Node is an Italian band composed of current and former members of Death SS, Sadist and others. Album number one, while certainly nothing to rave about, has several good qualities about it. As soon as As God Wills kicks in the foursome displays a certain naive hardcore element which forms the band's basis. While, as the intricate solos attest, this is mostly metal, the simple and straightforward riffs displace Node into a mixed environment. It is not DRI exactly, but it is not Cannibal Corpse either. Also included is the oddball old recording updates (Ask 1997), a sordid quasi-industrial run for MTV recognition (Ironic Prophecy) and a 1971 cover version called Hymn 43. In Sum, Node has enough energy and material to warrant its album and the subsequent publicity. - Ali "The Metallian"

Node is an Italian thrash metal band that is influenced by the Gothenburg sound, but Das Kapital is a great album nonetheless. The key here is that there is so much more to Node and Das Kapital. The album positively grows on the listener as its many intricacies come to light.
Node's third album is a concept album dealing with the events of the twentieth century. The album kicks off with War Goes On which deals with World War I and flies through tracks like The East-Ghost, Retreat '42 and The Plot Sickens. Each song takes a critical look at war, money and power as one quickly discovers that it is no coincidence the album's title is inspired by the book of Karl Marx. The band does not shy away from controversy and does with its lyrics as extreme music does, namely includes a Soviet military anthem, a clip from Goebbels, the Nazi minister for propaganda, and even tags an aggressive version of Queensr├┐che's Empire onto the album.
A thinking man's album? Perhaps, but the band's At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, Sadist and Kreator-influenced metal is both swift and controlled and above all great listen. The band's singer is powerful, the guitarist breakneck, the solos inspiring - especially the one on War Goes On - and the sound precise and strong. There are many interesting details one can mention - like the bass sound at the end of Outpost or the hardcore beginning to The East-Ghost, not to mention the lyrics - but it is safe to say that Node's newest is a real sneaker of an album. It would be nigh on perfect were it not for the isolated synthesizer effect or clean vocal. Play tip: One Way Media. - Ali "The Metallian"