The Burning Of Ranstadt – 2004 – Deathlike Silence
Arrival of the Carnivore – 2005 – From Beyond
Violent Revenge – 2009 - Displeased
Storming Evil – 2011 – High Roller

Nocturnal image
S= Mayhem [Andy]>>Witchburner - Necrosadistic Goat Torture >>Tyrannizer>>Necrosadistic Goat Torture
G= Bestial Desecration, Stormhunter, Necroslaughter, Angel Of Damnation, Front Beast, Exorcism, Terrorazor, Black Priest Of Satan, Shrine, Phantom, Hekate, Szarlem, The Fog>>EVIL AVENGER [DANIEL CICHOS]>>Bestial Desecration, Stormhunter, Necroslaughter. Angel Of Damnation, Front Beast, Exorcism, Terrorazor, Black Priest Of Satan, Shrine, Phantom, Hekate, Szarlem, The Fog – Vexed>>Jex [Jessica]>>Bleeding Fist, Into Darkness
B= Cruel Force, Old>>Nils Vmtr>>Cruel Force, Old, Possession
D= Angel Of Damnation, Heretic, Black Evil>>Hellbastard>>Angel Of Damnation, Heretic, Black Evil - Angel Of Damnation, Cross Vault, Terrorazor, Halphas>>SKULLSPLITTER>>Angel Of Damnation, Cross Vault, Terrorazor, Halphas

Formed in the year 2000, the black metal issued several demos with titles like Rites Of The Black Mass and Promo Tape 2001. The EP Thrash With The Devil was out through Deathstrike Records in 2001. The debut album was a live one and recorded in 2002. Several split records later lead to Arrival Of The Carnivore. Many more EPs, demos and split records followed until Violent Revenge. Invoker became the singer in 2016.

By the time you read this Daniel is in another six bands.


Two minutes into Nocturnal's debut album and past the John Carpenter-ish intro the German hellraisers attack the senses with metal that is both pure and golden. The German metal machine has everything it takes to irrefutably be labelled pure and true to the paradigms of the style. Adorned with a true metal image, title, art and music the gang of Mayhem, Vomitor, Avenger and Hellbastard recall what it was like to be a true metal fan and unabashedly rub it in the face of the mutant naysayers. It is amazing what keeps the spirit of the glory days alive, but the way Nocturnal looks and acts the part is proof of the timelessness of the music. The band has elements of Slayer, Kreator, Sodom and Razor (all early), while the drummer makes sure he has the Ventor drum roll down pat. The singer can vary his vocals to be either like Baloff-era Exodus or Iron Angel which means he can do no wrong. Some tracks are a tad too close to the original trailblazers for comfort - Megadeth for example on the song Nuclear Strike - but frankly no one cares when headbanging in the middle of this powerful speed-o-rama. - Ali "The Metallian"