High Voltage>>Slender>>NIGHTGLOW - ITALY

We Rise – 2013 - Logic(il)logic
Orpheus – 2015 - Bakerteam
Rage Of A Bleedin’ Society – 2019 - Logic(il)logic

Nightglow image
S= Maya, Motorfingers>>DANIELE "ABBA" ABATE>>Maya, Motorfingers
G= ANDREA "MORET" MORETTI - Giulio "GNG" Negrini
B= Davide "Fantu" Fantuzzi – Tragodia>>MARCO NICOLI>>Tragodia

The Italy-based heavy metal band may not sound too old were you to know that they were formed in 2003. The group, however, was first established as High Voltage before picking a thinner name and going Slender.

A 2004 demo was appropriately called Introduction It was followed by Metanderthal. It was years before a deal was signed and an album was finally issued. In the interim guitarists, drummers and violinists came and went. The band also operates as a Manowar cover band. The Italy-based heavy metallers inked a deal with Logic Il Logic Records/Burning Minds Music Group again in 2019 for the release of a third album called Rage Of A Bleedin’ Society. Marco Nicoli was on bass.


The band’s name makes one assume the music is in the same genre as Nightwish. The cover artwork makes one assume the music is in the same genre as Cannibal Corpse or Death. The album’s name makes one assume the music is in the same genre as a myriad of pure '80s thrash metal bands with similar album or song titles.
The band hails from Italy and has a music that combines European power metal and melody with macho thrash metal. The singer Daniele "Abba" Abate is even more distinctive. He is clearly influenced by the trash of Phil Anselmo and adds the throat of Pretty Maids’ Ronnie Atkins. On certain songs, like Don’t Cry, the snarl of Pantera is even more pronounced. While the band does want the power/thrash metal of its American heroes more melodic European influences keep rearing their heads. It is in fact a tight unit with good and pure metal songs. It is just that this writer is sensitive to hick trashy influences. - Ali “The Metallian”