Metallian Heavy

Calgary-based HAMMERDRONE is releasing a new concept demo called A Trinity Of Rage. The band has an accompanying short story to be read first along with the purchase of the music.

The Netherlands-based death metal act SPARTAN has an album called Of Kings and Gods through Pest Records on January 14th.

EXTREMA, DIE KUR and THE HERETIC ORDER just completed a tour of five cities in the UK.

Suspiria Records is issuing INSIGHT AFTER DOOMDAY’s next album soon. A single and video called Disconnected is available now.

Italy-based deathgrind band EFYD has an album called Like Shadows through Metal Scrap. The band is described as influenced by MORBID ANGEL, KREATOR and SEPULTURA.

Canada-based DEPLETED URANIUM has a demo called Origins. The band is described as being similar to CONVERGE, CHARLES BRONSON and DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.

France-based solo black metal act NOIRSUAIRE is issuing its Poisoned Vessel Resurrection demo through Impure Wedding Productions.

NERVOCHAOS will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations) album with Xenokorp and, along with a re-release, embark on a South America tour with BELPHEGOR, KRISIUN and CRYPTA in May.

CARNAGE OF CHILDREN has signed with Music-Records for the release of a new album, entitled Darkness Within, which is scheduled for March 25th.

Sydney, Australia-based thrash metal band KILLRAZER is releasing its The Burial Begins album through Battlegod Productions this month.

Vancouver, Canada-based ANARCHEON has a three-track demo called Scary Tale. There is a video for the song Transyldrainia.

Italy-based death metallers HUSQWARNAH have a debut album, called Front Toward Enemy, out through Fuel Records (LP) and Reborn Through Tapes (MC) this month.

USA-based DEAD WAR has returned to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for the release of a new EP called Grandfather Of War.

Art Gates Records has signed Germany-based ANTYRA. The band has two albums that deal with the mythical and historical ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and Sumer. The first album, called Poiema, will be released through Art Gates Records in 2022.

Ottawa, Canada-based metalcore act SINFUL WAYS has returned with a new demo called Darkest Days. It is eleven days too early.

Italy-based grindcore act REJEKTS has its upcoming debut album Adamo out through Slaughterhouse Records. The album was recorded and mixed by producer Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studios (CRIPPLE BASTARDS, INSANITY ALERT and EKPYROSIS) in Italy. The cover artwork is by Raffaele Salzillo.

EarMusic has announced a reissue series of ANNIHILATOR’s catalog. Metal II is the first containing unheard songs, special editions and bonus material. Dave Lombardo and Stu Block can be heard on Metal II. There are also several other guest appearances.

Former MACHINE HEAD and current VIO-LENCE guitarist Phil Demmel filled in for Dave Linsk at OVERKILL‘s concert at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey, USA on November 13th.

Singapore-based WHERE THE DEAD GATHER is a quartet that has a debut song upload called The Drop. The song is about a pandemic and was written by the band in 2017.

Art Gates has signed Spain-based metalcore act DAWN OF EXTINCTION. An album is expected this winter. The band was founded in 2014.

CATTLE DECAPITATION, THE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE, CREEPING DEATH and EXTINCTION A.D. are touring the USA in January and February. CREEPING DEATH will be touring in support of The Edge Of Existence EP.

Tokyo, Japan-based sludge band ABIURO has a demo called The Origin Of Hyper Doom.

San Diego, California, USA-based death/doom duo MORDOM, featuring members of CESSATION, will release its Cry Of The Dying World full-length through Transylvanian Recordings this month. MORDOM was forged in 2018 by bassist/vocalist Max Hoffman and drummer Nathan Gonzalez. Though Gonzalez didn’t play on the band’s 2020 Eternal Solitude demo.

Italian label Time To Kill Records has signed RABID DOGS, The Italy-based band known for its grindcore, sludge and hard rock with cinema-inspired lyrics. The band’s new album Black Cowslip will be out on January 28th. It was recorded and mixed at Kick Recording Studio in Rome between September 2020 and March 2021.

Spain-based ANGOIXA has a demo called Distopia Digital on 17.12.2021.The band sings in Catalan.

Chicago, Illinois, USA-based BURNED IN EFFIGY has a demo called Rex Mortem on January 28th. It follows the band’s Terrestrial demo. The band was founded by Brad Dose (guitar), Vito Belino (guitar), Matt Watkins (bass) and Eddie Dec (drums) in 2016.

India-based groove band SYSTEMHOUSE33 has a video for the track Lake Of Sorrow off its End Of Days demo of 2019. This first video is from a series of three the band will be releasing in the coming months in lead up to its two-month 2022 European tour supporting NERVOSA and WARBRINGER.

Onism Productions is releasing LIFELOST’s Punitive Damnation on December 10th. The act specializes in black metal.

MIDNIGHT, WATAIN and MAYHEM will tour North America using The Sanguine Sodomy Of North America monicker next March.

UK-based black crust act WOLFBASTARD has a new album, entitled Hammer The Bastards, through Clobber Records on January 14th.

Why? OSCULUM INFAME’s The Black Theology EP is being re-issued through Impure Wedding Productions. It was originally released through Mordgrimm in 2000.

The Netherlands-based death metal group SPARTAN has an upcoming album, called Of Kings and Gods, through Pest Records. It was mixed by Jacob Hansen. There is a lyric video for the song Prometheus.

Fanges is a new EP from the France-based atmospheric death metal band BARÚS containing two tracks spanning 35 minutes. The EP is scheduled for release through Aesthetic Death (CD) and Breathe Plastic (tape) on December 31st.

Russia-based doom band PSILOCYBE LARVAE has a video for the track Inner Darkness from its Where Silence Dwells album out through Red Rivet Records this month. A vinyl version is expected in February. The album was completed a year ago.

The brothers of !T.O.O.H.! have a video for the instrumental track Zrozen K Božským Cílům off the band’s Free Speech album, which was issued in 2020.

Japan-based crossover group KRUELTY will be heading to the USA in early 2022 as support for YEAR OF THE KNIFE‘s headline tour.

South Korea-based thrash metal group METHOD has a new demo and it is called Escape By Explosion.

The Philippines-based thrash metal band PAGANFIRE has a new demo entitled Of Death Blades And Blood Soaked Paths.

Inspired by KEEL? The reformed Germany-based black metal band MYSTIC CIRCLE has signed to Atomic Fire Records. The duo has a video for Letters From The Devil, a single from its self-titled February 2022 album.

REDEMPTOR’s first new full-length in four years, the successor to the Arthaneum album, is called Agonia and out through Selfmadegod. Agonia is also the name for a Polish record company.

ERZSEBET has a self-titled single, which is extracted from the upcoming The Blasphemous Lady album. The album will be released through Art Gates Records this month.

KORPSESOTURI, an old-school death metal band from Finland, will issue a new album through Xtreem Music next autumn.

Finland-based SOLAR CROSS has an album called Echoes Of The Eternal Word through Transcending Records. The band features former members of OMNIUM GATHERUM. The band is Harri Pikka, Lauri Pikka, Jarmo Pikka and completed by lyricist and author Matti Rautaniemi.

Star Wars-themed and pro dark side band ECRYPTUS has a new EP, called Kyr’am Beskar’gam” (Mandalorian for ‘death metal), through SBDC Records (Slamming Brutal Death Community) in January.

Now signed to Vicious Instinct Records, New Hampshire, USA-based deathcore outfit WRETCHED TONGUES will issue its debut album Ulter Praefinitum in March. A video for the song Into The Nothing is out now.

UK-based death metal band PHOBETOR has a demo called Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds on December 13th. It will be distributed through the Black Jasper Records imprint.

Finland-based funeral doom act SHAPE OF DESPAIR has a new album, called Return To The Void, through Season Of Mist on 25.02.2022.The band is now streaming a song called Reflection In Slow Time.

Why? ARKHON INFAUSTUS’s debut EP In Sperma Infernum is re-issued by Impure Wedding Productions. The CD was originally issued by Mordgrimm in 1998.

Belgium-based SCHIZOPHRENIA, which is independently issuing its Recollections Of The Insane CD, has Redefining Darkness Records distributing it in North America. It shall become available on 18th of February.

CANNIBAL CORPSE singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher will release a solo album, entitled Corpsegrinder, on February 4th. It is co-produced by Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and be released through Jasta’s new record label, Perseverance Music Group. The album features a guest appearance by CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Erik Rutan on the track Acid Vat.

BELDAM returns to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the release of Live At The Golden Pony. It was recorded directly to the soundboard at the Golden Pony in Harrisonburg Virginia on January 8th 2017.

CRYPTOBIOSIS‘ new album is called Chainsaw Crucifixion and out through Art Gates now.

They call it an album, but surely they know that everyone knows that it is a demo: Canada-based DEATH PERCEPTION is supporting its Ashes demo with a music video for the upload Ashes To Mourn.

Metallian Hard

Pitch Black Records is releasing the self-titled debut album of Canada-based hard rockers AGE OF WOLVES, which is scheduled to be released on December 10th.

The Austria-based hard rockers SERGEANT STEEL is at the studio of its guitarist Jack Power recording ten new songs. Its completion is planned for mid-2022.

Sneakout Records and Burning Minds Music Group have signed Italy-based hard rockers SIMPLE LIES for the release of the Millennial Zombies album. The band was born in Bologna, Italy in 2006 and completed its line-up in 2012. The line-up is Alessandro Rubino – vocals, Alberto Molinari and Jam Bognanni – guitars, Ash Saboori – bass and drummer Zak Zucchini.

Germany-based ETERNITY’S END has an album called Embers Of War through Prosthetic Records.

MASTERCASTLE’s next album is called Lighthouse-Pathetic and will mark the return of the band five years after its Wine Of Heaven record. It will be published in two editions with two different cover artworks, one for digital stores through Musicart and one as a physical CD format through Diamonds Prod in early 2022.

ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA from Italy has its album La Bibbia re-issued on its 50th Anniversary by Jolly Roger Records. The band is described as the Italian BLACK SABBATH.

SABATON has a limited-edition live double-DVD/Blu-ray, called The Great Show and The 20th Anniversary Show, through Nuclear Blast.

Former IRON MAIDEN and current solo singer Blaze Bayley has cancelled his show at U.K.'s Planet Rockstock after testing positive for COVID-19.

IRON MAIDEN and Marvel/Disney have signed an agreement to issue Marvel and Iron maiden characters’ merchandise.

RATT singer STEPHEN PEARCY has postponed his East Coast USA solo shows after testing positive for COVID-19.

GUNS N' ROSES, FOO FIGHTERS, KISS and KORN will headline the 2022 edition of the Welcome To Rockville festival taking place in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA between May 19-22.

SAXON will release a new album, entitled Carpe Diem (‘Seize The Day’), through Silver Lining Music in February.

Spain-based BLAST OPEN has returned and signed with Suspiria Records. An album is due in 2022.

BLIND GUARDIAN has a new single, called Deliver Us From Evil, through Nuclear Blast. The song is a preview of the band's new album due in September 2022.

Rockshots Records has signed USA-based SARTORI for the release of its forthcoming debut album Dragon's Fire, which is out on January 28th. The man was born in Brazil and claims influence from Mozart.

OPETH has fired its drummer “due to a conflict of interests.” Martin Axenrot is out and replaced by Sami Karppinen of THERION for the North American tour with MASTODON and ZEAL & ARDOR.

MANOWAR is booked for the Release Athens 2022 festival at Plateia Nerou in June 2022. The band played there in 2019. The band has recorded a song called The Revenge Of Odysseus for its next studio album thirty years after Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts from The Triumph Of Steel. This comes several years after the group said farewell.

STRYPER singer Michael Sweet is undergoing surgery on his right eye for a detached retina. His December solo show is cancelled as a consequence.

ACCEPT has postponed the Too Mean To Die Europe tour, which was scheduled for January and February 2022, to January and February 2023 due to the pandemic.

Nuclear Blast founder Markus Staiger, who sold his company to Believe Digital several years ago, has launched a new company called Atomic Fire GmbH. The label has announced the signing of Iceland-based power metal band POWER PALADIN and movie cover version act AT THE MOVIES.

AMORPHIS will release a new album, entitled Halo, through Atomic Fire Records in February. It was produced by Jens Bogren.

Karl Sanders of NILE has signed with Napalm Records for the release of a new album by his ambient solo project SAURIAN. Napalm Records will also re-issue the Saurian Meditation and Saurian Exorcisms albums.

URIAH HEEP will tour Europe next summer and autumn.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed FERNWAH and will issue its debut album Approaching Oblivion. The USA-based act’s sound is described as “experimental heavy metal” and features Zakk Mild (OXALATE and COME MIERDA) and Peter Martin (BLACK KITES, BONJOUR and HOLY DEATH).

Yet another project: Anders Fridén, singer for IN FLAMES, has a new project, which is called IF ANYTHING, SUSPICIOUS. The electronica project's album, Offair: Lullabies For The Damned, will be released on through Offair Records on 03.12.2021.

THUNDEROR is a new band featuring JJ Tartaglia (SKULL FIST), SKULL FIST band-mate Jonny Nesta and Oscar Rangel (OPERUS and ex-ANNIHILATOR). The band’s Fire It Up album is available through Boonsdale Records. The band is compared to SKULL FIST, SAXON and JUDAS PRIEST, but also has keyboards and piano! The band is touring Europe next March.

After procuring a new and second singer, WHITESNAKE has recruited bassist Tanya O'Callaghan as the replacement for Michael Devin. She was previously in Steven Adler's band.

QUEENSRŸCHE, which is recording a new album next month, has pulled out of SCORPIONS' rescheduled Sin City Nights Las Vegas “residency” in order to open for the rescheduled JUDAS PRIEST 50 Heavy Metal Years North American tour in March and April 2022. SKID ROW will open for SCORPIONS instead. OZZY OSBOURNE’s tour with JUDAS PRIREST for Europe has, in the meanwhile, been postponed again this time to 2023. A JUDAS PRIEST Screaming For Vengeance, which remains the band’s best-selling record, is out in 2022.

HAMMERFALL has a music video for the Hammer Of Dawn single. A full-length is due through Napalm Records in the winter.

CRASHDÏET has signed with Golden Robot Records and is in the studio working on an album, which is due out in early 2022. The band has a single called No Man's Land available now.

Japanese festival suckers ahoy! Guitarist George Lynch will appear with DOKKEN in a dozen special one-off surprise unannounced events… every week and for evermore.