Metallian Heavy

CRUEL FATE has an album called Destin Cruel through Personal Records.

Canada-based HATRED REIGNS has a new demo called Awaken The Ancients on December 1st. The lyrics on the demo are inspired by the film What Dreams May Come and Dante’s Inferno and John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

XOTH has an album called Exogalactic through Dawnbreed Records on November 3rd. A vinyl and MC edition will follow in early 2024.

SADIST has completed the songwriting for its next album. It has entered the studio and aims to release the record next autumn.

Ottawa, Canada-based PESSIMYSTIC has a demo called Burnt Offering. It was produced by Topon Das of FUCK THE FACTS at Apt 2 Recording.

CHAINED TO THE DEAD’s Discography Of Debauchery compilation is out through Horror Pain Gore Death on November 17th. The band is compared to PUNGENT STENCH, CARCASS and GWAR.

Amor Fati Productions has released Forsaking, Forseeking, full-length from France-based black metallers NETHERDOM.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has announced AROMA’s debut EP Adenocarcinoma. It is described as “Disgusting, Slamming, And Skin Curling Punky Goregrind Straight Out Of The Gurgling Bowels Of Filthadelphia.” The band is compared to PULMONARY FIBROSIS.

Italy-based death-thrashers INFECTION CODE have uploaded a song, called Something Wicked This Way Comes, from the full-length album Sulphur which is out through Time To Kill Records on November 17th. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Cat’s Cage Recording Studio by Francesco Salvadeo.

ONE MASTER’s full-length The Names Of Power will be released through Eternal Death on 24.11.2023. The release will coincide with ONE MASTER’s second live performance at the Messe Des Morts festival in Montreal, Canada with a US tour being organised by Ripping Headaches for spring 2024.

FEAR FACTORY has recruited SCATTERED STORM’s Javier Arriaga to play bass on the band’s current tour. The man, who is a roadie for FEAR FACTORY, is filling in for Tony Campos who is on the road with STATIC-X. MACHINE HEAD and FEAR FACTORY will tour North America in 2024. ORBIT CULTURE and GATES TO HELL will open.

JOB FOR A COWBOY will release its first album in ten years, Moon Healer, through Metal Blade on 23.02.2024. There is a video for the song The Forever Rot.

Heavy/thrash band MANDRILIA, which is based in Chile, has a single and video called Hombre Hostil, which addresses the Chilean social outbreak heroes and historical figures. The members are Daniel Peralta on drums, Jaime Prat on guitar, Rodrigo Vicens on vocals and JC Saavedra on bass.

Australia-based nu band DISTORTA has a demo called A Devil In The Dust. It features the band’s new vocalist Dmitry Keremetskiy.

Marseille, France-based STONE HORNS has signed with Rockshots Records. The band is releasing its third album Chimaira in January 2024 along with tour plans across Europe. Metal fans should approach this act with caution as they are being compared to SLIPKNOT, JINJER and MACHINE HEAD.

Australia-based ACROLYSIS has a demo called Revolution. An accompanying video is said to showcase the band’s sense of humour.

Poland-based death metal group MARTYRDOOM has a full-length called As Torment Prevails through Memento Mori.

After releasing albums with SHAGOR, OSSAERT, DINBETHES and WEERZIN, J. and P. decided to put their shared passion for mythology into a new project called SUOL. They decided to work with musicians from their local region exclusively. SUOL’s self-titled debut album is available through Swarte Yssel.

BENEDICTION, BLOOD RED THRONE, HOUR OF PENANCE and MITHRAS, among others, are playing at Beyond The Grave IV in London, England on the weekend of November 24th/25th.

The Netherlands-based SAVAGE, featuring multi-instrumentalist Michel Jonker (ex-ENTRAPMENT, MAKILADORAS, SUFFERING QUOTA and MASSIVE ASSAULT), has a first demo, simply entitled Demo I. The tape is out in partnership with Dawnbreed Records.

Singapore-based modern act (i.e. SCAR SYMMETRY, etc.) has an album called As The Bridge Collapses, which will be released through Rockshots Records on November 24th. NOPROPHECY has uploaded a song called Ghost Of Yesterday, which the label calls, “a single.”

WRATHEON released Becoming Nil through Seek And Strike on October 20th. Session musician Theodor Borovski (SECOND TO SUN, VINTERGATA etc) drummed after a drum machine was used in the first iteration of the recording and sounded fake and digital. Since recording Becoming Nil the act has become a full band with the addition of bassist Lillian Wong, guitarist Natalee Algozino and drummer Tulio Savatierra. The label was formed by former Century Media staff.

NILE has been joined by Dan Vadim Von (MORBID ANGEL and INCANTATION) on bass and Zach Jeter (HIDEOUS DIVINITY, LECHEROUS NOCTURNE and OLKOTH) on guitar for touring. The band is still working on its new album.

Canada-based ARTACH has a single and video called Hell On Halloween, which references several horror movie characters. The band is working on a full-length for 2024.

Iceland-based black metal act HELFRÓ has an album called Tálgröf, a project inspired by the dark manifestations of the human mind, through Season Of Mist.

White metallers A HILL TO DIE UPON has uploaded a song called Left Handed Wizard (My Eyes Look West). It is in advance of the new full-length album The Black Nativity, which is available on Rottweiler Records in late November.

Denmark-based SORT SIND has a track called Dysterhed from its debut full length I Skyggen Af Livet, which will be released through Nuclear Winter Records this month.

FOUL BODY AUTOPSY will release an EP, called Crucifix Dreams, on October 31st. As well as a couple of other guests,the demo employs the standard-issue contributors. These include Dirk Verbeuren on drums and Steve Di Giorgio on bass, with guitar solos being provided by Andy LaRocque and Bobby Koelble (DEATH) and an unnerving spoken word intro from Simon Shaw (TEMPLE OF LIES).

KRYPTOXIK MORTALITY releases a new album, entitled Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation, on through Comatose Music on December 8th. The band has four guest vocalists on the release.

REVULSED’s Cerebral Contamination is out through Everlasting Spew Records on 15.12.2023.

Sweden-based FARSOTH has an album called Morbid Symphonies, which will be released through Black Lion Records on November 24th.

Avantgarde Music releases US/Swedish black metal band RINGARË’s Of Momentous Endless Night and Russia-based post-black metal/sludge trio CRUST’s Dissolution. In addition to these, OLHAVA has a digital single called Eternal Fire.

USA-based death and doom metal group FURNACE FLOOR has a self-titled debut EP. The release is out through Dawnbreed Records this month. A vinyl version is expected in 2024.

KRIEG has returned with a new full-length entitled Ruiner, which is out through Profound Lore.

RAVENOIR released a new full-length album, entitled Cultus Inferi, Through Black Barn Music on October 31st.

Described as “Cascadian Black Metal,” USA-based RETURNING will have Breath Sun Bone Blood release the band’s debut album Severance on November 10th.

THREE EYES OF THE VOID has an album called The Atheist through Folter Records since 27.10.2023. The band was a solo studio project by Ukrainian musician Dmytro Kvashin initially before acquiring a full line-up. Dmytro visited Gdańsk, Poland and came across Arkadiusz Niziołek and Marcin Urban – former drummer and guitarist of SACRILEGIUM – in 2021. Jakub Milszewski, the bassist of groove/thrash metal band PERPETUAL, also joined. The band appeared at the Under The Black Sun festival and is booked for the winter edition of the festival Niech Cisza Milczy.

I HELVETE has a lyric video for the track Paratiisi, which is part of the band’s concept album Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta through Inverse Records.

Described as avant-garde black metal, Argentina-based PSICOSFERA has released a new album, Summa Negativa. The album was released through Lavadome Productions on October 27th.

Germany-based DETHRONED has signed with Dominance Of Darkness Records and will release an album called A Bridge To Eternal Darkness. Guitarist John Never handled all artwork. The band’s debut Bluotrunst is being rereleased by the label.

Finland-based funeral doom and death metal band CONVOCATION will issue its third record, entitled No Dawn For The Caliginous Night, through Everlasting Spew Records on 24.11.2023. It is described as, “aural study of concepts encircling death.”

Comprised of the leftover tracks from 1994’s Ceremony Of Opposites full-length, SAMAEL’s Rebellion EP is being reissued by Metal Scrap Records in a “Limited Deluxe Edition 24-kt Gold Translucent CD.” A sticker is also included.

DEGRAVE’s Volume is out through Horror Pain Gore Death on November 3rd. The band is compared to TOXIC HOLOCAUST, MOTORHEAD and MUNICIPAL WASTE.

Satanic black/heavy act DEATH MAGICK is having its debut demo, Demo MMXXIII, released as an EP through Dawnbreed Records in November.

They served McDonald’s at the funeral? FUNERAL VOMIT has a lyric video for Spectral Parasite. The song is taken from the Monumental Putrescence album, which will be released through Xtreem Music.

Vancouver, Canada-based CRYSTAL COFFIN has a video for the song Cryogenesis. The track is taken from The Curse Of Immortality album, which is out through A Beast In The Field.

The anti-underground forces strike again: S.U.P/SUPURATION will re-release its back catalogue of demos and albums through Xtreem Music in the coming years.

Japan-based thrash metal band RIVERGE has lost singer Nakamura Shouji to cancer. The band was booked for True Thrash Fest in November and intends to appear with a special line-up.

The new Dwell Records? Time To Kill Records will release Mesmerized – A Tribute To Celtic Frost on January 26th. Compiled by Alberto Penzin of SCHIZO, participants include DOOMRAISER, KRYPTONOMICON and NECRODEATH among others.

USA-based heavy/thrash metal group MINDRAZER has a full-length called A Thing of Nightmares. It is produced by Kevin Antreassian who has worked with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. The demo is out through Misanthropic Records’ imprint. The band opened for VENOM INC., SATAN and RINGWORM in October.

KREATOR and IN FLAMES are touring Australia in February. A documentary for the band is in the works and due in 2025.

SLAMMER, which reformed earlier in 2023, has cited family health issues and logistics to disband again.

VALDRIN has premiered a track named Paladins Of Ausadjur from the Throne Of The Lunar Soul full-length, which will be released through Blood Harvest Records.

Switzerland-based IMPALEMENT has a demo called The Dawn Of Blackened Death. It is the follow-up to 2020’s The Impalement and was recorded by Jens “Pestilence“ Förster at AMP Studio in Duisburg, Germany and mixed and mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio.

MANTICORA has uploaded a song called Beast Of The Fall through Mighty Music.

Tokyo, Japan-based BLOOD PROPHECY has a demo called Last Battle, Under The Starry Sky.

DARK TRANQUILLITY is at Fascination Street Studio in Sweden to record a new album. It is the follow-up to Moment from 2020.

Chile-based DOLEZALL has a new EP and lyric video, which is the third part of a mediaeval story. It is a part of a new album, called Dark Tales From Medieval Times, and entitled Part 3: The Presence Of Evil. The third chapter is a portion of four that will make up the aforementioned record.

Inspiratio Profanus is the name of a compilation by DIMMU BORGIR of the cover versions it has recorded. Black Metal, originally by VENOM, is a single. The album is out through Nuclear Blast in December.

PHOBOCOSM will release a new full-length, called Foreordained, through Dark Descent Records in December.

Slowly We Rot fanzine #22 is available. Interviews include TSJUDER, DRUNK THRASHER, Ed Warby, EMBRACE OF THORNS and many more. It can be found here:

Loud As Hell festival in Alberta, Canada has opened up submissions for its 2024 edition. Bands may visit

Metallian Hard

CONEY HATCH released a live album, entitled Postcard From Germany, through Anthem Records on 22.09.2023. The band had an album release concert in Toronto on the same day and will return for another concert on November 11th.

Produced at Sonic Bang Studio in Isorella, Brescia, Italy by co-songwriter, Oscar Burato, LOUDERYELL has released its debut single, Toxic Love, through Street Symphonies Records and Burning Minds. The hard rock band is working on a full-length.

STRYPER singer Michael Sweet is having surgery to remove the left side of his thyroid. His test results indicate he may have cancer.

MAGNUM will release a new album, entitled Here Comes The Rain, through Steamhammer/SPV in January. The band is planning to tour in April.

Hard rock band THE BLAST WAVE has signed with Music-Records and will release a debut album in 2024. The band is Alexx - guitars and vocals, Yoann - guitars, Gaylord - drums and Léandr - bass.

ICARUS WITCH has an album called No Devil Lived On through Cleopatra Records. Noah Skiba is on drums.

Argentine singer and bassist Ricardo Horacio Iorio of ALMAFUERTE, V8 and LETAL died of a heart attack in October.

Uyu and Mayto, respectively former singer and guitarist for Japan-based HAGANE, have a new band called MANA DIAGRAM. The band is recording.

Y&T has announced Fiftieth anniversary concerts for California, USA for March 2024.

TRAPEZE's Lost Tapes Vol. 1 will be released through Metalville Records on 24.10.2023. It features rarely heard odds and ends tracks of the heavy rock act.

GLENN HUGHES has announced that he will perform DEEP PURPLE material as part of the Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live monicker in the USA in February 2024. He also intends to record a new solo album.

DRAGONFORCE will release a new album, entitled Warp Speed Warriors, through Napalm Records in March. The band has a single called Power Of The Triforce that is inspired by the Japanese game Zelda.

LORDI has announced the Unliving Pictour Show spring 2024 European tour.

JUDAS PRIEST released a single called Panic Attack on October 13th. The track is taken from the band's Invincible Shield album, which is scheduled through Sony for March 8, 2024. In the meantime, Glenn Tipton joined the band on stage at Power Trip festival where AC/DC also played its first concert in seven years.

COVEN JAPAN has an album called Earthlings through No Remorse Records. The album is mixed and mastered by Olof Wikstrand of ENFORCER.

T.T. QUICK will reunite for a show in Hillsborough, New Jersey on Saturday, November 11th. The concert will be a memorial to drummer Erik Ferro who died in June.

Chile-based TORNADO has a song called Piedra Contra Espada along with a video clip of this single that will be part of the Extirpe demo. It shall be released at the end of 2023. “This musical piece talks about a rebellion against the conquest of the Spanish armies and the injustice that the indigenous peoples in Chile and Latin America experience - until today.” It was written in 1994.

IRON MAIDEN will embark on the Australian and New Zealand leg of its The Future Past tour. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE will open the September mini-tour of six cities. IRON MAIDEN will then return to Canada and the USA with The Future Past Tour in the autumn.

A reference to Donald Trump? ORANGE GOBLIN will be touring in Japan, Australia and New Zealand in April. They will be supporting a new album. Support in Japan will come from CHURCH OF MISERY, in Australia from DR. COLOSSUS and ASTRODEATH and in New Zealand from PIECES OF MOLLY.

Australia-based hard rockers WICKED SMILE will release a new demo entitled Night Time Riders on November 17th, which coincides with the band’s UK headline show at The Motorsport Lounge in Llandudno, Wales. The group has a run of gigs in the United Kingdom with festival appearances at WinterStorm and Planet Rockstock, as well as a number of club dates.

ACE FREHLEY has a new album, entitled 10,000 Volts, which is out through MNRK Music Group in February. Steve Brown, formerly of TRIXTER and currently in RUBIX KUBE, co-wrote some of it.

KISS, its management, Live Nation and Marriott hotels have been sued by the family of the band’s dead roadie, Francis Stueber. The man died after contracting COVID-19 during the band's End Of The Road tour in 2021. Of note, far from being the end of the road the band is on tour currently.

KISS and OZZY OSBOURNE school? CIRITH UNGOL, which has released a new album called Dark Parade through Metal Blade, has announced retirement from live performances at the close of 2024. The band is announcing concerts for 2024 soon.

It is the famous farewell tour again. LYNCH MOB has announced The Final Ride final tour. It will kick off in January and end in March of 2025 on the Monsters Of Rock cruise.

DOKKEN has an upcoming Netflix movie slated for 2024. It is focusing on the band in the 1980s.

U.D.O.’s 2023 tour of North America has been postponed to the autumn of 2024. Logistics has been blamed.

MÖTLEY CRÜE will play at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in June 2024.

Former ZZ TOP bassist Dusty Hill, who died in 2021, is having a collection of his belongings auctioned through Julien's Auctions this December. An undisclosed portion of the auction proceeds will benefit MusiCares.

Canada-based groovy act DIRTY AUDIO MACHINE Has a video for the song Damage Done. A demo, entitled Only Fury Remains, is out now. Damage Done began with Steve Ricardo, a seasoned musician known for his work with GREEN JELLO and BIF NAKED. The band is compared to PANTERA and STATIC-X.

Eönian Records has released FREAKSHOW’s So Shall It Be on October 27th. So Shall It Be features Ronnie Borchert, Carlos Cavazo, Greg Chaisson and Stet Howland. The last three members are making their first appearance with the act.

ULI JON ROTH’s upcoming book is called In Search Of The Alpha Law and addresses the guitarist’s fundamental way of looking at things and laws that the man believes govern the universe.

EVERGREY has a 30th anniversary album, which is entitled From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits through Napalm Records on December 15, 2023. It features several live tracks, “piano” and demo versions of tracks. A limited edition comes with a book about the band.

On the road on its coast-to-coast Canada tour, Edmonton’s FALL OF EARTH has cancelled the remaining dates of the Road To Purgatory Tour due to an unexpected family emergency.

One of a dozen bands called VOID on the scene, the UK-based avant-garde act released an album called Jadjowthrough Brucia Records in December. Jadjow is the result of the DHG Void Dancers tour in 2019, where VOID founding member and guitarist Matt Jarman and Camille Giraudeau (DREAMS OF THE DROWNED and DOEDSMAGHIRD) both played guitar for DØDHEIMSGARD. DHG's bass player Lars Emil Måløy (IF NOTHING IS) and the live sound engineer George Geegor Anagnostopoulos also collaborated. The drums on the album were performed by Tariq Zulficar (ATRAMENTUM).

TAZ’s Wake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1 is issued by Eönian Records. TAZ was founded as MANIAC THRUST in 1983 and the material, alongside Shipwrecked, Vol. 2, stems from the late 1980s.

Former MARY’S BLOOD singer EYE has a new mini-album called Arcana. Its direction is announced as being eclectic.

TODOMAL is back with A Greater Good, a new studio album. The Spanish duo, formed by Christopher B. Wildman and Javier Fernández (ASGAROTH, NEXUS 6, THE HERETIC, DEJADEATH, etc.) brings a collection of "dark songs,” which began with the seeds planted in Ultracrepidarian, the debut album.

Progressive metal band AVELION has a video for the song Alone In Time. AVELION with new vocalist Riccardo Rizzardelli is working on a new album.

RAGE, C.O.P. UK and SECRET RULE are touring the UK in November and December.

PRETTY MAIDS, whose singer Ronnie Atkins is afflicted with stage four cancer, has been booked for several festivals in 2024. These are Time To Rock in Sweden and Jailbreak and Copenhell in Denmark.

Drummer Mike Mangini is out of DREAM THEATER and replaced by his predecessor Mike Portnoy. The band will record a new album in 2024. Portnoy, who has been a stool-for-hire since leaving in 2010, had been expressing his desire to return to Dream Theater over the years. Mangini has a solo record.

India-based MUSTANG has an album called Beyond Raging Thunder through Fighter Records. The vinyl version is out through Golden Core.

FIREWIND will release a new studio album, entitled Stand United, through AFM on March 1st. One bundle includes a ticket to the band’s concert on its tour with MASTERPLAN.

KINGCROW has signed with Season Of Mist and has an upcoming album called Hopium.

Nordic Noise will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Kometen venue in May 2024. This year’s edition has a 1980s’ theme. Bands booked are CRASHDÏET (SE), BULLET (SE), GRUMPYNATORS (DK), VIOLET (DE), JD MILLER (SE), STREET FIGHTER + special guests (DK) and MICHAEL CATTON (DK).

Lion Music has signed A&MORE, the solo project of Jo Amore and his brother David, this is the result of 40 years of career with different bands, as rock & heavy singer. The members have worked with NIGHTMARE, NOW OR NEVER, ÖBLIVÏON and TEMPLE. Jo is the vocalist for JOE STUMP, TOWER OF BABEL and KINGCROWN among others. The album is called Legacy and out now.

Former STEPPENWOLF, KEEL, L.A. GUNS, RIPLEY’s L.A.GUNS and W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley died at the age of 67. He had contracted pneumonia and was hospitalised before his death.

SVEN GALI’s new album Bombs And Battlescars is out through Music In Motion. There are videos for the songs One Gun and Monster.

Is there a difference between conspiracy theorists and right-wingers anymore? They seem to be one and the same.

Metallian Demos

Two things before reviewing the music here. The proper band name per the cover may be Brent Sullivan Sullvation, but the spine and CD itself tell us that the first and surname of the protagonist are not required for the monicker. Secondly, this is a solo record with the compositions and playing of Mr. Sullivan, but he has a drummer and over 16 guests in tow. The logistics must have been something. The budget to pay all these folk is another thing. Speaking of the bassist (and occasional guitarist), he has been in a dozen acts since the dawn of time and obviously still has the passion for metal. That much is clear from this CD.
There is an intro, spoken word and the tightly executed heavy metal gives way to breakdowns and throaty vocals, which sound like a preacher. There is some good variety to the vocals and the solo that kicks in bears the hallmarks of true metal. The distorted bass adds to the cause. The next track features Ripper Owens and is cliche-wise called Screaming In Silence. It is arguably the CD’s weakest track. At times it also smacks of nu funk rock. There is a video for the song, which does not feature Owens. That is a good thing. Aside from the drummer for Megadeth, Owens is the most overused musician in metal. The lyric sheet makes matters worse when it exposes spelling mistakes like “fear's” instead of ‘fear’ or “cross to bare” instead of ‘cross to bear.’ Apparently, they could pay the guest musicians, but no money was left for a proofreader. The good news is that the CD seriously picks up from here. Yup, they placed the two worst tracks upfront.
We Become is more driven and more like it. The solos on the previous tracks were good, but they are even better here. The main man has collected some serious talent for this! Wonder how much it cost him! There are 16 guest photos in the CD’s booklet and there are even more listed. We Become is followed by another ‘we,’ namely We Come In Peace. It is pure molten metal with amazing guitars. The bass is amazing, The spelling mistakes are back, however, with “when your spoken” presumably being “when you’re spoken to” and “the conversation's mute” presumably meaning ‘moot.’ Quality of education at American schools… Sorry, did I place the words ‘quality’ and ‘American schools’ in one sentence?
Second Chance is a nifty power metal song with a solo that is pure Rainbow and another dual guitar harmony that is incredible. The singer is called Bill Swanson and the man delivers exactly as Bruce Dickinson would. The return of the guitar is more akin to Steve Vai and quite impressive again. Sucker Punch is technically impressive and there is a touch of Rainbow, but the song is filler and not much of a song. They should have shortened the album because as much as there is some great material here there is this too. What You Don't Know is world-class. The guitar, solo, drums and overall structure takes a backseat to no one. Slightly amusing that the Sullivan guy has this ability and is likely sitting somewhere at home unrecognised or going to his day job every day where his co-workers are none the wiser. Desolation Of Abomination is not a Morbid Angel song played backwards. It is an odd title with its keyboards though and putting aside the wimpy instrument, which thank goodness scoots quickly, is a more extreme offering from Sullvation. The aforementioned Sucker Punch had its extreme moments too.
It is worth mentioning that there seems to be quite a bit of god and Christianity weaved into this. Either way, this is metal where the guitars scream, wail and cajole, the bass is impressive and the majority of the guests are undiscovered or underappreciated talent.
Does the CD title suggest the man in charge is hanging up his bass and retiring? Not sure, but this disc is worth your time for the time being. Find the band at - Anna Tergel

Previously called Grobdaniste for a decade, Mogila Deathcult, which may or may not be named after a Macedonian town, has issued its seven-minute long debut demo River Rot in 2023. The band is not the world’s tightest and that light snare is annoying, but fret not dear reader. It is mostly buried in the mix thank goodness. What the cultists lack in drum sound and slickness they make up for with old school underground guttural and brutal death metal.
Deeper Crypt is where the snare is at its worst. The song is stop and go. Chains has a noisy solo that reminded this girl of the leads on the debut from Entombed. The song is a wall of sound and great stuff. The barking and raspy singer and the heavy music are under the cover of one weird artwork where a lactating mermaid is sitting on a human skull while nourishing a bird with many more customers flying in. Instant Mash is never as good as the real handmade stuff, but prepared food aside the band has made a good song of it. It is faster and has a punky imid-section in contrast to the other mostly mid-paced songs. This demo is too short at 7 minutes, but then again thanks for not including a weak song. The band is at - Anna Tergel