Parade Into Centuries – 1992 – Holy
Macabre Sunsets – 1993 – Holy
Athenian Echoes – 1995 – Holy
Lesbian Show – 1997 – Holy
Diva Futura – 1999 – Holy
I Am Jesus – 2003 - Black Lotus
Lyssa - Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments – 2004 – Black Lotus
Astron Black And The Thirty Tyrants – 2010 – Metal Blade
Cassiopeia – 2013 – Metal Blade
All Night We Prey – 2021 – Season Of Mist

Nightfall image
Epidemic, The Slayerking>>EFTHIMIS KARADIMAS>>The Slayerking

Blind Justice, Vanity>>Mike Galiatsos>>Snowblind, Vanity, Zion – Vanity>>Christian Adamou>>Vanity – Obsecration, Sickening Horror>>George Bokos>>Sickening Horror, Obsecration, Rotting Christ, Stone Cold Dead - Abiogenesis>>Phil Anton [Philippos Antoniou] – Mirage, Skyward, Perpetual, Star Queen, Retrospect, Solo, Firewind>>Bob Gatzionis [Babis Katsionis]>>Firewind, Perpetual, Star Queen, Revolution Renaissance, Serious Black, Solo, Burnt City – Jim Agelopoulos>>Snowblind - Karmic Link, Dark Hound>>Evan Hensley>>Karmic Link, Dark Hound – Nightrage, Solo, Mystic Prophecy, Descending>>Constantine Kotzamanis>>Solo, Mystic Prophecy, Descending - Blind Justice, Vanity, Mike G.>>MIKE GALIATSOS>>Snowblind, Mike G., Zion – Nocta, The Slayerking>>KOSTAS KYRIAKOPOULOS>>Nocta, The Slayerking

Epidemic, The Slayerking>>Efthimis Karadimas>>The Slayerking - Fotis Anagnostou – Nocta>>Kostas Kyriakopoulos>>Nocta, The Slayerking - Lucifer's Child, Valet Parn>>Stathis Ridis>>Lucifer's Child, Valet Parn – The Slayerking>>Efthimis Karadimas>>The Slayerking - The Beggar Belief>>VASILIKI BIZA>>The Beggar Belief

Septicemia>>Costas Savidis>>Anaemia, Septicemia, The Circle Of Zaphyan, Mahakala, Kawir, Soulskinner, Diavolos – Spitfire>>Mark Cross>>At Vance, Metalium, Helloween, Winters Bane, Firewind, Electric Eye, God's Army A.D., Tank, Exorcism, Tower Of Babel - Extremity Obsession, Nile, Sickening Horror>>George Kollias>>Nile, Sickening Horror, Cerebrum, Contrarian, Solo, Burnt City – Mandrake, Rumble Militia, Stormwarrior>>Jörg Uken>>Rumble Militia, Stormwarrior – Dream Devoid, InnerWish. Septic Flesh, Double Square, Chaostar, Necromantia>>FOTIS BENARDO>>Necromantia

George Aspiotis>>Spitfire, Kingdragon - Karmic Link, System Shock>>Stathis Cassios>>System Shock, Karmic Link

History & Biography
This Athens, Greece-based band was founded in 1991 as a death/doom band and, as is the usual case, drifted into commercial goth and rock territories as the members and main man Karadimas aged.

The Vanity (later a band name featuring Christian Adamou and Mike Galiatsos) demo of 1991 featured drummer Sotiris. It would establish the band’s pattern of constantly changing members. Karadimas also handled the bass until 1999 when Marc McKnight replaced him. The founding members mostly departed in 1999 as well. The band entered the studio in the spring of 1992 and issued its debut for the debutant Holy Records. It was issued in September. The group supported Paradise Lost in Athens soon. Molon Lave Records issued a 7” EP preview of The Anthem Of The Death song on the Oh Black Queen, Oh You're Mine release. Following its second album the band, lead a group including label-mates like Misanthrope, as well as Celestial Season and Sadness through Europe. The group performed in Turkey in 1998. The band played at Wacken in 2001. The band criticized its former label upon leaving Holy Records. The band had essentially fallen apart in 1999, but returned. The band announced it would cease live work in 2005. The group signed to Metal Blade in 2010. The band announced a European tour with Draconian for March 2021. The boys released their back-catalogue on vinyl. Five albums would be released on vinyl through Season Of Mist in the first two months of 2021. Mike Galiatsos was back in the band after a 20-year absence. Kostas Kyriakopoulos was also back and now on guitar. Efthimis reclaimed the bass position.

Nightfall had a video for the track Meteor Gods, which was recorded during the At Night We Play concert in Athens in November 2021. Vasiliki Biza arrived on bass. The band announced a live EP, entitled In The Temple Of Ishtar, featuring two tracks from this show, for July 22nd 2022.


It would be too easy to say that Greece's Nightfall has travelled to Finland's Tico-Tico Studio in order to get that morose Sentenced sound, although some of that is on record here. Instead, after a three-year absence, the quartet has returned with a dark and poppy album that is short on actual riffs and long on stale melodies which, no doubt, are designed to convey a sense of profound darkness to the listener. Whether that is enough to compel one to buy an album is for the consumer to decide, but it is quite obvious regardless that I Am Jesus does not back its exaggerated title with either actual compositional prowess or intensity. The singer orates in a 'meaningful' way, the synthesizer tags along and the overly loud snare bangs to the death-rhythm of its song's structure. I Am Jesus takes the cake for both exaggeration and contrived significance - just like its namesake character. - Ali "The Metallian"