The Italians' long history has resulted in a first official full-length - first recorded in 2011 - and it starts with a horror movie sample. All members, a trio on Tormento, are listed as playing samples and the band's description includes industrial in it. The purported black metal exists in the song titles and theme at least. The opener is called Spit In The Eyes Of Christ for example. Musically it is dominated with samples and digitized guitars. Absence Of Light keeps the theme going and is a near two minute long sample. Ogni Strada Porta Al Calvario keeps the programming going and is more techno beats than metal. 4's vocals drag the band into metal territory and the guitars, though over produced, at least try. Jesus Creek is horror soundtrack material again. Effective for what it is but not always what could be called metal. In His Name is almost 10 minutes long and it is not even the longest song on this album. It spends a long time auditioning to be on Suspiria's or other spooky or supernatural soundtrack. La Danza Della Morte returns to a more techno beat. Miseria 6.66 MHZ samples and wants a movie again. The latter parts of it features some guitars. Drugs And Their Terrible Consequences is a 16-minute long closer. It has a lot of time to delve into a horror theme with otherworldly noise and samples. Somewhere around its 10 minute mark some music makes its way to the listeners' ears. With a different sounding almost robotic vocal effect the band seem different but overall there isn't anywhere near enough heavy metal instruments at play on Tormento. – Anna Tergel