released by Unspeakable Axe Records.

NERVOCHAOS’ Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations) album is out through Xenokorp in November. The album also commemorates the band’s 25th anniversary as it features re-recorded material from the band’s first four and The Art Of Vengeance records. The band is planning to tour Europe with MERCYLESS in 2022.

LIEWEAVER’s The Origin EP is out through Lethal Scissor this month. The band was founded in 2018.

Seed Of Doom has released COFFIN BREATH’s demo, The Tenebrous Mist, on cassette on 13.08.2021.

COFFIN RITES (formerly COFFINROT) has a demo called Human Erase. Dan Swanö mastered the release.

USA-based CHARRED has a debut album called Prayers Of Malediction out through Horror Pain Gore Death in October.

Lithuania-based SULLEN GUEST has a video for the song Come With Me off a forthcoming demo.

GANGS OF OLD LADIES has uploaded a song called Raped By Ghosts. Like all of the band’s tracks this one is a free download with a matching horror novella. The band’s long time lead guitarist David Andersson of SOILWORK was unavailable so the band reached out to friend Joe Haley from PSYCROPTIC.

VRIESS’ self-titled album is out through Xenokorp as part of its Militia Series, which is a cheaper offering. The band was founded by PROJECT FOR BASTARDS’ Greg and Chris. The latter man was in THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK. Guests are drummer Kevin Paradis (BENIGHTED, etc.) and bassist Linus Klausenitzer (ALKALOID). DARKANE’s Christopher Malmstrom offers a guest solo.

PHANTASMAGORE’s Abominations… demo from early 2020 has once again been re-issued. The demo is on vinyl courtesy of Dawnbreed Records.

Belorussia-based WITHERED LAND has an upcoming demo called The Endless Journey. The band combines growling with pop keyboard rock.

Comatose Music has signed 9 DEAD. The band has uploaded a song called realms and is working on its album.

Death/thrash/mallcore band PARADOXICIDE has a demo called Savior. The man/band claims the music and lyrics came to him in a COVID-19-induced dream. He then reached out to the best musicians he could think of and was rejected. So, he reached out to the lesser skilled old band-mates instead to record Savior.

ALMOST DEAD’s Brutal Onslaught album is out through Art Gates.

DEATH’S EMINENCE has an album called In A Hideous Dream Made True The band was founded in 2006, but the first recording appeared in 2015.

FOUL BODY AUTOPSY has a new demo called Shadows Without Light: Part One, which the first of a trilogy.

MASSACRE will release a full-length album, called Resurgence, through Nuclear Blast in October. The band promises Lovecraftian lyrics.

London, England-based COGAS has a demo entitled Unconscious Sons Of The Reptile God as of September 17th. The band is Piero Mura – vocals, Davide Ambu –guitar, Michal Popławski – bass and Francis Ball – Drums.

Odium Records is issuing a split release by VULTURE LORD and BLACK ALTAR entitled Deathiah Manifesto, which is due in October. One of the VULTURE LORD tracks features vocals recorded by Trondr Nefas who died in 2012. VULTURE LORD’s comeback album, Desecration Rite is still available from Odium Records.

Spain-based BARBARIAN PROPHECIES has a demo called Horizon. The band was founded in the year 2000. A CD version is coming through Base Record Production and Hecatombe Records.

CRUSADIST from USA has a demo called The Unholy Grail since 2019. The band is touring the USA’s East Coast supporting INHUMAN CONDITION using the Tourantula monicker.

MRTVI’s demo Autology: The Shadow Work is out now. The man behind the solo project Damjan Stefanovic is working on his next two releases already.

Ukraine-based MORTAL VISION has issued an album called Mind Manipulation through Redefining Darkness Records. It is compared to early SODOM.

OVERKILL’s The Atlantic Years 1986 -1994 vinyl and CD box Set is due In October.

SPV has issued SODOM’s new EP Bombenhagel. The EP includes the re-recorded title track, which was originally on the 1987 album Persecution Mania, and two new songs.

Italy-based BULLDOZER is back with a single and video called Heretic. The video features Steve Sylvester of DEATH SS and Wildness Perversion of MORTUARY DRAPE.

Norway-based RELENTLESS AGGRESSION has a single and video called American Carnage. It addresses the chaos in the USA. Once again the band used the studio of Iver Sandøy (drummer for ENSLAVED) who also play drums on the new song.

A SEPULTURA box set called Sepulnation: The Studio Albums 1998-2009 will be released through BMG on October 22nd. It is a five-album boxset containing the Against, Nation, Roorback, Dante XXI and A-Lex albums in vinyl and CD formats. SEPULTURA has issued SepulQuarta, which is a number of the band’s material re-recorded with professional acquaintances.

Former SEPULTURA brothers Max and Igor Cavalera will perform tracks from that band’s Beneath The Remains and Arise albums at next year’s Maryland Deathfest, which is due to take place May 26-29th, 2022.

Heavy/thrash metal band BULLET RIDE has signed with Music-Records for the release of its debut album At The Gates Of Hell, which will be released on January 21, 2022.

FEAR FACTORY‘s Dino Cazares is playing guitar for SOULFLY on its current U.S.A. tour. Marc Rizzo is out after 18 years in the act. The former member recalls that he was not in touch with his band members and made no money in the last year even from the latest live record. Rizzo will focus on his solo record.

DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED, featuring NIGHTWISH keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, has a new album called Angel Of Carnage Unleashed through Napalm Records in November.

SUMMONER’S CIRCLE is a theatrical band with keyboards that has an album called Chaos Vector through Blood Blast Distribution. The band, which is managed by Extreme Metal Management of SUFFOCATION, CATTLE DECAPITATION, MISERY INDEX and others, calls its music epic metal.

HELHEIM has a full-length called Woduridar (old Norse for ‘the wild rider’) through Dark Essence Records this autumn.

Following what it reported as a lack of communication between the parties DESTRUCTION has replaced guitarist Mike Sifringer with Martin Furia. Sifringer is a founding member and only constant in the group. Furia has been the band’s soundman and tour manager.

Logic Il Logic Records and Burning Minds Music Group have issued Shameless, the new single from EUGENIO SAMBASILE’s solo project. The man is in the death metal band EMBRYO.

Nuclear Blast Records has signed Sweden-based black metal group WATAIN. The band is at Necromorbus Studios and an album is due in March.

Hammerheart Records has signed BLIND ILLUSION. The band’s next album, Wrath Of The Gods, is due in the winter. BLIND ILLUSION features Marc Biedermann (singer/guitarist), Doug Piercy (guitarist), Tom Gears (bassist) and Andy Galeon (drummer).

Black/death metal band BETRAYME has an album called Nihil Obstat through Lethal Scissors in October.

APORIUM has a self-titled demo. APORIUM is a solo project of Nate Alicie. The act is compared to CARCASS.

Seed Of Doom Records has a split EP between ASTRIFEROUS and BLOODSOAKED NECROVOID on vinyl 7” format. The two Costa Rican death metal bands have been sharing members since their inception.

DARK TRANQUILLITY has parted ways with bassist Anders Iwers and drummer Anders Jivarp who is an original member of the band. The musicians will be replaced for upcoming shows by Christian Jansson (GRAND CADAVER and PAGANDOM) and Joakim Strandberg Nilsson (IN MOURNING and FAITHFUL DARKNESS).

EXODUS has recruited former drummer John Tempesta while drummer Tom Hunting recovers from cancer surgery.

Lacerated Enemy Records will be working with Taiwan-based trio FATUOUS RUMP on its upcoming album release. The band includes Larry Wang the founder and primary vocalist of COPROCEPHALIC.

London, England-based COGAS has a demo, entitled Unconscious Sons Of The Reptile God, on September 17th. According to the band, “Unconscious Sons Of The Reptile God could be sum (sic) up as a story about a case of Stockholm Syndrome’s condition with the Devil and our Coga (Sardinian witch) as key players.”

Singapore-based ADARRAK has an album called Ex Oriente Lux through Satanath since March. Marty Friedman makes a guest appearance.

Vancouver, Canada-based ARCHSPIRE had an album called Bleed The Future through Season Of Mist on 29.10.2021.

We thought they would be ashamed: Season Of Mist “is proud to announce” the signing of GOAT TORMENT. The Belgium-based blackened death metal band will be releasing its new album Forked Tongues through the label in October.

VIO-LENCE singer Sean Killian was hospitalized for COVID-19 last month. Killian is an anti-vaccine scientician.

MISANTHUR has announced the release of its debut record Ephemeris. The album will be out on through Season Of Mist’s Underground Activists on 15.10.2021.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and MCDT have a death metal compilation called Death Metal Power From Beyond. Bands appearing include ANATOMIA, SERAPHIC DISGUST, NOMINON, UNDERGANG, COFFINS and RIBSPREADER. This compilation is dedicated to the memory of Ryan Tyler Reidy (bassist of SERAPHIC DISGUST) who committed suicide during the production stage of this release.

ARCH ENEMY, BEHEMOTH and CARCASS have postponed The European Siege tour due to the coronavirus pandemic to the autumn of 2022.

VULTURE LORD’s Desecration Rite album is out through Odium Records.

Singapore-based DEUS EX MACHINA has a single called As Is.

Germany-based black metal band DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT has a new record called Noktvrn, which will be released through Season Of Mist on November 19th.

Seed Of Doom Records has a split EP for the two Canada-based band TOTAL ISOLATION and SEDIMENTUM on vinyl 7” and cassette formats.

Metallian Hard

MARY’S BLOOD has a new and self-titled album on 29.09.2021. Song titles include Starlight, Mad Lady and Umbrella. The band has several in-store appearances in Japan in early October.

Bassist Rudy Sarzo, who played on the band’s successful Metal Health and Condition Critical albums in the ‘80s, is back replacing Chuck Wright in QUIET RIOT. He has been in THE GUESS WHO most recently. Wright will tour with the band for its pre-booked shows this year.

BYRON NEMETH GROUP ’s new demo The Force Within was mastered in person at Abbey Road Studios in London, England and features cover artwork by RUSH artist Hugh Syme.

After several pandemic-related delays STEELHEART commemorated the 30th anniversary of its self-titled debut album at a show in Dallas, Texas, USA on the 20th of August.

GUS G. will release a new solo album, called Quantum Leap, through AFM Records in October.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will release an album, entitled Doom Crew Inc., through Entertainment One on 26.11.2021. There is a video for the single Set You Free.

Sweden-based hard rock band C.K.O. has signed with Sliptrick Records. The band was founded by former BLACKSMITH man Claes Karlsson. An album called Are You With Me is due soon.

ALLEYWAY, EXODUS, MISERY INDEX, M.O.D, LIVIDITY, DEVOURMENT and many more are playing at Full Terror Assault festival in Illinois, USA this month.

TESLA has a new single, called Cold Blue Steel, since August 27th. The band has postponed its scheduled summer shows due to several cases of COVID-19.

Former MEGADETH bassist James LoMenzo has replaced David Ellefson, who had replaced him, in MEGADETH for The Metal Tour Of The Year with LAMB OF GOD. LoMenzo has been in FIRSTBORNE most recently.

Progressive heavy metal band SWEEPING DEATH has a demo called Tristesse. The demo’s concept focuses on the number 3. As such, the demo name could also be read as Tris+esse or ‘Three being’ in Latin.

Music Records has announced OVER NEMESIS’ return with a new album called De Integro, which is described as sludge rock and Blues oriented.

Finland-based MYSTERIZER has signed to Rockshots Records. The album The Holy War 1095 is out on September 3rd. The group started as a cover band. The band is from Finland and therefore has a piano player in tow.

Horror and MOTORHEAD-inspired PRAYER LINE has returned with a 6-song demo entitled Thrill Me, Lick Me, Fuck Me, Kill Me. This would serve as the follow-up to the self-released debut Drink The Blood, which was released in April of 2019.

CRADLE OF FILTH has a U.S.A. tour with 3TEETH and ONCE HUMAN this autumn. KREATOR was joined by CRADLE OF FILTH singer Dani Filth on the song Betrayer at the Bloodstock Open Air festival last month.

Singapore-based VETERANS has released a debut demo called Fake Quiet And Peace.

STATE OF MIND is working on a new release called Shattered. The band was founded in 1994 and has lost two members, Scott and Brett, to addiction.

ACCEPT bassist MARTIN MOTNIK is working on a new and independent solo album. Guests include Wolf Hoffmann of ACCEPT and Joe Satriani.

Former W.A.S.P. guitarist CHRIS HOLMES has an album called Unbearable Influence. It is an independent record.

KISS shows beginning with one in Pennsylvania, USA were postponed after singer and guitarist Paul Stanley contracted COVID-19. Subsequently, bassist Gene Simmons was also stricken with the virus.

STRYPER guitarist Oz Fox is recovering from his brain surgeries, but the band is not waiting for him. Howie Simon (GRAHAM BONNET) is stepping into the guitar slot for upcoming shows.

EVERGREY has signed with Napalm Records and working on a new album.

FORGED IN BLACK played two sets at the Bloodstock Open Air festival last month - both on the Serpent's Lair V.I.P. Stage. The band has recorded a cover version, DEEP PURPLE's Into The Fire. The band is heading into the studio to record a new album this autumn.

USA-based metalcore act MASTIV has a song called Undone. The band is working on a full-length demo as well. The band was founded in 2008, went into hiatus in 2012 and returned in 2016. Founding member Lance Isbell suffered a heart attack and died in 2015. MASTIV is Steve Thiriot (vocals), Jason Hughes (lead guitar), Josh Gregory (rhythm guitar), Nikki Rangel (bass) and James Hoover (drums). Only Steve is an original member.

LOVEBITES has a CD and DVD called Heavy Metal Never Dies – Live In Tokyo 2021 through Victor in September. The originating show was taped in March, but was originally scheduled for January. It was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Bassist MIHO has left LOVEBITES. The band has gone on hiatus and, despite how “hiatus” usually translates to disbandment in Japan, the band vows to return.

PRIMAL FEAR has cancelled all shows for the foreseeable future due to a serious illness within the band.

SHOW-YA has an album called Showdown on August 30th. A song called Heavy Metal Feminity is collaboration with Doro.

Toronto, Canada-based veterans ANVIL are recording a new album. The band is recording in Germany.

Reaper Metal Productions has issued LADY BEAST’s Omens EP. It features a Rainbow cover version.

ENSLAVED will release a new EP, entitled Caravan To The Outer Worlds, through Nuclear Blast in October.

Brazil-based RAGE IN MY EYES has a demo called Spiral later this year. The band has uploaded a song called And Then Came The Storm. The band’s weakness includes incorporating elements of Milonga (folk music from southern South America) to its music.

Norway-based hard rock band ELECTRIC HIGH has a song called Sun. The band, which compares itself to MOTÖRHEAD, DEEP PURPLE and THE WHO, promises many more uploads this year.

Isle Of Man’s AEONS has a new demo. It is called Consequences and available on the 10th of September.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN is taking the Psychosomatic album to the road in the USA this month and bringing a visually entrancing laser/light show with them. Openers are PALADIN. The band headlined the Mad With Power Fest in Madison, Wisconsin on August 28.

SABATON’s new album is called The War To End All Wars and the support tour of spring 20211 is called Tour To End All Tours. SABATON will be the opener on JUDAS PRIEST's upcoming 50 Years Of Metal U.S. tour that begins in Pennsylvania on September 8th.

JUDAS PRIEST was rejoined by guitarist Glenn Tipton during the band's encore at the Bloodstock Open Air festival on August 15th. Tipton has been battling Parkinson’s disease and is replaced by Andy Sneap.

Eric Wagner, the singer of THE SKULL and former vocalist of doom metal band TROUBLE, and an anti-vaxxer was hospitalized with COVID 19 and subsequently died at the age of 62. THE SKULL has cancelled a pre-booked show. In the meantime, anti-vaccine voices are consulting their Instagram accounts for the latest ‘truth’ about the evil va666ine.

“Wacko” Not “Wino”: Scott "Wino" Weinrich cancelled his solo act’s acoustic set and appearance at Psycho Las Vegas in August as the festival required masking for artists and attendees. VIO-LENCE, whose singer is also an epidemiologist-cum-bioweapons’ authority, had its appearance marked by its singer’s time at the hospital due to COVID-19.

MAMMOTH WVH has canceled two concerts opening for GUNS N' ROSES after a member of the crew tested positive for COVID-19.

L.A. GUNS will release a new album, entitled Checkered Past, through Frontiers in November. The album features Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis.

Original HELIX keyboardist Don Simmons has died. He was in the band in the 1970s. He and singer Brian Vollmer were in a school band called HOMEGROWN.

METALSTEEL, based in Slovenia, has a demo called Forsaken By The Gods, on the 15th of September. The band is Benjamin Kic – guitar and vocals, Rok Tomšič – guitar, Daša Trampuš – drums and Matej Sušnik – bass.

ARMORED SAINT will release a new CD/DVD, called Symbol Of Salvation Live, through Metal Blade Records. It was taped when the band played the album on its 30th anniversary in New York in 2018.

Bangladesh-based GROUND FORCE has a demo called Tree Of Life, which is available in three volumes: in English, in Bangla and in an instrumental version. This is a concept recording.

IRON BUTTERFLY drummer Ron Bushy has died in Los Angeles, California of esophageal cancer. He was 79. Bushy was on drums on the band’s ’60s and ‘70s’ albums.

Latest bandwagon: NFTs. Every band in the past, present and future has them for sale.