Embracer Of Dark Ages - 2001 – World War III
Curse Of Nazarene – 2002 – Baphomet
Kruelty Kampaign – 2006 - Baphmet

S= Mallus Azemodeus [Alexander Meza] – Ritual Combat>>Psykho [Sean Thomas]>>Ritual Combat – Sargnagel, Todesweihe>>J.M.R.>>Todesweihe, Malefica – Eternal Strike, Forlorn Winds, Sturmgewehr, Wewelssburg, Endsieg, Kvasir’s Blood, Dracones>>POGROM>>Eternal Strike, Forlorn Winds, Sturmgewehr, Wewelssburg, Endsieg, Kvasir’s Blood, Dracones
G= Brumehilde>>KAISER DRAKON>>Brumehilde – Torment>>Diabolos, Necrophagia
D= Ritual Combat>>LORD DOOM

This death metal band was founded in Los Angeles in 1995. The band adopted themes of death, the occult, Fascism and opposing Jesus. Several demos began appearing with names like Cruz De Ferro Blasphemetios Templar, Omen of Dead and Cremator. Early singer was Nalgfaulk. A local label signed the band. The band reverted to demos following its second label and issued Ordo Tormentum Extremist Reich in 2004. The band’s Self Sacrifice imprint distributed this demo. A rehearsal called Ordo Tormentum Katharsis also followed. The band self-released live recordings. The next album was again on Baphomet Records, but Red Stream also distributed the record. Its cover depicted Wewelsburg famous for tutoring staff under Hitler’s SS. A split with fascist band Noctifer and another with Todesweihe followed. Todesweihe featured J.M.R who would join Nokturne. The latter was on the NSBM label Darker Than Black Records. The band’s demo of 2014 was called Werwolf Blood Order. Pogrom joined on vocals in 2016. Runic Death Kommando was a 2017 EP on Doomsday Elite. Multiple split releases and compilation appearances kept a coming.

Nokturne’s logo features a sun wheel, which is used by various fascist groups like the modern neo-Nazis and the alt-right nowadays. The band’s lyrics went that way as well.