Towards The Twilight – 1997 - Nuclear Blast
Thunderbeast – 1998 – Nuclear Blast
Nailwork – 2000 – Nuclear Blast
Necrodynamic – 2001 – Massacre
Five Scars – 2011 – Lifeforce
The Last Sunsets – 2018 – Apostasy
Dawnlight Garden – 2020 - Apostasy

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God Said War>>Christian Müller>>In Blackest Velvet, God Said War – Infliction, The Very End>>Björn Goosses>>Infliction, The Very End - God Said War, In Blackest Velvet>>CHRISTIAN MÜLLER>>God Said War, In Blackest Velvet

FRANK BASTEN – Intestinal Ulcer, Gloryful, Deadsoil, God Send War>>JENS BASTEN>>Gloryful, Deadsoil, God Send War

Intestinal Ulcer, In Blackest Velvet, Pope Death Threat>>TOBIAS BRUCHMANN>>In Blackest Velvet, Pope Death Threat

Intestinal Ulcer, Dead Soil, Six Reasons To Kill, Dew-Scented>>Christian Bass>>Implore, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Dead Soil, Six Reasons To Kill, Dew-Scented, Heaven Shall Burn - Blood Red Angel, Coronation, In Blackest Velvet, Grind Inc.>>ADRIANO RICCI>>Grind Inc.

History & Biography
This Germany-based death metal band was founded in 1995 and had a demo called Sylphlike. The group’s music was compared to the Gothenburg sound. This demo was later the bonus material on the Canadian release of Necrodynamic in 2002 and the Polish release of Towards The Twilight thirteen years later. The band issued a 7” EP on MDD and signed with Nuclear Blast Records. Christian Müller had already departed the act, but would be back in 2016. The band had played with Infliction before and so that band’s Björn Goosses became the new vocalist. The band’s debut was out mid-1997. The group toured with the likes of Sinister and In Flames. Necrodynamic had the band on the smaller Massacre Records. Defleshed toured Japan in 2001 with Dew-scented and Night In Gales. Night In Gales unilaterally left Massacre Records in 2002 because that label refused to pay for tour support or do promotions, according to the act. A 2005 demo was dismally called Ten Years Of Tragedy. It Was A Free Download. A demo 2008 followed, but still no deals were in sight until Lifeforce stepped in. Five Scars was supported through shows at Summer Breeze and Roch Harz, Rage Against Racism and Metal Splash Open Air in 2012. Singer Björn Gooßes left the band after a Romania mini-tour in December 2012 to focus on the new band The Very End. Jens and Gloryful signed with Massacre Records. Another multi-year hiatus ensued until a 2018 album. The two members of The Wake, known as XII (guitars, bass and programming) and V (vocals and lyrics) were featured on the comeback album of Night In Gales, The Last Sunsets. XII was a full-member and V was a guest. The band played for the third time at Wacken in 2019. Dawnlight Garden was available in a wooden boxset.

Björn Goosses ran Killustrations.


Germany's Night In Gales has the potential to be a lot better and more famous than they are currently. The new record, the Harris Johns-produced Nailwork, shows potential and more in many ways, yet the band seem to always stop one step short of going for a definitive statement. While the vocals, for example, show enough aggression and power to make a dent in any man's mind, they do get diluted with odd chants, normal shouts and regular voice every so often. Musically the Germans display a tendency for the finer moments of bands like Edge of Sanity, Iron Maiden and Megadeth, but then again fail to really go for broke speed-wise or extend the solos to something brilliant - again one step short. Not to mention, the pathetic presence of an Alannah Myles cover makes all the difference between a credible release and a run-of-the-mill band. Night In Gales should really focus next time on not making a good album, but a very good album which they seem capable to do. - Ali "The Metallian"

Necrodynamic, originally released in Europe over a year ago, is a surprising album. Formed in the mid-90's, the German act was quickly hyped in the underground for its independent output, obtained a deal with Nuclear Blast, got dropped, signed with Massacre Records next door and now sees its latest album picked up for release in Canada. Going back to the surprise, my last encounter with Night In Gales was the meeting of a metal fan with a death metal act. Necrodynamic, in contrast, is much thrashier and sounds closer to Bay Area bands like Death Angel. The singer has shifted his pitch higher and sounds closer to Belladonna formerly of Anthrax and the singer for COC. This edition of the CD comes with the 1995 Sylphlike EP which might not have been a good idea. For the contrast between the material is big and just serves to remind the listener that there are (at least) two bands called Night In Gales. - Ali "The Metallian"


Night In Gales